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Blood Royale
Tips for the board game

Don't try for more than one child per turn with the original Queen as she is too valuable to allow her to die at the outset.

If you marry off a number one daughter, be sure to specify that she relinquishes her claim to the throne.

Played 10/31/87.

You are very vulnerable; everything is on the coast or next to a foreign power. Worry most about the food and luxury in the north; they seem to be irresistible to the German player. Always keep these two defended unless you can get the German to join you in a nonagression pact (through marriage contract). If this is the case, you can fight a limited war with France by taking the Dauphine (and the semi-luxury) which is there. Spain is a natural trading partner. So if you don't take the semi-luxury from France and trade Germany for the metal, trade with him. He wants your luxury and you want his metal and semi-luxury. I would recommend that exactly this swap be made as you have the only luxury in the game. If you are not getting along with Spain, beware of his sailing up the Adriatic Sea and landing on Venice!

Played 11/27/87.

Trading partners are England (he wants cloth and semi-luxury while you want food) and Italy (for his luxury). Thus, France is the natural enemy. If you take his food in Aquitaine, you needn't worry about getting English food. Try to get non-aggression with Italy and attack France simultaneously with Germany.

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