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Republic of Carthage October 10, 2014
  1. Mortality Phase Draw a mortality chit and apply its effects.
  2. Revenue Phase
    1. Each Faction Leader collects 3 talents, each Senator 1 talent.
    2. State Treasurer, Supervisor of Public Buildings and Harbor Master receive extra income.
    3. Each Committee member may roll 1 die for corruption.
    4. State receives 100T.
    5. Rebel faction pays 2T per rebel army.
    6. State pays 2T per fleet or army.
    7. State pays 20T per Active War, 25T per Lost War.
    8. State pays 1T per every 5 trade Trade Fleets/Caravans.
    9. Govern Provinces.
    10. Check for Bankruptcy.
    11. Re-distribute funds.
    12. Make Contributions.
  3. Trade Phase
    1. Collect trade cards for traders and trade concessions.
      Begin with the player holding the Overseer of the Agora office and proceed clockwise. If the office is not currently held, begin instead with the HRAO.
    2. Collect cards for Trade Concessions.
    3. Trade.
    4. Sell Trade cards and pay taxes per the current tax rate.
      Begin with the HRAO and proceed clockwise. Fractional taxes are rounded in the Treasury's favor.
    5. Overseer of the Agora receives extra income.
    6. Warehouse unsold Trade cards.
    7. Re-distribute Trade income.
    8. Return sold Trade cards to the Trade Destination Mat.
  4. Forum Phase
    1. Remove Table Events left over from the previous turn.
    2. Beginning with the HRAO, each player has an Initiative, performing all the following steps once before play proceeds with the next player to the left:
      1. Roll 2 dice. A 7 is a Random Event; otherwise, draw a card.
      2. Persuade a Senator.
      3. Attract a Trader.
      4. Appoint new Faction Leader.
    3. Extra Initiatives.
    4. Ageing Leaders. For each Leader in the Forum without any matching War, roll a die. On a result of 5-6, remove the Leader from play.
    5. Returning Senators. For each dead Senator card face down in the Forum, roll a die. On a result of 5-6, turn the card face up. Such cards are now available for Persuasion during the next Forum phase, unless the Senator has been sent out as a Governor.
    6. Trade Concessions. For each destroyed Trade Concession card face down in the Forum, roll a die. On a result of 5-6, turn the card face up. Such cards are now available for assignment during the Senate phase.
    7. Tally Votes in Carthage. Each player counts his votes by adding together the Oratory ratings of all his Senators in Carthage. It may be useful for each player to display this amount using the Influence/Loyalty markers.
  5. Senate Phase The senate is convened with the HRAO presiding.
    1. Advance Committee Member terms.
    2. Elect two Suffetes.
    3. Suffetes decide who is Home Suffete.
    4. Fill vacant Committee Memberships.
    5. Conduct Prosecutions.
    6. Fill vacant Governorships. (re-populate Carthage if Senators present < 8)
    7. Conduct Other Business.
      • Personal.
        1. Assign a Trade Concession. (each Concession may be proposed only once per Senate Phase)
        2. Recall a Commander, Governor or Exile. Recalled Commanders check Public Reaction.
        3. Elect Suffete for Life.
      • War and Peace.
        1. Recruit/Disband Forces.
        2. Prosecute a War.
        3. Send Expedition.
        4. Augment a Force.
        5. Sue for Peace.
      • Other.
        1. Raise/Lower Tax Rate.
        2. Adjourn Senate.
  6. Exploration and Combat Phase
    1. Resolve Explorations.
    2. Resolve Wars.
    3. Adjust Unprosecuted Wars.
  7. Revolution Phase
    1. Non-Victorious Generals check the Public Reaction Table.
    2. Play/Trade Red Cards.
    3. Victorious Commanders return forces or revolt.

Created: October 10, 2014