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Easily Missed Rules
Characteristic scores may never be kept secret (p. 6).

Each player has a turn to move and combat only once before allowing all other players to do so (p. 6).

Crowns awarded for a bride's Charisma go to the husband's dynasty, not the father's (p. 7).

Pawns for Princes are not placed until they reach age 20 (p. 7).

You may never buy armies so as to have on the board a total which is greater than two times the number of provinces you own (p. 12).

Fleets must be in port to embark/disembark land units (p. 14).

There is no rule stating that Resource Units may only be moved in the firt movement phase(p. 14).

Only one side makes a pre-battle roll since the opposing rolls cancel out (p. 15).

Enemy fleets and cargo may never be captured, not even in port (p. 16).

If your king dies at the outset, the queen retires and you must create a Regent (p. 19).

Optional Rules
Optional RuleSuggested?
The Four Character Start no
Characteristic Rolls for King & Queen no
Disputed Succession yes
Movement of Trade Items no
Event Cards yes
Neutral Provinces yes
Governing Provinces yes
Extra Event/Movement Phase no (3-player only)
Changing Capitals/Resource Areas no

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