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Material World
Easy to miss rules
  1. Each turn you may only buy as many military as you have population. (I-G)
  2. Military must start on a population, one per population. (I-G)
  3. No need for a caravan in a space where you have population. (C-1)
  4. Population can be used to take over an area where another player has only a caravan (C-1). You must still spend a use fee.
  5. All level increases only apply on the following turn. (C-3)
  6. Developed dots are never destroyed. (C-3)
  7. Transports (caravans) cannot be moved the turn they are placed. (C-3)
  8. Military do not move on the turn purchased. (C-3)
  9. Population counts as a Train line. (C-3)
  10. Consumer good factories do not work if conquered. (C-5)