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Swords and Sorcery
Scenarios for the 1978 SPI Board Game (out of print)

Background: The existing scenarios in the game are fine, but I created these to address some specific goals. One was to create more three-player situations in the game. Having exactly three players is a common situation for game players, but there are not so many games which are really good for three so all of these scenarios are made for that number. Another goal was to get some of the lesser-used nations into action. I think we would all like to see more of the Dark Lord, the Hellgate, the Dragons and Killer Penguins. Finally, there were some matchups, e.g. Spiders vs. Elves, that seem very interesting yet don't appear much otherwise that I wanted to include.

[50.0] SCENARIO FIFTEEN: The War of the Woods, 751 AF
[51.0] SCENARIO SIXTEEN: The Arrival of the Dark Lord, 341 AF
[52.0] SCENARIO SEVENTEEN: War in the South, 860 AF

[50.0] SCENARIO FIFTEEN: The War of the Woods, 751 AF
For over five centuries the elves of the Evalyn Woods sold lumber to the Empire. Lashing logs to huge barges, they traversed the Undine to Urf Durfal where the wood was transformed to mimeo paper. Although the elves were loath to chop down trees, they did so very selectively and never failed to re-plant. After all, the trade brought in a healthy profit.

This may have been what prompted a few out-of-work dwarrows from Convivia to enter the business themselves. When they failed to generate revenue commensurate with their elven counterparts, however, they came to the conclusion that their wood was inferior to that of Evalyn Woods. In all likelihood, their lack of success was probably due to a deficit in business acumen. In any case, the dwarrows were soon felling trees in the elven forest. Alarmed at the indiscriminate destruction, not to mention that the dwarrows were ruining the market, elven leaders ordered the dwarrows captured and imprisoned. In the ensuing struggle, three dwarrows were slain.

When Gerudirr, king of Convivia, learned this, he ordered full mobilization. This prompted a like response in the elven leadership. Meanwhile, the spider-folk, who had discovered that some of the tree choppers had ventured into their territory, alerted the Warriors of the Web.

By the time the bloody, three-cornered conflict ended, Gerudirr had decided that never again would he go to war over a few borderline criminals. The spiders, who had actually lost forest to the elves, decided that perhaps war was not always the best way to solve a problem. And the elves, the elves found after a few years that the combination of trees destroyed in the war and the twin threats of Royal Oak of Convivia, Inc. and Spider Woodworks, Ltd. had put them out of business. Thus, they all migrated to southern Nattily Woods, far from any axe-wielding dwarf.

[50.11] Length: 14 Game Turns
[50.12] Number of Players: 3
[50.13] Sun Track Setting: Yellow, 1; Red, D, Ascendant; Blue, J, Descendant

[50.2] SET-UP
[50.21] Spider Folk
Provinces: Sorcerak
Units: Mellanthia, 6 Spider Legions, 4 Warriors of the Web. Set up third, move first.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 2 Game-Turns.

[50.22] Elves
Provinces: Evalyn Woods
Units: Dalmilandril, 4 Light Bow, 2 Horse Bow, 2 Light Sword, 4 Medium Spear. Set up second, move third.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 2 Game-Turns.

[50.21] Convivia
Provinces: Convivia
Units: Convivia (Gerudirr, 8 Heavy Axe, 4 Light Bow); Mercenaries (Alric, 2 Heavy Horse, 4 Light Horse). Set up first, move second.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 2 Game-Turns.

[50.21] Nattily Woods
Provinces: Nattily Woods
Units: Linfalas, 6 Light Horse, 2 Light Sword
Diplomacy Setting: 2 hexes toward Evalyn Woods.

[50.21] Orcs
Provinces: Ithilgil
Units: Krawn, 6 Heavy Sword, 4 Light Spear, 2 Light Sword, 2 Warg Rider.
Diplomacy Setting: 3 hexes toward Spider Folk.

[50.21] Zirkast
Provinces: Zirkast
Units: Zurik, 6 Heavy Axe, 4 Light Bow, 2 Light Horse
Diplomacy Setting: 4 hexes toward Convivia.

[50.51] Spider Folk
Control of Iron Fortress2 VP
Each enemy unit eliminated2 VP
No Dwarrows in Sorcerak at end10 VP
Control of Rykalla8 VP
Control of Nuara8 VP
Spider-Folk south of hex row xx19 at end8 VP
Each surviving Spider Unit2 VP
[50.52] Convivia
Each Spider Creature eliminated1 VP
Each Elf Unit eliminated2 VP
Each hex of Evalyn Woods occupied2 VP
If Mellanthia dies10 VP
[50.53] Elves
Control of Nuara8 VP
Elves in Sorcerak at end of game4 VP
Each other enemy unit eliminated1 VP
Each dwarrow eliminated3 VP

[51.0] SCENARIO SIXTEEN: The Arrival of the Dark Lord, 341 AF
After the Great Penguin Migration subsided, Loki Hellson saw the chance to establish himself on the Isle of Blood. He recognized the inherent strength of the Citadel of Blood as well as the valuable nearby magical artifacts such as the Gateway of Evil.

But the future Dark Lord was not welcomed by all. The chief opposition came from Gygax Dragonlord, who, perhaps rightly, worried about a powerful human this far north in the valley. Thus it was not long before Loki began to see dragon patrols flying over his new home.

But hostility was not confined to the dragons; the dwarrows of Krasnia were concerned lest this sorcerer strengthen their northern neighbors, the goblins of Intas. And when Loki proceeded to recruit these goblins, Gislan the Rock led a raid deep into Intas. This had the summary effect of cementing the alliance between the goblins and Loki.

But around that time, the snows returned. Remembering well the penguin migrations of five years before, Loki and the goblins retreated to the Isle of Blood while the dragons bided their time in their deep tunnels, leaving the dwarrows in sole possession of the field. However, when the penguins arrived, the dwarrows were cut off and forced to retreat into western Intas, further alarming the dragons who saw the entire status of the north disintegrating into chaos.

Thus, as the snows slackened what would happen none knew for sure ...

[51.11] Length: 10 Game Turns
[51.12] Number of Players: 3
[51.13] Sun Track Setting: Yellow, 1; Red, C, Ascendant; Blue, I, Descendant

[51.2] SET-UP
[51.21] Dragons
Provinces: Kelegarnth.
Units: Gygax, Gilith, 5 Dragon. Set up second, move first.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 4 Game-Turns.

[51.22] Dark Lord
Provinces: Isle of Blood.
Units: Loki Hellson, 2 Heavy Horse (Mercenary), Ganab the Nasty, 8 Light Spear. Set up third, move third.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 2 Game-Turns.

[51.21] The Dwarrows
Provinces: Intas, Krasnia, Outer Krasnia.
Units: Gislan the Rock, 12 Heavy Axe, 2 Light Bow (in any rough hex in Intas). Set up first, move second.
Reinforcements: On turns 1-5, two units each from the following pool: 8 Heavy Axe, 2 Light Bow (use Convivian units). These begin in Krasnia.
Replacements: 1 every 3 Game-Turns.

[51.21] Zirkast
Provinces: Zirkast, Kanathar, Dwarfhaven
Units: Zurik, 2 Light Horse, 4 Light Bow.
Diplomacy Setting: 3 hexes toward Dwarrows.


[51.41] Killer Penguins are already on the board when the game begins (use Troll and Spectre counters) in the following hexes: 0706, 0608, 0808, 1006, 1206, 1306, 1305, 1304, 1302, 1505.
[51.42] Loki does not begin the game with the Hellgate, but may "construct" it through the following procedure. First, he must go to hex 1506 and remain there without moving for one full turn (in order to meet a demon). Then, if he spends two full turns inside the Citadel of Blood without moving, he controls the Hellgate.

[51.51] Dragons
For each surviving Dragon2 VP
No dwarrows north of hex row XX108 VP
If Loki Hellson dies8 VP
For controlling Balkathos6 VP
For each human mercenary destroyed2 VP
[51.52] Dark Lord
For constructing the Hellgate10 VP
Each dwarrow eliminated1 VP
If no dwarrows end game in Intas10 VP
If friendly units end game in Intas3 VP
Each Kelegarnth tunnel hex occupied1 VP
[51.53] Dwarrows
Dwarrows end game on Isle of Blood10 VP
Dwarrows end game in Citadel5 VP
If Gygax Dragonlord dies10 VP
If Ganab the Nasty dies6 VP
Each goblin unit eliminated1 VP

[52.0] SCENARIO SEVENTEEN: War in the South, 860 AF
Several years after the second Dwarro-Orcish War, the Orcish client state in Neitherworld was drawn into a war with neighboring Endore. The dispute started when high officials in the capitals of both nations were poisoned. Hastily, both sides declared war and mobilized their forces.

When Snorri became depressed over the stalemate that developed, he recalled Theregond to Castle Gund -- he had been investigating the magical properties of the Ruins -- and hired on a mercenary troop as well. Catching wind of this, Zarko, overlord of Neitherworld, decided to petition Comrade Naskhund for like assistance. Although loath to denude his own nation for fear of the dwarrows, Naskhund agreed to send what forces he could.

Some weeks later, both nations discovered that Cronkish malcontents were probably the true perpetrators of the crimes. However, neither government revealed this publicly and war raged on. In time, the evildoers were traced to the recently formed Cronk colony in Minotaurus.

Both sides then sent out punitive strikes to punish the Cronks. Their leader, Svartz Tarnkap, had been at odds with the Cronkevitch at Strakhenville and expected no help from that quarter. Thus, he resolved to dig in -- the result was the almost complete destruction of the Cronks in Minotaurus at the hands of Nashkund and Zarko. Disappointed that the Cronks were already destroyed, Snorri decided to redirect his war machine at the Swamp-Creatures, much to his later regret as they would have made valuable allies in the war to come.

[52.11] Length: 10 Game Turns
[52.12] Number of Players: 3
[52.13] Sun Track Setting: Yellow, 1; Red, L, Ascendant; Blue, F, Descendant

[52.2] SET-UP
[52.21] Endore
Provinces: Endore.
Units: Snorri Gundarchuksson, Theregond the Mage, 6 Heavy Horse, 4 Heavy Sword, 2 Light Bow. Mercenaries -- 4 Light Horse, 2 Heavy Horse, 2 Heavy Sword. Set up second, move second.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 3 Game-Turns.

[52.22] ORC
Provinces: Netherworld, Dwarfhaven.
Units: Netherworld -- Zarko, 8 Heavy Sword, 6 Light Spear. Dwarfhaven -- Chairman Naskhund, 6 Warg Rider, 2 Heavy Sword, 2 Light Bow. Set up third, move first.
Reinforcements: None.
Replacements: 1 every 3 Game-Turns.

[52.21] Cronks
Provinces: Minotaurus.
Units: Svartz Tarnkap, 10 Heavy Pluglunk, 4 Light Bow, 2 Light Horse. At least half the units must begin north of the Stream of Consciousness and east of the 08XX hex column. Set up first, move third.
Reinforcements: One Heavy Pluglunk each Game-turn.
Replacements: 1 Light Horse every 3 Game-Turns.

[52.21] Swamp-Creatures
Provinces: The Swamps
Units: Sliggoth, 6 Heavy Sword, 4 Intelligent Mold, 2 Dinosaur
Diplomacy Setting: Hex 0509


[52.41] The Swamp-Creatures are chiefly interested in defending the Swamps. Thus, only Sliggoth and the Heavy Sword units may leave the Swamps voluntarily. If other units are forced to retreat out of the Swamps, these units must attempt to return as quickly as possible.
[52.42] Consider hex 0344 to be the capital of Minotaurus.

[52.51] Endore
Each Orc destroyed0.5 VP
Each Cronk destroyed1 VP
Each Swamp-Creature destroyed2 VP
Ownership of Castle Gund5 VP
Ownership of Neitherworld's capital3 VP
Control Minotaurus15 VP
Control of the Swamps10 VP
Alliance with Swamp-Creatures15 VP
[52.52] ORC
Each Endoran destroyed0.5 VP
Each Cronk destroyed1 VP
Ownership of Neitherworld's capital5 VP
Ownership of Castle Gund3 VP
Each occupied hex in Endore1 VP
Control Minotaurus15 VP
If 9+ strength points of ORcs end in Dwarfhaven5 VP
[52.53] Cronks
Control Minotaurus25 VP
Each Orc destroyed2 VP
Each Endoran destroyed2 VP
Each Cronk remaining1 VP
Control of own capital4 VP