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Lords of the Sierra Madre Action Summary
Counters and What May Be Done With Them:
Counter Action
any pick up cash or rifles/weapons (requires 1 combat round) [11.54]
carry cash equal to its leadership [10.6]
artillery fire into a foreign settlement (wartime only) [13.52]
blue counter execute captured counters – if government so orders
combat counter attack another color (need war for orange/blue combat) [11.0]
block taxation by stacking with enterprise [11.74]
enslave surrendered Yaqui or Mayo Indians [11.45]
incarcerate surrendered enemies in a jail or slave plantation [11.44]
interdict transiting counters of a different color [10.4]
use acquired funds for its own purposes [11.75, also see below]
depleted counterrefurbish by paying 1 Au to Hospital (treas. if none) [12.22]
destroyed counter restore by paying 2 Au to hospital (treas. if none) [12.24]
hacendado bury gold/rifles to protect from Night Raid after 1 attempt fails [11.53]
enlist in a war to improve leadership [12.5, cards E6, E9, E19]
hacendado/leaderincrease leadership if one or more counters surrender [11.9]
run for governor [13.1]
run for president (a crime in Mexico) [13.31]
travel w/ combat counter (prevents arrest) [11.63]
orange counter execute captured counters – thereafter no surrenders [11.43, 11.46]
tax profitable C counters (not in Winter) [11.7]
orange/blue counterarrest if counter has committed crime that quarter [NR] [11.6]
arrest M card counters with leaders, i.e. rebels [NR] [11.62]
arrest if so directed by president or governor [NR] [11.61]
arrest if troops have a warrant [NR] [11.61, Warrant cards]
arrest if war is declared [NR] [13.54]
burn bridges & C cards except bank or dam (in war only) [11.81, 13.54]
"hot chase" red counters over the border for 1 round [10.73]
return stolen property taken in current qtr. (or keep if older) [11.64]
search and seize unescorted rifles as they transit [NR] [10.72, 11.61]
red counter attack counters of any color, including red [11.0]
red/white counterattack government troops or police (is a crime) [10.7, 11.0]
free prisoners of a jail or plantation (is a crime) [NR] [11.51b]
burn any C card or bridge except bank or dam (is a crime) [11.8]
escort rifles/weapons into Mexico (is a crime) [10.71]
kidnap (victim treated as incarcerated) (is a crime) [NR] [11.55]
steal cash/rifles from C card (is a crime) [NR] [10.6, 11.51a]
spy leader may make an assassination attempt [cards M9, M37]
white counter smuggle weapons over border – units turn red (is a crime) [8.62, 10.71]

Objects and What May Be Done With Them:
Object What
any depleted equipmentrestore by paying 1 Au/item to a store owner [12.23]
burned bridge rebuild by paying 1 Au to treasury [12.25]
burned city rebuild by restoring all police and rifles [12.26]
damaged gunboat cannot be restored [12.27]
destroyed equipmentpay 2 Au per to store (appear at store) [12.24]
gold transfer to NY bank during rebasing – avoids taxes [12.4]

What Officeholders Can Do:
Politicians What
governor issue warrants for arrest of any red/white counter [13.24]
nullify lawsuits or warrants in his territory [13.24]
pardon prisoners [13.25]
subsidize one RR card w/ treasury funding [13.23]
raises leadership by 1 upon taking office (to max of 4) [13.2]
governor - American controls rangers (gets card) and police (w/o card) in his area [13.22]
governor - Mexican collects extant orange cards except Rurales [13.21]
collects taxes w/o a 1 Au limit; splits taxes 50-50 w/ O card [13.21]
conduct Red Flag Rebellions, changes forces to red [13.21]
president boycott copper of other country – reduces their mines by 1 [13.44]
boycott gold/silver of other country – reduces their mines by 1 [13.44]
boycott beef of other country – reduces their haciendas by 1 [13.44]
boycott lumber of other country – reduces their lumber RR's by 1 [13.44]
boycott store goods of other country – reduces their stores by 1 [13.44]
change Red forces to color of his country [13.4]
collects all his troop cards except red flaggers [13.4]
has all the gubernatorial powers [13.2, 13.4]
hire and fire governors and generals [13.4]
must live off-board with money [13.41]
order invasions and declare war [13.4]
shuffle forces between territories [13.4]
tax a profitable enterprise in country using military [11.7, 13.43]
seize any in country enterprise (dies on dr=1 unless 10 Au paid) [13.43]
raises leadership by 2 upon taking office (max 5) [13.4]
subsidize enterprise using unlimited treasury funding [13.4]
may veto certain cards [13.42, cards B7; E6,7,14,16,21; M14,15,30; W8]

Uses for Acquired Funds stored on card (i.e. what to do with tax proceeds):

  1. pay hospital or rail fees for the stack
  2. buy rifles for the stack (O cards can do this if on a "Hot Chase")
  3. bid as an independent bidder for W cards
  4. bid as an independent bidder for the stack's leader in elections
  1. [NR] indicates must be accomplished as Night Raid, i.e. by die roll of 1-2 [11.5]
  2. Commission of crime provides Orange and Blue counters with justification for arrest.
  3. Any card which has a person's name on it can be run for office. Stature, if not printed, is assumed 0. When a governor is elected, place a hacendado counter of the correct stature on the governor's mansion.
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