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Pax Britannica
Notes on Easily Missed Rules
Sat Nov 9 11:46:50 PST 2002
  1. Players may bribe one another (see p. 8).
  2. Unrest markers are all removed during the Marker Adjustment Phase.
  3. Unrest in Influenced Areas permits entry of armies without accompanying Control marker.
  4. Except for Chinese & Ottoman wars, all wars are simultaneous.
  5. If a Status Marker no longer has a Communication Link with the Home Country, do not remove the Marker. However, the owning player does not receive any income for the Marker. And should this player be at war, the unit(s) in the Area would surrender due to lack of supply. Also, without a garrison, the Marker might need to be reduced in value.
  6. The Indian garrison must be within two by overland routes.
  7. What players may offer during Negotiation:
    • remove control markers
    • remove (or replace with Interest) Influence markers
  8. What may be done during Congress of Europe:
    • freely remove makers
    • give markers to another player
    • give another player condominium in a controlled area (no cost)
    • several players with at least Influence may create condominium
  9. Minor Countries are Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, China, Ottoman Empire
  10. Chinese Resentment Summary is found on Japan and France sheets.
  11. European Tensions Summary is found on US, Russia and Italy sheets.
  12. Any player who moves an Army Unit into an Area in Unrest can place a Control Marker there during that phase.
  13. Minor Power Activity -- if Minor has no unused status Markers, it is inactive. Otherwise, if the Area rolled is not eligible, re-roll.
  14. Great Powers have Casus Belli when a Minor places a Protectorate where the Great Power has influence.
  15. If a Great Power places a Control Marker where a Minor Power has influence, another Great Power may call a Congress. This may result in war (p. 12).
  16. Status Change Markers ("?") must always be placed when Status Markers are.
  17. Need an army unit to place Protectorate/Possession (i.e. Control) Marker.
  18. You need have Colonial Combat only if you place a Control Marker. But if the Area is in Unrest, you may still have combat even if only Interest/Influence.
  19. Controlled areas which are not garrisoned become Influenced areas.
  20. You must place a Control Marker before moving an army in.
  21. Canal construction requires at least Influence.
  22. Colonial combat is resolved before interplayer combat.

Created: 1987