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Barbarian Kings
Summary of Abilities and Magic


Magic Spell Type Cost
Mind Magic Clairvoyance - see another's movement plot0
Mind Control - control another's hero0
Cause Bickering - prevent an alliance0
Harmony - force an alliance0
Allegiance - control a neutral unit5S/unit
Elemental Magic Stormy Seas - immobilize naval units0
Storms in Mountains - immobilize non-dwarfs0
Flood - immobilize land units0
Freeze Sea - stop sea and allow land movement0
Tornados - prevent tax collection in any area 0
Illusory Magic Illusory Units - create decoy units1S/unit
Invisibility - make leader and units available0
Detect Illusion - ... or invisibility 0
Necromancy Kill wizard or hero - ... (not a king)8
Kill units - ... (any single enemy unit)5
Raise units - ... (that have been killed)0

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