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UPDATE August 2, 2009:

It appears that db-Spiele may no longer be accepting orders.

UPDATE April 26, 2006:
In an interview Dirk Henn wrote that there may be delays if you order his handmade games: "We are still running our games, if we find the time to do it, because that costs a lot of time producing them in that way, with all the things, box inclusive, handmade. And nowadays time is running short. A week does not have as much time as in former days, I think."

All of these games may still be ordered from the publisher at the address below. Sample prices are from August 2002 and may be out of date. E-mail to ask first. Shipping from Germany is extra, about 12 Euros for a single game to the USA.

db-Spiele is the independent publisher of games by Dirk Henn and Barbara Weber.

The db-Spiele Catalog showing years of first publication:
  1. Premiere - 28 Euro
  2. Al Capone - 22 Euro
  3. Hopfen & Malz - 15 Euro
  4. Spekulation - 25 Euro
  5. Carat - 20 Euro
  6. Timbuktu - 23 Euro
  7. Beziehungskisten - 20 Euro
  8. Iron Horse - 23 Euro
  9. Texas - 15 Euro
  10. Tendix - 20 Euro
  11. Yukon Company - 27 Euro
  12. Derby - 25 Euro
  13. Eketorp - 24 Euro

See also Brian Bankler's Notes on db Spiele games.

For readers who have German:

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