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Pirate's Plunder

Quick Rules

Sequence of Player Turn:

  1. Steal a Ship
  2. Resolve Peril Cards
  3. Bury or Dig Up Treasure
  4. Fill Hand -- up to 6 cards
  5. Play or Discard 1 Card
  6. "Sail Ho!" -- If roll >=6: Attack or Draw Treasure

Icon Summary:

Skull - play anytime
Ship - Peril card, usually play on others
Pirate - usually play on self

Card Notes:

Dead Calm - play before target's turn
Dead Men - prevents Treasure Deck draw or cancels Treasure Map card
Elude - play before Treasure Draw or before first combat roll
Grapple - cancels Elude, forces combat type to be Crew
Hostage Escapes - play before hostage roll
Lost Map - player of card chooses randomly
Wind Shift - reverse player order, skipping target; play before target begins his turn


  1. Attacker decides Guns or Crew.
  2. Each player rolls 1 die and adds strength.
    Re-roll if tied.


Win if you have 3000 on board and after the Peril Phase make a successful "Sailing Home" roll of 6 or higher.

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