The Changing Face of Clue's Miss Scarlett

The original British version.

The first US version.

The 1963 cartoon version.

The 1972 Asian version. This
lady is married to the famous
interviewer James Lipton.

From the VCR games where she
was a foreign spy. For which
country? "All of them".

From Super Cluedo
Challenge and Cluedo
Super Sleuth.

The 1986 US card.

From a 1987 German version,
where she is called Fräulein
Ming. Based on the actress in the
VCR games.

From Clue Master

Samantha Scarlett from Clue JR.

The 1992 version

From the Super Nintendo
version of Clue.

From a British Clue jigsaw puzzle.

From the Clue: The Musical site
where she is a failing actress.

1992 version

1996 version. Also used in the
Gift and 50th Anniversary editions.

From the original CD Rom where
she is Boddy's niece and in an
affair either with Mustard or Green.

The Franklin Mint version.

From Murder At Boddy
Mansion and FATAL
latter, she is the
only one of the classic
six suspects to have
an American accent.
As in many depictions,
she is an actress.

From the 2002 American edition.
Here she is daughter to Mrs.
Peacock. Once again the final
't' is lost.

From 2002's Clue: the
Card Game.

Clue Mysteries

From the Kentucky Fried Chicken

From the Clue: Discover
the Secrets reboot (2008),
now called Kassandra Scarlet

As portrayed by Lesley
Ann Warren in the 1985 film

As Melanie Daniels from
Clue: Alfred Hitchcock
(2010) (The Birds)
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