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Summary Information for the Decision Games war game

Sequence of Play
Each player in clockwise order does all of the following:

  1. Events - roll once [1st die odd or even, 2nd tens digit, 3rd ones digit]
  2. Revenue - sum provinces, maintain units, purchase units [not on turn 1]
  3. Movement
  4. Combat


  • jointly occupied provinces controlled by player with more units in
  • if cannot pay for an Event, must lose a unit
  • money can be exchanged freely through turn 8
  • captured leaders are ransomed for 5 Talents (T) (rule 5.3)
  • maintenance is 1T/unit
  • Purchase Costs:
    Levy 1
    Infantry (Inf) 2
    Cavalry (Cav) 3
    Fleet 3 in port, 5 in coastal
    Elephant (EL) by table only
  • place in home province or w/ leader. EL in generating province. fleets in province or sea with or adjacent to own provinces.
  • Prereq: need province of either type to buy.


  • no stacking limit, no ZOCs
  • land units have MA=3, shaded provinces cost 2
  • stop when entering area with unfriendly units
  • leader moves 4 MP (also the forces starting with him)
  • fleets have 5 MP - must stop when enemy fleets encountered
  • may not enter enemy-held port
  • fleets carry armies 1 for 1, no embark/disembark costs
  • alliance moves are OK


  • at least 1 player must want it
  • phasing player chooses the order
  • each Cav gets a pre-battle roll; each EL stops 2 pre-battle rolls
  • one round of simultaneous combat
  • leader gives +1 to a single unit (not usable in pre-battle)
  • loss priority:
    1. same type
    2. better class, closest to same
    3. worse class, closest to same
  • ranking: Cav (best), Inf, EL, Levy
  • Retreats: defender can send some or all to adjacent province; attacker next
  • if any units left, fight another round


  • fight in sea, not in port. Combat occurs during movement phase.
  • roll of 5-6 kills
  • after 1 round, surviving moving player units can move on
  • lost leader immediately placed in home province
  • no ldeader modification in sea combat

    Sea Invasion

  • disembark troops
  • no pre-battle
  • if all attackers disembarking, defender gets double rolls
  • invaders may not retreat
  • roll to determine fate of captured fleets: 1-2 captured and re-usable
    3-4 destroyed
    5-6 sail in sea for adjacent center


  • Every Province solely occupied is worth its value
  • If any Revolt or Invasion chits, province is worthless
  • Each Talent is worth half a point
  • If there is a tie, the player moving earlier on the last turn wins

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