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La Révolution Française - Turn 4

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Fri Sep 4 19:03:00 GMT 1998


Turn 3
April 1793.
Random Events.
Economic 10: Agrarian Revolt in Montpellier which goes neutral and in revolt.
Political 12: Vergniaud names Carnot to restore order in Paris. Commune -3, suppressed.
Counter-Revolution 10: Rouen neutral unless controlled by Royalists.
Commune 9: Insurrection. Commune raised and controlled by the San-Culottes, Commune +3, Gov't. -1.
Government: Destroy Würmster's army.
Marais: Plot Control in Rouen.
Royalists: Plot Control in Nîmes.
Feuillant: Plot Control in Limoges.
Sans-Culottes: Plot Control in Nîmes.
Girondins: Plot Control in Bordeaux.
Montagne: Plot Control in Amiens.
Marais placed personalities.
Royalists placed personalities.
Feuillants placed personalities.
Sans-Culottes placed personalities.
Girondins placed personalities.
Montagne placed personalities.
Government spends 400 failing to arrest the Royalist d'Antraigues.
Government spends 200 arresting the Royalist Cadoudal.
Royalists waive arrests.
Sans-Culottes waive arrests.
Turning Personalities.
Marais transfer 50 assignats to the Montagne.
All pass.
Carnot takes control of Rouen on behalf of Marais, spending 600.
Boissy d'Anglas takes control of Cholet on behalf of Marais, spending 400.
Royalists pass.
Lafayette and Lameth each fail to take control of Limoges for Feuillants, spending 400.
Chaumette fails to take control of Nîmes for Sans-Culottes, spending 200.
Vergniaud takes control of Bordeaux on behalf of Girondins, spending 400.
Girondins receive +1 Fame on roll of 12.
Robespierre fails to control Amiens on behalf of Montagne, spending 200.
Montagne transfer 50 assignats to the Marais.
Marais ineligible for revolts.
D'Antraigues in Nîmes succeeds in revolt on behalf of Royalist, spending 300.
Feuillants pass.
Sans-Culottes pass.
Girondins ineligible for revolts.
Montagne ineligible for revolts.
Suppressing Revolts.
Government fails to suppress revolt in Nîmes, spending 300.
Marais have no available personalities in areas with revolts.
Feuillant have no available personalities in areas with revolts.
Royalists have no available personalities in areas with revolts.
Girondins have no available personalities in areas with revolts.
Montagne have no available personalities in areas with revolts.
Sans-Culottes pass.
Commune activities.
Sans-Culottes pass.
Girondins pass.
Montagne pass.
Political Phase.
Marais pass on limited coup.
All players pass on turning deputies.
Marais spend 100 to propose a Civic law.
Girondins vote against.
Law fails.
Girondins spend 100 to propose a Civic law.
Girondins vote in favor.
Law passes costing Government 100 and gains Girondins 1 Fame.
Girondins transfer 50 to the Montagne.
Montagne spend 100 to propose a Civic law.
Girondins vote in favor.
Law passes costing Government 100 and gains Montagne 1 Fame.
Montagne transfer 100 to the Government.
The Trial of Cadoudal.
Girondins vote guilty.
Cadoudal remains in prison.
Girondins vote confidence.
Girondins remain in power.
The Army du Centre is raised by Charette.
The Army du Paye de Retz is raised by Cathelineau.
The Army Catholique et Royale is raised by Chouan.
Government receives a reinforcement in Bretagne.
Royalist spends 600 maintaining armies.
Sans-Culottes transfer 50A to the government.
Girondins transfer 650A to the government.
Government pays army maintenance of 1000.
Montagne pass on coup.
Charette leading the Army du Centre descends on Brest.
Chouan leading the Army Catholique et Royale descends on Caen.
The Government armies are not allowed to leave Strasbourg.
Government conscript in Amiens goes to Caen.
In Strasbourg, battle to a stalemate.
In Brest, government defeat – Royalist +1 Fame.
In Caen, C&R defeat.
In Paris, government defeat. Commune lost.
Royalist takes military control of Brest and Cholet. Interphase.
Economy Marker increased by 5.
Marais receive 1000.
Feuillant receive 400.
Royalists receive 900 + 100 = 1000.
Sans-Culottes receive 700.
Girondins receive 500.
Montagne receive 350.
Government income 900.
Fame adjustments.
Government -1.
Girondins -1 for Government failure.
Marais +1.
Royalists +1.
Feulliant -1.
Sans-Culottes -1.
Girondins +1.
Montagne -1.
Turn 5
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Turn Order:
  1. Your Government, Fame 8, Assignats 900, controlled by: Girondins
  2. Marais: Fame 16, Assignats 1350, VP 27 (21) – Ananda Gupta
  3. Royalist: Fame 14 (+2), Assignats 1200, VP 26 (21) – Alan Moorhouse
  4. Feuillant: Fame 11, Assignats 400, VP 16 (14) – Olivier C.
  5. Sans-Culottes: Fame 9, Assignats 800, VP 21 (11) – Jack Barnette
  6. Girondins: Fame 13, Assignats 500, VP 33 (15) – Rick Heli
  7. Montagne: Fame 11, Assignats 350, VP 15 (11) – Garry Haggerty
Government: Tracks:

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Thanks to Jack Barnette for making the map, to Alan Moorhouse for updates and getting it into GIF format and to Garry Haggerty for suggesting the dice server.
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