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Twilight Struggle Meta-Cards
i.e. cards which affect factors other than points and influence, which for beginners are good to know
March 18, 2012
Era USSR USA Either
Blockade - US must discard 3+ or lose W. Germany CIA Created - reveals USSR hand
Defectors - cancels USSR headline
Duck & Cover - decrements DEFCON
Five-Year Plan- USSR discards at random; if US event, fires
NATO - ends coups, realignments and Brush War vs. US in Europe
Olympic Games - may decrement DEFCON
Cultural Revolution - gets back the China card
Lone Gunman - reveals US hand
Quagmire - forces US to lose a turn and card until rolling 1-4
We Will Bury You - decrements DEFCON
Ask Not... - US player may replace cards with new ones
Bear Trap - forces USSR to lose a turn and card until rolling 1-4
Camp David Accords - invalidates Arab-Israeli War
Grain Sales to Soviets - randomly draws a USSR card and may play it
Nixon Plays the China Card - gets back the China card
Nuclear Subs - US battleground coups do not affect DEFCON
Ussuri River Skirmish - gets back the China card
ABM Treaty - increment DEFCON
Cuban Missile Crisis - DEFCON set to 2; no more coups this turn
How I Learned... - DEFCON set to any level
Missile Envy - swaps for opponent's highest card, which may fire
SALT Negotiations - DEFCON increments twice; rescues a discard
Summit - DEFCON may move 1 in either direction
Aldrich Ames - reveals US hand to be ordered by USSR; prevents China card
Glasnost - increments DEFCON
Iranian Hostage Crisis - Terrorism effects doubled
Chernobyl - prevents adding influence to a region
North Sea Oil - permits playing an extra card
Soviets Shoot Down KAL-007 - decrements DEFCON
Star Wars - rescues a discard
Terrorism - randomly discards 1-2 opponent cards
Wargames - may end game by giving up 6 VP if DEFCON=2