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History of the World
Millennial Scenario

Scenario for the board game by Avalon Hill (out of print)


Just in time for the end of the millennium, players of History of the World may like to have a look back at the events of the last one thousand years with this specially-designed scenario. It has the additional advantage of playing more quickly as well, generally requiring only two to three hours to complete. Of course, the game starts a little early with the first empire beginning in AD 750, but it may be good to know a little bit about what went before. And it ends early as well, the last empire finishing up in 1914.


  1. Draw randomly to determine which color each player uses.
  2. Each player sets up his color's pieces as described below under "Historical Initial Empires Setup."
  3. Monuments are placed with the colored side down in this scenario and thus are always worth one point each. The existing monuments should be set up as described below under "Historical Initial Monuments Setup."
  4. Deal each player 9 event cards, as described under "Initial Cards Allocation." Each may only play 2 cards per epoch, leaving three for each player to decide not to play.
  5. Place Strength and Victory Point markers of each color on the Victory Point Record Track at 0 (zero).
  6. Begin the game with the empires of Epoch V. Draw Empire cards in the following order:
    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Purple
    4. Black
    5. Green
    6. Orange
  7. Play the game through the completion of Epoch VII. Players conduct retreats and score points for all pieces of their color on the board, even empires they have not created.

Historical Initial Empires Setup

(C) means that a city also appears in this location.
(*) means that a capital also appears in this location.
(F) means that a fort appears in this location.
(2x) means that two counters appear in this location.

Historical Initial Monuments Setup

To help quickly locate the monuments, they are listed by color, but they should be placed with their colored side face down in the Lands indicated. For reference, consult the monument identification list.

Initial Cards Allocation

  1. Deal out event cards to all players as normal except for the minor empires cards.
  2. Remove from the game the minor empires from Epochs I-IV leaving a minor empire deck of three cards.
  3. If there are more than three player sides participating in the game, add unallocated cards to the deck so as to reach the number of participating sides from the following remaining cards (in order):
    1. a card from the purple kingdom deck
    2. a card from the blue sword deck
    3. a card from the maroon skull & crossbones deck
  4. Shuffle this new deck and deal out one card to each player randomly.

Further Variant

Instead of drawing randomly for color, before play each player secretly bids a number of victory points on paper. These are revealed and the highest bidder receives the color of choice, the second highest bidder his favorite of those still remaining, and so on. Ties are broken by random means.

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