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Talisman Addenda
Recommended clarifications for the second edition game
April 6, 1992

1. The Minstrel may have an unlimited number of animal followers.

2. The Priest, when he automatically destroys a Spirit in the space he lands in, does not count it as an encounter; he encounters the space as normal. The Priest has a starting Craft of 6. When the Priest is of Good alignment and is visited by the Angel, instead of the normal benefits of the card, he may choose to receive either two Strength, two Craft or a teleport to any space in the same region.

3. When gold is surrendered to the Bandit, it remains there until recovered by the character who defeats the Bandit. If the Bandit card is destroyed with the Destruction spell, the gold is destroyed also.

4. The following spells cannot be played unless they are the first spell cast by the player in a given turn:

Temporal Warp

5. The Amulet protects the owning player from the following spells: (i) those listed on the Amulet card. (ii) the following from Talisman City

Feeble Mind
Magic Shell
Spell Call
Spell Turning
Temporary Change

6. When encountering Adventure Cards bearing the same number, the player decides the order in which he will enounter them.

7. The Counterspell, Reflection Spell and Spell Turning must be played immediately after the spell is played and before any other activity occurs. A Counterspell, Reflection Spell and Spell Turning may not be used to counter a spell cast by the same player.

8. When cursed by the Witch Doctor, the cursed player must move so as never to end his move further from than his destination than he started. If he overshoots the target, he must overshoot the minimum possible distance, i. e. may not use horse, boots or other means to increase movement. The player remains cursed until he lands directly on the Chapel (or Ruins if evil).

9. The Immobility and Destroy Magic Spells may be used to prevent casting of the Command Spell. In addition, a Character at the Crown of Command may not the cast the Command Spell if currently a Toad.

10. The Genie is not a Player; hence its spell is not affected by the Magical Vortex. Likewise, the Prophetess does not get to see the spell (unless she owns the Genie, of course), and it cannot be stolen by Mindsteal or Nullify.

11. The Ghoul decides in which Combat to use any of his zombie Followers. That is, they do not automatically fight in the next combat. Also, the Ghoul can NOT raise defeated Spirits (for feeding to the Vampire, say).

12. Creatures turned into Followers via special abilities (e.g., the Minstrel's Animal, Ghoul's undead, etc.) can be stolen like any other Followers (e.g., via Mesmerism), but these followers are left face up in the space where the former owner is.

13. Note that some Events (Astral Conjunction, Blizzard, etc.) count, until they expire, toward the total number of cards on a Draw Cards space. This does not apply to Spells such as Hex and Barrier.

14. If enslaved by the Idol, you re-encounter the space with whatever effects that implies.

15. Whenever an instruction says you may (or must) do something "before rolling the die for movement", interpret it to mean that the action takes place just before the Movement phase of the turn, regardless of whether you actually roll the die. Thus, for example, you can cast Destroy Magic during the Blizzard.

16. Despite what the character or adventure cards may say, Strangers may not be killed by bow and arrow.

17. When a player loses the Staff of Mastery, the Enemy under control reverts to normal and is placed in the current space.

18. Neither the Demon Lord nor the Dragon King may be mastered with the Staff of Mastery.

19. The Demon Lord may not be automatically defeated with the Cross or with the Priest's Special Ability.

20. The Holy Lance does add 3 to the Strength of its user when fighting the Dragon Lord.

21. If the owner of the Warhorse loses a life in combat, the Warhorse is lost instead. The Warhorse may not be used more than once per combat round; this is important when the character using the Warhorse is fighting the Pit Fiends, Zombies or characters who have the ability to fight or re-fight a second round of combat.

22. The Magic Pouch may only contain 1 object. It may not contain aggregate objects, e. g. the Horse and Cart. Objects in the Pouch may not be used, they are in the Pouch. To put something into the Pouch or take something out is a transfer. Only one transfer is allowed per turn. When it is carrying another object, the Magic Pouch does not count against object carrying limits.

23. The Mercenary, Man-at-Arms and any other followers who add Strength do not count when firing a bow at an Enemy or another character.

24. The Supernova causes the character to advance along the blue warp line, not the red as stated on the card.

25. Leaving the City (regardless of method) without repaying an outstanding Loan causes the character to be turned into a toad. The Loan card is removed from the game.

26. If simply landing in the Town Square, draw one City card unless there is one there already.

27. Do not count weapons in your strength total when wrestling with the Guard to obtain entry to the City. You may still count items such as the Potion and Magic Belt which confer basic strength, however.

28. Other players may not pick up animals which you leave at the Stable. If your character dies, discard any cards left at the stable.

29. A single character may only hold one of the City offices (High Mage, Sheriff, Champion, Master Thief) at a time.

30. If teleported out of the City, leave the Urchin follower in your space.

31. The Sheriff and the Champion may disregard any pre-existing Warrants upon taking office, but may still not discard these Warrants in the event that they later lose the position.

32. When your character holds a City office, this becomes the character's new alignment for all purposes until something (Mephisto, Mystic, Anarchist's Guild, Temporary Change) causes that alignment to change. Even if the character loses the office, he still retains the current alignment.

33. The new dungeon door cards in the City card deck still count against the maximum two dungeon door cards which may be visible at any one time.

34. The Bank will loan out money only to the extent of its loan cards; when these are all out, no further loans are available.

35. The Market Day card in the City deck allows trading of items between players just as the Market Day card in the Adventure Deck does. Note however that Trading is deemed illegal in the City (without a license); thus, characters currently in the City who trade must thereafter draw a City card to check for the Watch.

36. The Anarchist's Guild automatically changes the alignment of any character using its services to Neutral.

37. When escaping from the Donjon, roll a die for movement in the subsequent turn as normal, counting the Royal Castle as the first space entered.

38. When you are taken to the City Gate as a result of Judgement, you are not allowed to retrieve your animals from the stables.

39. When bribing the Guard to enter the city, a roll of 6 means that entry is denied.

40. The Dancing Girl can be used on human enemies only.

41. To become the High Mage, in addition to turning in a magic object, the player must roll his Craft or less on two dice. If successful, he becomes the High Mage. If unsuccessful, he must still discard the magic object.

42. If the Staff of Mastery is used with the Doppelganger, the amount of Strength provided is the character's total strength at the time of mastering. Use strength counters to remember this.

43. When the Ninja fights the Knight, whoever initiated the attack has his power take precedence.

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