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The One World
Variant rules for the game by Simulations Canada
A Strategic Game of the Aztecs 1426-1501 for six players
  1. Combat against neutral cities is weird. You need an EX (exchange) or DE (defender eliminated) result, but in fact a DR (defender retreats), the least successful result, is harder to achieve than an EX. Thus, when fighting against neutral cities, a player may reduce his die roll to get an EX if he would otherwise get a DR.
  2. The Flower Wars don't seem particularly meaningful. To make them more interesting, every time a player wins the Flower Wars, their leader goes up 1 in effectiveness. Leaders whose tribes lose at the Flower Wars lose 1 in effectiveness. The effectiveness limits remain at -2 and +2.
  3. Leader Death seems to happen too frequently. Thus, change the Ruler Death Table so that only on an adjusted roll of 6 does the ruler die.
  4. Assuming that the intrinsic point is the last point in a city to be lost and that this point never retreats to another city, then if all but the last point has been lost, suggest that a blank counter of the defending player be placed on the city to show that only the intrinsic point remains.

Mon Aug 24 14:39:23 PDT 1998