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Republic of Rome

Assassination Variant, or "Beware the Ides of March"
The Republic of Rome assassination rules have the drawback that they are all or nothing, either the assassin gets away with the deed or is caught, rarely is there anything in between. Another difficulty is that the rule whereby the Faction Leader must stand for trial is never used since players simply avoid it by using the Faction Leader as the Assassin. Thus, players may wish to ignore the existing Assassination rules and adopt the following instead.

A player attempting an assassination rolls one colored and one white die. Both are modified by Evil Omens if any exist. An assassination is successful if the colored dr is 5-6. An assassin is caught if the white dr is 1-3.

Caught assassins are killed. In addition, every senator in the assassin's faction loses 5 Influence and 1 Popularity.

Secret Bodyguard cards subtract 1 from both the colored and white dr's s well as triggering an additional white dr to see whether the assassin is caught.

Assassin cards add 1 to both the colored and white dr's as well as adding 1 to any additional Secret Bodyguard rolls.

There is no special prosecution of the Faction Leader.

This rule is being used by a pbem game at the Scott Harris site.

Create Your Own Senator
What would it be like to actually be a Senator? Did you ever wish you could design and play yourself as a statesman?

Before the start of the game, in particular, before any cards are dealt, secretly record the following:

  1. Pick your statesman's Name, Number (1-30) and Epoch.
  2. Allocate 6 points any way you like between Military and Oratory.
  3. Make a DR to determine Loyalty.
  4. Make a dr to determine Influence.
  5. Take up to 3 points in special abilities:
    Doubles Popularity gains2
    Doubles Popularity losses-1
    Extra Influence1 per point of Influence
    Extra Loyalty1 per 3 points of Loyalty
    Extra Military3 per point of Military
    Extra Oratory2 per point of Oratory
    Extra Popularity1 per point of Popularity
    Doubles all personal income3
    Extra income when faction leader1 per point of income
    Good governor. Adds to development roll1 per point added
    May claim one named concession once2
    Very corrupt governor. Doubles provincial income3
    Eunuch. Immune to seduction0.5
    Honorable. Immune to blackmail0.5
    Loyalty 00 for named contemporaneous statesman-1
    Patrician. -5 to knight roll-1
    Reactionary. -10 to knight roll-2
    Persuasive. Extra points in persuading1 per point of plus
    Plus to Knights roll1 per point of plus
    Pure. Cannot gouge, blackmail, seduce or be corrupt-1
    Demagogue. When HRAO, may perform Catiline Conspiracy once per game.3
    Assassinator. Adds 1 to all attempts.3
    Beady-eyed. Subtracts 3 from appeal roll-1
    Cross-eyed. Subtracts 6 from appeal roll-2
    Lucky. Subtracts from 1 from assassination attempts3
    Mob Orator2
    One free graft/turn2
    One free landbill proposal/turn2
    One free landbill veto/turn1
    One free mob violence/turn2
    One free murder of a tribune/turn2
    One free tribune/turn3
    D/S avoidance works when Master of Horse as well 1
    Admiral. Extra Military in naval battles1 per point of Military
    Avoid D/S result for named group of matching wars1 per 10 points of war
    Avoid D/S result for named leader4
    Avoid D/S result for named war1 per 10 points of war
    Creates 2 veterans in victory3
    Good lieutenant. Extra Military as Master of Horse1 per point of Military
    Halves losses in combat3
    Leads charges. Draw double mortality chits-1
    Plucky. Adds to Military when in province combat1 per point of Military
    Poor diplomat. Always suffers "Ally Deserts" in combat-1
    Totally uninspiring. Never creates veterans.-1
    Turns D/S combat result into Unprosecuted2
    Uninspiring. Veterans only loyal on roll of 4-6.-0.5
    One free Influence peddling/turn6
    Transfer hidden red card to another player (not self)3
  6. The designed statesman is always considered to be in your hand until played and immune from Influence Peddling. It may be played following the same rules as any other statesman.

Thanks to Philip Vogt for originally suggesting this idea. For more variants, see Republic of Carthage.

Founding Fathers is a game in the same style set in early America

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