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Ostindien Company -- Variant

1996 game by Jean Vanaise, published by Piatnik & Söhne
Players of Ostindien Company (see review) may wish to try these variant rules. To do so, after the first round, adjust play of the game as follows:
  1. After paying out profits, count the number of goods delivered on all five ships. Deduct the price of each by 1 for each good of that type delivered.
  2. Instead of simply dealing the goods deck to the players for the next round, instead shuffle the deck and divide it into four decks. Three of these decks are placed face up and one is placed face down. Beginning with the player who scored lowest on the turn, the player "drafts" a good from the deck of his choice, i.e. takes either a face up or a face down card. Then the next player clockwise does the same and this continues around the table until each player has six cards.
  3. Players do not turn in their movement cards, but instead keep them and play the next round starting with the cards that they already hold.
  4. Players then load ships and play out the round as normal, starting with the player who scored lowest in the previous round.

If you try out the variant, your comments (in English or German) are most appreciated.
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