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28 April 2012
Kupferkessel Co.    Variant for the German board game
Variant for Three
First you need a third playing piece (pawn). The piece should match one of the unused card colors, i.e. purple, brown, green or gray.

Start this pawn on one of the two unoccupied corner sections.

Game play and scoring are unchanged.
[Translator's suggestion: ignore the magic hat and exploder on cards of the color of the new pawn, lest this player have too great an advantage.]

The "exploding copper boiler" action means that the top cards of both opponents are removed.
[Translator's suggestion: Place them at the bottom of the deck in random order.]

When using the extra recipe cards, only use the cards which confer 10 bonus points and of these also do not use the three plant ingredients cards. Each player is dealt face down one of the 5 remaining recipe cards.

Variant for Children
This simplified scoring variant is intended for children aged 6 and up.

The game is played using the normal rules. At the end of the game the players sort out the ingredients they have collected into stacks. From each stack of four, i.e when all four ingredients of a type have been collected, players take two cards. From stacks of three players each take one card. Then calculate the penalties for collecting of single ingredients. For each one of these, players must give up one of the cards just taken. The player who now has the most cards wins.

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Translation created: 28 April 2012

Spotlight on Games > Variants