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CRICKETS: Egg-wiped.
WHITE: I never heard of that.
CRICKETS: (exasperated) I'm telling you what it is. Egg-wiped! Egg-wiped! They spell it "E-G-Y-P-T."                                                            
WHITE: Oh, Egypt.

— from the Broadway musical Manhattan Mary (1927)
Ancient Egypt Board Games
Added 7/19/14:
Carter's Quest (2013)
De Tuin van Amon (1984)
Fortune and Glory: Sands of Cairo (2013)
Iunu (2013)
Kemet (2012)
The Nile Ran Red (2014):
  • Crimson Sun
  • Lords of the Sand (2014)
  • Rise of the First Dynasty (2014) Siedler von Catan, Die: Das Alte Ägypten (2014)
    Thoth (2013)
    Tomb of the Mummies (?)
    Valley of the Kings (2014)
  • Pharaoh Code (2011) Papyros (2013)
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    Abusir (2005)
    The Adventurers (2011)
    Amun-Re (2003)
    An den Ufern des Nils (1994)
    Archeoegypt (1995)
    Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh (2006)
    Aton (2006)
    Baumeister des Krimsutep, Die (2005)
    Caesar & Cleopatra (1997)
    Carter's Quest
    Cartouche (2010)
    Cheops (1998)
    Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (2006)
    Cleopatra's Caboose (2008)
    Cleopatra's Gambit (2002)
    Crimson Sun (2014)
    Crypt (2002)
    Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1988)
    Curse of the Pharaoh (2002)
    Curse of the Pharaoh Expansion (2004)
    Daschur: Die Rote Pyramide (2012)
    Daschur: Die Rote Pyramide - Privilegien des Pharao (2012)
    Day of the Chariot (2008)
    De Tuin van Amon (1984)
    Egizia (2009)
    Egyptian Flood (2009)
    Expedition Pyramide (2003)
    Feast & Famine (2010)
    Fightin' for the Pharaoh (2004)
    Fluch der Mumie (2008)
    Fortune and Glory: Sands of Cairo (2013)
    Giza (2005)
    Giza (2012)
    Glyphix (2002)
    Gods Along the Nile (2009)
    Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians (2013)
    Hounds and Jackals (2000 BC)
    Horus (2007)
    Horus (2008)
    Horus Line (2005)
    Im Bann der Mumie (2010)
    Isis (1992)
    It's a Pharaohs Life (2007)
    Iunu (2013)
    Jenseits von Theben (2004)
    Kairo (2012)
    Kemet (2012)
    King Tut (1994)
    Kheops (2008)
    Khet (2005)
    Lords of the Sand (2014)
    Luxor (2001)
    Mansuba (2007)
    My Pharaoh (2007)
    Néfertiti (2008)
    Néfertiti Expansion (2009)
    Néfertiti: La Barque Solaire (2010)
    Neteru (2011)
    Nile: the Dice Game (2010)
    Nile DeLuxor (2011)
    The Nile Ran Red (2014):
    Osiris (1995)
    Pharamis: Le Jeu des Pharaohs (1991)
    Pharao (1985)
    Pharaoh's Heir (2003)
    Pharaoh's Labyrinth, The (2013)
    Plagues of Egypt (2008)
    Priests of Ra (2009)
    Pyramid Raiders (2012)
    Pyramid Scheme: Legend of the Pharaohs (?)
    Pyramida (?)
    Pyramide (1978)
    Pyramidis (1991)
    Ra (1999)
    Ra: the dice game (2009)
    Ramses (1981)
    Rise of the First Dynasty (2014)
    Sacrifice of the Pharaohs (2010)
    Saqqara (2012)
    Scarab (2002)
    Scarab Lords (2002)
    Scarabs, Pyramids & Dung Beetles (2009)
    Seti (1979)
    Sobek (2010)
    Sphinx (1974)
    Sphinx (1975)
    Siedler von Catan, Die (1998)
    Siedler von Catan, Die: Das Alte Ägypten (2014)
    Stones Seven Challenges of the Pharaohs (1991)
    Tal der Könige (1992)
    Thebes (2004)
    Thoth (2013)
    Tomb of the Mummies (?)
    Tutankhamen (1993)
    Valley of the Kings (2014)
    Wadi (2007)
    ägyptische Pyramide, Die (1976)
    Alexandria (1987)
    Ancient Egypt Go Fish for Art (2010)
    Astérix en Égypte (1971)
    Cairo (2002)
    Curse of the Cobra (1982)
    Curse of Tutankhamun, The (1978)
    Egypt (1999)
    Egypt (2004)
    Egyptians (2001)
    Expedição KV62 (2009)
    Expedition (1980)
    Eye of Horus (2002)
    Geheimnis der Pyramide, Das (1992)
    Geheimnis der Pyramiden, Das (2000)
    Hieroglyphs Game, The (1989)
    Karnak (1989)
    Im Bann der Pyramide (2006)
    In the Land of Egypt (1996)
    Isis and Osiris (2001)
    Kleine Drache Kokosnuss und das Geheimnis der Mumie, Der (2012)
    Lego Ramses Pyramid (2009)
    Lego Ramses Return (2011)
    Mummy Rummy (1994)
    The Mummy Adventure Boardgame (2003)
    The Mummy Hunters (2008)
    Mummy's Treasure (2009)
    mystère des pyramides, Le (1990)
    Mystery on the Nile (1996)
    Mystic Egyptian Tomb (2002)
    Nile (1967)
    Oh, Pharaoh! (2004)
    Perilous Pyramids (2012)
    Pharaoh's Bluff (1997)
    Pharaoh Code (2011)
    Pharaoh's Curse (2008)
    Pharaoh's Quest (1985)
    Pyramid (1978)
    Pyramide des Krimsutep, Die (2005)
    Pyramide du Pharaon (2010)
    Pyramidos (2003)
    Pyramids and Mummies (1988)
    Pyramis (2011)
    Queops (2009)
    Ramses Rage (1983)
    Reise nach den Pyramiden, Die (1840)
    Scarabs & Scorpions (2008)
    Schatz des Pharaos, Der (1996)
    Secrets of the Tombs (2003)
    Seega (?)
    Senet (3500 BC)
    Sphinx (1982)
    Sphinx (1999)
    Totally Tut (?)
    Treasure of the Pharaohs (1974)
    Tut Tut (1996)
    Tutan Loot'em (2009)
    Tutankham (1983)
    Tutankhamen's Revenge (1990)
    Tutoom (1923)
    Valley of the Pharaohs (2006)
    Voice of the Mummy (1974)
    Wadjet (1996)
    Zerstreute Pharao, Der (1997)
    Ancient Conquest (1975)
    Chariot Lords (1999)
    Chariots of Fire (2009)
    Civilisation (1981)
    De Bellis Antiquitatis (1990)
    Het Huis Anubis: Het levenselixer (2009)
    Het Huis Anubis: Uitbreiding (2010)
    King of Kings (1990)
    Lost Cities (1999)
    Lost Cities: the board game (2008)
    Mystery Party: Meurtre sur le Nil (2012)
    Playing Cards of Ancient Egypt (2009)
    7 Wonders (2010)
    Tower of Babel (2005)
    Vom Kap bis Kairo (2001)
    War Gods of Ægyptus (2005)

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    Abusir: Die fünfte Dynastie
    Marion & Andreas Dettelbach; Spielteufel-2005; 3-5
    "Abusir: The Fifth Dynasty". In the years 2496 - 2433 BC pyramid construction for the Pharaohs Sahure, Nefirirkare, and Niuserre begins. Primary building material is white limestone. For pillars and doorways, rose granite from Aswan is sent by ship. Seven building sites are indicated. Players must transport the proper stones from the wharves and build the pyramids. In the process they try to push the competition out of the way ...

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus
    Guillaume Blossier & Frédéric Henry; Fantasy Flight Games-2011; 2-6; 45
    Players are adventurers exploring the pyramid, seeking treasure and to come out alive. Each of the eight characters has different abilities. These characters are also available as separately purchasable miniatures. [Buy it at Amazon]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Reiner Knizia; Hans-im-Glück/Rio Grande Games-2003; 3-5
    The game of competing families in Ancient Egypt is played in two halves, the first representing the Old Kingdom, the second the New. The true goal is to be able to place the three-dimensional pyramid pieces which come with the game, but to get there one needs to manage auctions resembling the silent bid variety often held for charity. One must also manage income, cash, cards, farms, caravans and temples. Provinces such as Thebes are named and each has different characteristics. [more] [Buy it at]

    An den Ufern des Nils
    Willfried & Hanno Kuhn; Abacus-1994; 2-5
    "On the Banks of the Nile". Players are farmers growing their crops beside the Nile. They wish to use the best ground available, but not if it is going to flood. Besides managing this risk, they attempt to bring something fresh and unique to the market to enjoy the highest profits. But both the river and the players can make life difficult. [more]

    Antonio Trentadue; Waryson giochi-1995; 2-4; 60
    The board is a model of the Valley of the Sphinx with a number of covered spaces. During the game two players or teams examine what's beneath trying to find the treasure, but at first finding hieroglyphs which must be translated to identify various Pharaohs.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh
    Robert Vaughn; Fantasy Flight-2006; 1-8
    This expansion kit for Arkham Horror offers 166 cards representing an Ancient Egypt exhibit which comes to Arkham. There are 22 exhibit item cards depicting Ancient Egyptian relics. [Buy it at]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Thorsten Gimmler; Queen-2006; 2
    Akhnaten wishes the people to worship Aton as the one god, but many are not ready for this. A power struggle over four temples ensues. Players manage cards and tile placement in this challenging and often tricky contest. [more] [Buy it at]

    Baumeister des Krimsutep, Die
    Mark Sienholz; Krimus Krimskrams-Kiste-2005; 3-4
    "Architects of Krimsutep". Trick-taking card game using cards showing obelisks, oases, palaces, slaves, building materials, stonemasons, a foreman, the Nile, etc. After the trick-taking game, players place cards in a building game.

    Caesar & Cleopatra
    Wolfgang Lüdtke; Kosmos/Rio Grande Games-1997: 2
    Card game of secret card deployments and bluffing plus action cards featuring special powers in which players try to gain valuable cards and thus achieve the most points. It's Cleopatra vs. Caesar all over again. [more]

    Carter's Quest
    Scott Siedschlag; web-published-2013; 1-2
    Set in the 1920s, this is a tile-laying game of exploring Tut's tomb. Find the four funerary jars and return them to treasury area before the sun comes up. Find weapons to help in the defense against deadly creatures. Combat is handled via dice roll.

    John Clowdus; Small Box Games-2010; 2-4
    Deck-building card game which includes 144 cards in decks corresponding to six deities.

    Klaus Paal; Hans-im-Glück-1998; 2-5
    A number of items related to Ancient Egypt are set up in pyramid fashion. Working their way up from the bottom, players in turn choose which to take, keeping in mind that what they choose opens the way for the next player to get something. [more]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
    Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc; Days of Wonder-2006; 3-5
    Players are building an impressive 3D plastic representation of Cleopatra's palace. Timing is everything as each turn a player either builds onto the structure or drafts from one of three sets of cards. [more] [Buy it at]

    Cleopatra's Caboose
    Steve Zamborsky; Z-Man Games-2008; 3-5
    A humorous train game set in Ancient Egypt?! Players construct tracks, ship fruit and construct buildings pyramids.

    Cleopatra's Gambit
    Victor Talayay; Hammergog LLC-2002; 2
    Pure abstract played on three different boards. A piece is played on each board simultaneously with the goal of forming a particular pattern. The board which is chosen to be primary determines the location of the piece on the other boards.

    Crimson Sun
    John Clowdus; Small Box Games-2014; 2
    In this card game players represent leaders of Upper and Lower Egypt who direct units of the gods Babi, Horus, Kuk and Sekmet. They build up their forces, use special abilities and influence four structures.

    Crypt: The Pharaoh's Curse
    Raven c.s. McCracken; Line of Sight Games-2002; 1-8
    Collectible components game has player character cards fighting one another on a modular, hexagonal board.

    Curse of the Pharaoh
    Mo Holkar for Freeform Games-2002; 6-9
    Murder mystery game requiring a host. Solve a series of murders in Luxor, 1894.

    Curse of the Pharaoh Expansion
    Mo Holkar; Freeform Games-2004; 6-19
    Expansion for the above permits adding ten more players.

    Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
    Stephen Hand; Games Workshop-1988; 1-4
    Players are modern day treasure hunters represented by lead miniatures, all exploring a pyramid at the same time. Each character has several attributes and also "currency" (represented by tana leaves). The latter are used in an auction to move the mummy, which permits the winner to steal or hurt another character. Card play determines movement, but other players can also use cards to make a character seem to bumble around in the darkness. There are also encounters: traps, monsters and items. The outcomes are resolved via die roll. The eventual goal is to ascend three levels of pyramid and pass a special test at the secret chamber at the top. Boards are placed at three levels to form an impressive three-dimensional display. There is a great deal of randomness in play, however.

    Daschur: Die Rote Pyramide
    Pauli Laimerl; Mücke Spiele-2012; 2-4
    Worker placement affair of princes building a boulevard for the Pharaoh. Players use influence cards to buy gems and position them for use in the grave chamber. Winning game of the design competition sponsored by components vendor

    Daschur: Die Rote Pyramide - Die Privilegien des Pharao
    Pauli Laimerl; Mücke Spiele-2012; 2-4
    Promotional expansion item for the above game consisting of four neutral tiles. It was offered at Essen Spiel 2012.

    Day of the Chariot: Kadesh
    Gene Dickens; Against the Odds-2008; 2
    This is an out and out war game published in Against the Odds magazine and simulating the biggest chariot battle in history when the Egyptians tangled with the Hittites and their allies. Perhaps as many as 5000 chariots participated. Historically, Ramses II declared victory, but left the city in Hittite possession. Can you do better? There are 320 pieces and three different scenarios reflecting different ideas on what the battle conditions and deployments were.

    Virginio Gigli & Acchittocca; Hans-im-Glück-2009
    Ancient Egyptian architects are in competition, from the folks who created Comuni, Ghost for Sale, Maestro Leonardo. Includes 128 wooden tiles, 100 cards, a large board and various other bits. Architects need to be "ready neither too early, nor too late". This was the 4th place in Italy's game design competition of 2008. Playtesters of this forthcoming affair are said to have liked it and that it reminded recent resource management games with the addition of fresh ideas and without becoming overly about numbers.

    Egyptian Flood
    James Casey, Byron Grimes, Jay LaFountain, August Larson, Erik Lechak, Brad Nordeng, Craig Somerton & Benjamin Sperling; unpublished-2009; 2-6
    Web-published card game. A card is played and its effects resolved. The goal is to achieve as many gold and victory points as possible.

    Expedition Pyramide
    Grzegorz Rejchtman; Kosmos-2003; 2-4
    Gem pieces are arranged on a 12x6 grid. Players move their pawns about this board collecting jewels in order to fulfill their individual victory condition. More of a multi-player puzzle solving affair. Also known as Ubongo.

    Feast & Famine
    Jason Conforto; Shadow Mountain Publishing-2010; 2-4; 45; 8+
    Auction and tile placement game of coping with Egyptian famine as per the bible. In the first seven rounds of plenty, players gather food in six types by spending labor points; food gives rewards from pharaoh in the form of medallions. In the seven years of famine the medallions are used to save members of the family of Joseph, which are worth various amounts of points.

    Fightin' for the Pharaoh
    Matt Fritz; Junior General-2004; 2
    Miniatures war game on the Battle of Kadesh (1300 BC) vs. the Hittites.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Fluch der Mumie
    Marcel-André Casasola-Merkle; Ravensburger-2008; 2-5; 8+
    In "Mummy's Curse" up to four tomb robbers explore the depths of a pyramid, attempting to be the first to carry out a set number of treasures. But one of the players portrays the mummy and tries to catch them. The board is vertical so that the mummy player sides cannot see the others' locations although the reverse is not true. Movement is via dice. Players have mission cards which they try to accomplish. The mummy wins when it has caught robbers enough times to give itself real life. Memory, bluffing and deduction also have roles to play. [more] [Buy it at]

    Fortune and Glory: Sands of Cairo
    Jason C. Hill; Flying Frog Productions-2013; 1-8; 90
    Expansion kit for Fortune and Glory, the cooperative adventure game set in the 1930s. Cards depict the following: Cairo, Street Market, Scimitars, Thugs, Desert Swordsmen, Camels, Buried Tomb, Market Chase, Watched from the Shadows.

    Nikki Lim; Fun Factory/Pegasus-2005; 2-6; 8+
    Players are attempting to build three pyramids of the highest quality for Pharaoh Khufu. Unfortunately rivals keep inserting inferior stone, demolishing levels and releasing scarabs, which scare away workers. Luck levels are high, with possible kingmaker effects. Production is very good.

    Dave Heberer; Mayfair-2012; 3-4; 90
    An auction and worker placement (another form of auction) game of completing Pharaoh's tomb at Giza. No only do players want to accomplish the most, they need to feed their people and move giant stone blocks.

    Frank Ciofalo; Skrunk Games-2002; 2-6
    Basically the same as the traditional game Memory except using tiles showing hieroglyphs and including the fact that players move tiles after revealing them.

    Gods Along the Nile
    Chester Hendrix; Terran Games-2009; 2-5; 45
    There are seventy-two cards, fifty-four of them showing a different aspect of an Egyptian god. Players represent priests and play cards to add to their temples, trying to maximize sets of canopic jars.

    Horrible Histories: Awful Egyptians
    Spartaco Albertarelli; Sophisticated Games-2013; 2-5; 8+
    Players represent pyramid robbers trying to steal and then sell to make the most cash. Rules include card drafting, dice and trading.

    Hounds and Jackals
    (unknown); Pyram-(unknown) (2000 BC); 2
    This game was actually played by the ancient Egyptians, first appearing during the New Kingdom. Its rules are similar to Snakes and Ladders.

    Werner Falkhof & Michael Sohre; Theta-2007; 2-4
    Players represent Egyptian priests from rival temples competing to equip the death barge of the dead pharaoh. Obtaining the best offerings requires trade, purchase, sales, negotiations and conflict. Features very detailed and attractively-made obelisks and other components, including a Roulette-like mechanism.

    Jean Vanaise; Amigo/Mayfair-2008; 2-4
    Tile-laying game in the tradition of Carcassonne with some differences, including the setting, but also that tiles can be placed half offset. Tile tyles are desert, hill, field, swamp and river/necropolis. Tile placement is based on which Horus card one draws. Points are gained in the end for having the most markers in various areas; some areas can have their worth increased if they are completely surrounded by water (river).

    Horus Line
    Spartaco Albertarelli; Kidultgame-2005; 3-5; 20
    A game of betting on draws from a bag. A player guesses the number tokens of a particular color he will draw from the bag. Then in turn every player can either propose a higher number or challenge.

    Im Bann der Mumie
    Henning Poehl; Sphinx Spieleverlag-2010; 3-5; 90
    Modern adventurers searching for a pharaoh's cursed treasure, but becoming lost in the valley, must escape the deadly mummy. One player is the mummy in this card game while the rest play adventurers. Features attractive monochromatic artwork.

    Horst Alexander Renz; Pharao-Brettspiele-1992; 2-7
    Pure abstract made in imitation of a likely game found in an ancient pyramid. Unfortunately no one today knows how this game was played so new rules have had to be invented. Pieces move according to the number of other pieces there are in its section of the board until they reach a position where they can be personalized. From there, if they can reach a throne space, they win for their owning player. This beautiful game is an all-wood production. Part of a series of games that also includes Ramses and Pharao

    It's a Pharaohs Life
    Alex Kremer; web-published-2007; 1
    Solitaire simulation of a pharaoh's life in 2686 BC. Mechanisms are action selection and dice rolling against a table. [complete rules]

    Todd Sanders; Air and Nothingness Press-2013; 2-4; 30
    Print-and-play game of feeding the citizens, defending the realm and securing a place in the afterlife.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Jenseits von Theben
    aka Thebes

    Peter Prinz; Prinz Spiele-2004; 2-4
    Nineteenth century archaeologists try to raise funds, complete excavations and exhibit. The sites they explore are Greek, Cretan, Palestinian, Macedonian and Egyptian. Later released by Queen under the title Thebes. [more] [Buy it at]

    Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage; Asmodee/Matagot/Pegasus-2012; 2-5; 90
    This fighting miniatures game includes the following figures: Sphinx, Phoenix, Mummy-Priest, Giant Scorpion, Royal Scarab, Deep Desert Snake and Ancestral Elephant plus three pyramids and twelve units per player.

    Kimmo Sorsamo; Queen-2012; 2-4; 60
    Game of trying to entice customers into shops at the Cairo market. Previously appeared at Tori.

    King Tut
    Brian Taylor; Paul Lamond Games-1994; 2-4; 8+
    This is a dexterity game similar to Jenga. Players must carefully de-construct a pyramid composed of thirty wooden pieces and then construct a triangular structure.

    Bruno Faidutti & Serge Laget;-2008; 2
    Rival architects compete over the Great Pyramid, placing triangular tiles to fill in the triangular board, the goal being to control the longest chain of rooms and corridors with the most rooms and best set of sarcophagi in it. Includes a suction cup for relocating tiles and is assymmetric as the first player gets the special Pharaoh piece while the other has the benefit of going last. Some tiles have special effects such as prohibiting pawns or relocating opponent pawns.

    Del Segura, Luke Hooper & Michael Larson-2005; 2
    if picture missing, probably out of print

    Similar to Chess but with the addition of two built in lasers which shine on the mirrored pieces, eventually knocking out whatever piece cannot reflect the beam. The Egyptian connection is that players have a piece called the pharaoh as well as pieces shaped like obelisks and pyramids. Also known as Deflexion. Expanded by Khet: Eye of Horus Beam Splitter (2006) which added a new type of piece, and Khet 3D: Tower of Kadesh (2007) which, being inspired by the battle of Kadesh, added a tower and platform to the game. [more] [Buy it at]

    Lords of the Sand
    John Clowdus; Small Box Games-2014; 2-4
    Card game of the Egyptian gods, each player representing one of Anubis, Khnum, Sobek or Thoth and having different goals and abilities. Players attempt to gain more abilities and score points by building up obelisks and other cards.

    Günter Baars; Ravensburger-2001; 2-4
    This time the board is vertical. Players add tiles to it, trying to extract the most valuable mummies. A match permits maneuvering around the pillars.

    Mansuba: Challenge of the Pharaohs
    Jim Long; Red Juggernaut, Inc.-2007; 2-6
    Each player tries to be the first to get all six of their totem figures – falcon, woman, crocodile, ibis, jackal and cat – safely across the board. Figures move by roll of dice-sticks.

    My Pharaoh
    Alex Kremer-2007; 2
    It's Ramses I vs. Ramses II to determine who will be the most famous and pious pharaoh of all time. Build points are used to construct pyramids, obelisks, statues and temples. In addition, Ramses II can denounce and/or deface the opponent's monuments.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Nicolas Oury; Ystari/Rio Grande Games-2006; 2-4
    In this majority control of an area game, players represent archaeologists excavating in Egypt and trying to put on the most impressive exhibition back in Europe. Expanded by Mykerinos: the Nile (2007) which adds six tiles, four tokens and a new character. [more] [Buy it at]

    Pharaoh's Labyrinth, The
    Mark Sienholz; Krimus Krimskrams-Kiste--2013; 1-5; 8+
    Players each have their own pyramid boards and tiles. They each seek to penetrate a pyramid as far as possible and get as much treasure as they can. An optional rule adds a mummy, each player controlling the mummy on an adjacent player's board. German title is Das Labyrinth des Pharaos. Premier: Essen Spiel 2013.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    aka Nefertiti, Nofretete
    Guillaume Montiage, Thomas Cauet & Jacques Bariot; Matagot/Rio Grande-2008; 3-4
    The wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten is distributing favors to the courtiers who retrieve the best presents from the remote corners of the kingdom. There are four markets (Gizeh, Louqsor, Akhet-Aton and Abu Simbel) where gifts appear and players use their servant pawns to, in effect, bid on the ones they want. But the purchases are not complete until the market achieves a certain condition, e.g. servants from three different players present or total bids exceeding a certain number, so there are cooperative aspects as well in the bidding. Some purchases give an event-type card (called a character card) which can have dramatic effects, some destructive on others. The value of gifts at the end is dependent on the number of other players who also have that same type of gift. the game appears to be primarily tactical and evaluative in nature. [more] [Buy it at Amazon]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Néfertiti Expansion
    aka Nofretete Expansion
    Guillaume Montiage, Thomas Cauet & Jacques Bariot; Matagot/Rio Grande-2009; 2-5
    Expands the above game by introducing seven new characters, a new (ninth) market at Memphis, ten new cards and rules to permit either two or five players. [Buy it at Amazon]

    Néfertiti: La Barque Solaire

    Guillaume Montiage, Thomas Cauet & Jacques Bariot; Matagot-2010; 3-4
    Expansion kit for the above. Adds another boardlet representing the Khufu solar boat.

    Marc Di Stefano: mindlink games-2011; 2; 20
    Nearly pure abstract with an astrology theme, Egyptian astrology that is. The board is comprised of 23 circles. Each player controls six of the twelve signs and seeks to move one of their six pieces into the opponent's gate. Pieces are not on the board initially, but must be spawned. Movement goes to adjacent spaces or by jumping over one's own. Capture occurs by jumping as well. The game's cloth bag also forms its board.

    Nile: the Dice Game
    Daniel Callister; (self)-2010; 1-4
    Based on Nile (1967), but changed to use ten dice.

    Nile DeLuxor
    Daniel Callister & James Mathe; Minion Games-2011; 2-6; 30; 8+
    This indie card game is reminiscent of Union Pacific and the Ticket to Ride card game. It can be frustrating since it's not unusual that one can't really do much on a turn, but the ability to do as many trades with the deck as desired feels abuse-ridden. It can be used to end the game by going through the rest of the deck.

    The Nile Ran Red
    John Clowdus; Small Box Games-2014; 2-5
    This is a collection of three card games, related only by their Egyptian setting. Titles:

    Hartmut Witt & Andreas Steiner; Hexagames-1995; 2-4
    Deduction game made of wood in which players secretly distribute support between priests and gods who move and conflict in a struggle to reach the top of the pyramid. Magnetic stickers on the pieces permit the priest and his god to connect in secret. Eventually the priest attached to the god hidden at the top of the pyramid is revealed and the player with the most supporters in the corresponding temple wins.

    Pharamis: Le Jeu des Pharaohs
    unknown; unknown-1991; 2-4
    Abstract strategy played out on an irregular grid having 149 squares. Each player has pharaoh, guards and soldier pieces and strives to remove opposing pharaohs.

    Horst Alexander Renz; Pharao-Brettspiele-1985; 2; 7+
    Pure abstract made in imitation of a Senet game found in an ancient pyramid. However, the game is completely different in play. Special dice are used to move both one's own and the opponent's pieces, the goal being to push all the opponent's pieces into the water square, to move one's own last piece into the happiness square or to make the opponent's move impossible. This beautiful game is an all-wood production.

    Pharaoh's Heir
    Phillip Lerche-2003 (web-published); 2-4
    The Pharaoh is dying and is choosing his successor according to the one who succeeds best in three areas: harvest, people to build a monument and in sacrifices to the gods. The game employs a role-choosing mechanism similar to Puerto Rico. This game employs the PiecePack system. Instructions

    Pharaoh's Labyrinth
    unknown; unknown-2013; 2-6; 8+

    Plagues of Egypt
    Martin Vetter-2008; 3-4
    Players represent a family having four members whose goal it is to survive plagues and attain the status of the healthiest family in the land. To do this it is important to race across the Nile and gather the resources needed for nutrition and building repair. Which plague appears is entirely random.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Priests of Ra
    Reiner Knizia; Rio Grande-2009; 2-5
    A re-working of the designer's Ra which changes the types of tiles used to score. [Buy it at Amazon]

    Pyramid Raiders
    unknown; Moaideas Game Design-2012; 3-6; 8+
    Players are treasure hunters competing to get the most of the forty-nine treasure tokens laid out at the start. But they must avoid the pyramid's guardian. Movement occurs via tile-laying on a hexagonal map. The guardian's movement and direction is based both on tiles and a die roll. Scoring is based on set collection, either variety of specialization. Ten special tiles confer special abilities. Wooden obstacle tokens make the board different each time.

    Pyramid Scheme: Legend of the Pharaohs
    Playcare; 2-3
    Pure abstract with each player having a base pyramid of 9 pieces (8 soldiers plus 1 guardian) and goal of capturing the opposing playing pieces and treasure chamber.

    Zbysek Vlasák; unknown; ?; 2
    Pure abstract for two played on a square grid representing a pyramid.

    Peter Pallat; Edition Perlhuhn-1978; 2
    Anthology of games around building up a pyramid with wooden blocks.

    Roland Siegers; Ravensburger/Iron Crown Enterprises-1991; 2, 4
    Pure abstract which must be played in teams if there are four players. Players try to achieve a particular arrangement of pyramids – a pyramid placement game.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Reiner Knizia; Alea/Rio Grande Games-1999; 3-5
    Auction game mirroring the three ancient Egyptian eras. Tiles are turned up in odd lots for which players bid fixed amounts. A variety of collection strategies are available. [more] [Buy it at Amazon]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Ra: the dice game
    Reiner Knizia; Abacus/Rio Grande Games-2009; 2-4
    A simpler version of the above in which dice replace the auction. [Buy it at Amazon]

    Horst Alexander Renz; Pharao-Brettspiele-1988; 2
    Pure abstract made in imitation of Tjau, a game found in an ancient pyramid. However, the game is completely different in play. Pieces move orthogonally or based upon the number of other pieces in its row and column. The goal is to move one's four pieces into particular positions or box the opponent in that he cannot move. There is no randomness. Part of a series of games that also includes Isis and Pharao

    Rise of the First Dynasty
    John Clowdus; Small Box Games-2014; 3-5; 30
    Card game of area control over the country set in the mythical first dynasty centered on the Nile. Player actions include conquer, bless, and issue edict.

    Günter Baars; Ravensburger-2001; 2-4
    This time the board is vertical. Players add tiles to it, trying to extract the most valuable mummies. A match permits maneuvering around the pillars.

    Sacrifice of the Pharaohs
    Sean Howard; Knights Crest Games-2010; 2-15; 60 -2002; 2-4
    Variable powers game in which each player has for the entire game a different role with its own special abilities. Each turn players either increase or decrease their standing with the Pharaoh by flipping the appropriate card. The player who is least liked is executed, though gold may be used to pay off the executioner for a round. Gold can also purchase event cards.

    Shem Phillips; White Goblin Games-2012; 3-5
    Set in 2125 just before a major historical revolt, players represent the governors in Egypt and try to develop their provinces, recruit workers, build pyramids and gain land. Includes bluffing, auctions, card drafting and trading.

    Nico Reuter; Silberberg Spiele-2002; 2-4
    Represents the priests of Thoth meeting to play a game of collecting scarabs (dung beetles). In the game players move around a grid aiming for high numbered tiles. There is a partnership version for four.

    Scarabs, Pyramids & Dung Beetles
    Tim Schutz and Steve Vallee; The GameCrafter-2009; 3-5
    Trick-taking card game. Cards taken are used to build pyramids.

    Scarab Lords
    Reiner Knizia; Fantasy Flight-2002; 2
    Non-collectible card game which nevertheless has some similarities to its collectible cousins. Each player has a deck of 40 cards which he customizes to best effect. This is set in a fantasy version of Egypt which includes mythical beasts and sorcerors. [more]

    Hartmut Witt & Andreas Steiner; Hexagames-1979; 2
    Pure abstract based on a board found in a pyramid. Players have one pharaoh and several priest pieces which they try to get to the opposite end of the board.

    Bruno Cathala; Asmodée-2010; 2-4
    Card drafting and set collection game. Each turn take a goods card, play a character with a special power or reveal a set of matching goods cards. Taking some cards earns corruption points. Having the most of these at the wrong time cuts the owner's income in half.

    Mark Berger & Edith Grein-Böttcher; Ravensburger-1974; 2
    Each player creates a hidden maze and the players take turns trying to solve the other's. Includes both psychology and deduction.

    Mark Berger & Edith Grein-Böttcher; Ravensburger-1974; 2
    Each player creates a hidden maze and the players take turns trying to solve the other's. Includes both psychology and deduction.

    Sphinx: The Game of Ancient Egypt
    Challenge Games-1975; 2
    It's Jade vs Amber. Each has six sphinxes, one of which needs to reach the other side of the board. Dice are rolled to determine where on the grid is placed a pyramid which removes any sphinx or pyramid there, but otherwise places a pyramid. Then players move or capture.

    Siedler von Catan, Die: Das Alte Ägypten
    Klaus Teuber; Kosmos-2014; 3-4; 75
    "The Settlers of Catan: The Ancient Egyptians" transforms the setting and the rules as players must employ oxcarts to transport their resources. There are variants, including one in which additional resources may be requested of the gods for use on the Great Pyramid.

    Siedler von Catan, Die: Historische Szenarien
    Klaus Teuber; Kosmos-1998; 3-4
    "The Settlers of Catan: Historical Scenarios." One of the games in this two game set is named "Cheops" and features players creating pyramids for Pharaoh. [more]

    Stones Seven Challenges of the Pharaohs
    Jon H. Davis; Northern Lights Enterprises-1991; 1-3
    This is series of seven abstract games played on a cloth banner using polished stones. Only one is solitaire. A die is also included.

    Tal der Könige
    Christian Beierer; Kosmos-1992; 2-4
    Game of pyramid building in which players must deploy workers either to work on the pyramid or steal stones from the other players. [more]

    Scott Woods; Woodsman Games/web-published-2013; 1; 30
    Seventy-two cards form two decks of cards. The player takes one deck to fight the rules-driven virtual opponent. Features include units, buildings and resources.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Reiner Knizia; Amigo/Out of the Box-1993; 2-6
    Unusual set collection game in which a number of Egypt-themed tiles are laid out in a line. The player moves his pawn forward as far as he likes to claim the pawn upon which he ends, but may never move backward. Points are scored for majority controls of the various tile types (ankhs, scarabs, etc.). [more] [Buy it at Amazon]

    Martyn F; Emma Games/Heidelberger Spieleverlag-1993; 2-4
    Tiles are used to render a version of an Egyptian desert with river branches flowing through it. The water is represented by blue disks. Players attempt to get water to their own tiles.

    Die ägyptische Pyramide
    Seven Towns; Nathan Pelikan-1976; 2-4; 30; 6+
    The board has thirty-six indentations. On a turn each player adds a marble to the board with the goal of creating a continuous row in one color. This forms just the first layer of a pyramid. Then the game continues on the second level, and so on.

    Jan von Kügelgen; (Self-published)-1987; 2-6; 45
    Racing game set in Alexandria harbor in which players roll three dice and try to make the best moves with them. Possibly similar to Powerboats.

    Ancient Egypt Go Fish for Art
    Wenda O'Reilly; Birdcage Press-2010; 2-5; 7+
    It's Go Fish, and also Memory, with an Ancient Egypt theme. The thirty-six cards include facts as well as images of gods, pharaohs and mummy-making.

    Astérix en Égypte
    Jeux Noel-1971; 2-5
    A racing game set in which players must cross from Gaul to Cleopatra's palace and back again, on the way depositing a palace card. Cards dictate movement and can be used either to help oneself or as a block to others. Chance cards sometimes allow players to move an opponent.

    Günter Burkhardt; Schmidt-2002; 2-5; 8+
    A representation of the Nile runs down the middle of the board. Through it moves a ship holding wooden blocks in a variety of sizes. In turn players use a finger to flick a block into specific areas to score points. [more]

    Curse of the Cobras
    unknown; Ideal/Arxon-1982; 2-6; 5+
    Puzzle guessing game in which players insert plastic ankhs into a holes in a sarcophagus. One hole sets off the "trap", which reveals a skull and launches a handcuff-like cobra ring around your wrist. This person loses. The location of the trap is then automatically reset.

    Curse of Tutankhamun, The
    by The Prince and The Pirate Co.-1978; 2-6
    A tube containing a laminated map and other materials, including cards. Players explore the pyramid. Probably created to cash in on the King Tut exhibit then touring the US.

    De Tuin van Amon
    Agnes Rammant Peeters; SCIA Herk-de-Stad-1984; 2-4
    Based on two games from ancient Egypt, Senet and The Palm Tree Game, players are slaves trying to escape the garden of Amon. During the day phase they run through the garden, obtaining Fate Cards. At night players race for a boat, the first to get five pawns into the boat winning. Employs throwing sticks, just like back in ancient Egypt.

    Lloyd Krassner; Warp Spawn Games-1999; 2
    Card drafting game in which players try to form melds from seven different types. Each turn represents three hundred years.

    Wolfgang Dirscherl; Spielbox-2004; 2-4; 8+
    By rolling a die pieces can be placed on the board to earn points. Lasts ten minutes.

    Gary Wyatt; Green Board Game Co.-2001; 2-4; 7+
    Players compete to collect a full set of Pharaoh cards. Roll to move and collect a new card. There are also rules for trading or battling for cards. Educational.

    Expedição KV62
    unknown; Pais e Filhos-2009; 2-4
    Players are attempting to find the inner chamber of the great pyramid of Cheops. Dice are rolled to move. The board tiles change by rotating the board which creates holes; pawns may fall through.

    Whitehall Games/The Kirk Game Company-1980; 2-6; 9+
    Players represent archaeologists digging at various sites in Egypt, which means rolling dice to move and then drawing discovery cards to be published.

    Eye of Horus
    Playroom Entertainment-2002; 2-8; 7+
    Players collect cards from the pool on the table by matching or adding values (something like the traditional card game Cassino). There is an Eye of Horus card which permits taking all of the cards. Images are based on actual ones found in the pyramids.

    Geheimnis der Pyramide, Das
    Thomas Schuster; Espenlaub-1992; 2-4; 30; 7+ -2000; 2-4; 6+
    In "Secret of the Pyramid" the idea is to retrieve four parts of a golden mask. On a turn two dice are rolled, one to move the pawn, the other to move the lion. Lions block movement. It is also possible to steal items.

    Geheimnis der Pyramiden, Das
    Günter Baars; Ravensburger-2000; 2-4; 6+
    "Secret of the Pyramids". Three games in one about moving pyramids to find treasures. Memory and deduction are involved.

    Hieroglyphs Game, The
    Finch & Scott; Oxford Games, Ltd.-1989; 2-8
    Fast game in which players roll a die to move a scarab around a board showing the hieroglyphs. Reaching one that matches on on their personal sheet (aka Bingo card) lets them mark it. First to complete a word wins. Educational for learning the glyphs. [more]

    (unknown); Pelito-1989; 1-2
    Fortune-telling affair based on cards and a pendulum. Questionable whether this should be considered a game.

    In the Land of Egypt
    Aristoplay-1996; 1-4
    Includes eight different games played using pyramid, mummy and rhyme cards plus special "Egyptian" dice.

    Isis and Osiris
    Michael Schacht; Goldsieber-2001; Abacus/999 Games/Devir-2010; 2-4; 7+
    Tile-laying game in which the value depends on the neighboring tiles. Memory plays an important role.

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    if picture missing, probably out of print
    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss und das Geheimnis der Mumie
    Inka & Markus Brand; Kosmos-2012; 2-4; 15; 6+
    Players help a little dragon save a golden mask from grave robbers by collecting as many rolls of toilet paper as possible so that all can dress up as mummies and scare them away. Finding toilet paper is not so easy it seems so they need to turn up cards à la Memory.

    Lego Ramses Pyramid
    Reiner Knizia & Cephas Howard; LEGO-2009; 2-4
    The rising playing surface is constructed with LEGO pieces. Pawns climb this pyramid. Moving pieces and the crystals they collect are also LEGO pieces. [Buy it at Amazon] [Buy it at]

    Lego Ramses Return
    Cephas Howard, Reiner Knizia & Jesper C. Nielsen; LEGO-2011; 2-4; 10; 7+
    Roll-and-move and memory game in which players try to capture three different golden treasures. Six crystals are hidden beneath temples on the board and eight more plus four gold treasures are in plain sight. A die result may match a crystal a player holds, permitting movement. Otherwise the player gets to inspect a temple; if it matches the die, the player moves the temple and moves. There is also a mummy result which lets the player move the mummy, attempting to land on an opponent, which forces loss of a treasure or cystal. Moving to a crystal or treasure permits claiming it. [Buy it at Amazon]

    The Mummy Adventure Boardgame
    Upstarts-2003; 2-6
    Based on the television cartoon program, "The Mummy", one player hides tokens which the players need to acquire their character cards to get the clues that permit them to find. Later begins the race to find the scroll of Thebes. Essentially a party game for children.

    The Mummy Hunters
    unknown; Universal Pictures-2008; 2-4
    Packaged in a DVD box, this is a trivia game in which players move via spinner and try to collect coins while avoiding the mummy who tries to steal them. [Buy it at Amazon]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Mummy's Treasure
    aka Schatz der Mumie
    aka Tresor de la momie
    aka Schat van de mummie
    aka El tresoro de la momia
    aka Il tesoro della mummia
    Marco Teubner; HABA-2009; 2-4; 5+
    Dice game in which players roll the five cubes up to three times to claim treasure tiles for their excavation sites. [Buy it at Amazon]

    Mummy Rummy
    Monty & Ann Stambler; ASS/Gamewright-1994; 2-5; 8+
    Rummy variant in which players try to collect sets of Egyptian artifacts. Some cards can belong to either one of two different sets.

    Le mystère des pyramides
    (unknown); Milton Bradley-1990; 2; 20; 7+
    On a complicated map an archaeologist must grab the ruby and escape back out of the pyramid before a mummy can kill him.

    Mystery on the Nile
    Michael Palm & Martin Drewes; Eurogames/Descartes Editeur-1996; 2-6
    During a modern Nile cruise, players try to discover the thief of a pearl necklace by examining pairs of evidence cards to try for a match. Probably inspired by the Agatha Christie novel. Appears to include considerable randomness.

    Mystic Egyptian Tomb
    4M-2002; 2-4
    Treasure hunting game including a plaster block with treasures buried inside, a digging tool, checkers and dice. Treasures include a cat, mummy case, Ankh-symbol, winged necklace and Egyptian symbol plates.

    E.S. Lowe/Spears-1967; 2-4
    Players lay tiles attempting to create a continuous line across the board grid.

    Oh, Pharaoh!
    Thilo Hutzler; Kosmos/Überplay-2004; 3-4
    Card game in which players try to create as many high quality pyramids as possible. Players may trade cards with one another. There are also thief cards that can be used to steal cards and tax collectors who take hand cards. These two can be stopped by a pharaoh card. [more]

    Pharaoh Code
    Jung Hun Lim; Korea Board Games/Amigo-2011; 2-5; 20; 9+
    In this educational math game, a player rolls dice having eight, ten and twelve sides. Then all players simultaneously use math operations to convert the numbers to the one shown on a scarab tile in thirty seconds.

    Perilous Pyramids
    Devin Lewis and James Vicari; Broke In Games-2012; 2-6; 5+
    Fast card game of building up your pyramid of cards, but also making opponent pyramids more difficult to complete.

    Pharaoh's Bluff
    unknown; unknown-1997; 2-6
    Trivia game with the added bluffing element which other players may question. Progress measured by moving up the surface of a pyramid.

    Pharaoh's Curse
    unknown; Disney/Trefl-2008; 2-4; 6+
    Disney character pawns such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc. traverse a 3D pyramid by giving the correct answers to questions.

    Pharaoh's Quest
    Protel Games-1985; 2
    Similar to Chess, but the player must capture four of the opponent's cities.

    Hasbro-1978; 2; 8+
    You've played Connect Four? This could be called "Connect Five", but using pyramids placed on a regular board.

    Pyramide des Krimsutep, Die
    Ralf Sandfuchs; Krimus Krimskrams-Kiste-2005; 2-5
    "Pyramids of Krimsutep". Players represent treasure hunters exploring a pyramid at the same time, trying to beware pitfalls and the mummy. Rather random.

    Pyramide du Pharaon
    Martin Tremblay; Editions Gladius International-2010; 2-6; 7+
    Short card game of racing to build a pyramid. This requires collecting various types of cards such as tools, workers, materials and influence with the royal family. Some cards permit stealing from others.

    Jens-Peter Schliemann & Kirsten Becker; HABA-2003; 2-4; 6+
    Dexterity game played on a board raised high into the air by a wooden structure. The board is dotted by many holes, most of them of a size to hold the player marbles. Players must flick or nudge under a marbles to move it into the goal area, i.e. where the pyramid is being construction while avoiding the rather large crocodile holes. A net stretched under the board helps keep fallen marbles from rolling away. Finishing the game can be particularly difficult as the last marble must be flicked to rest on top of four others set in a square, thus forming the pyramid of the title. The board height is more made for child than adult hands and the whole affair probably goes on a little bit too long for the amount of interest generated.

    Pyramids and Mummies
    Marianne Sachs; Aristoplay-1988; 2-4; 8+
    Includes The Pyramid Game and The Mummy Game. The former is cooperative as players try to decipher rebus writing and together erect a pyramid. The other is more of a race, but also involves reading rebuses.

    Justin Oh; Gemblo-2011; 2-4; 20; 6
    A press-your-luck game in which players draw gems from a bag, trying not to exceed the color limits set for the current round because doing so loses that color and more besides. The remaining gems are used to form sets of four, but all gems must be used, if not in one's own sets, in another player's.

    (unknown); pais e Filhos-2009; 2-4; 120
    Roll-and-move trying to find the inner chamber of the Great Pyramid. The inner board can rotate and change the tiles to create holes or problem spaces for players inside. Once a player finds the sarcophagus, must successfully exit to win.

    Ramses Rage
    (unknown); Shauss Enterprises-1983; 1-6; 45
    Dice game featuring six cube-shaped ones and one pyramid-shaped one. By rolling them players race to acquire ten thousand points.

    Reise nach den Pyramiden, Die
    (unknown); (unknown)-1840; 2
    "Trip to the Pyramids" is a German roll-and-move racing game showing spaces numbered 1 to 21 and scenes of Egyptian ruins.

    Scarabs & Scorpions
    Tony Ripley; Gamealogical Institute-2008; 2-4; 8+
    Ten minute game of dice rolling is a race to reach the best score and avoid the scorpions.

    Schatz des Pharaos, Der
    Wolfgang Kramer; Berliner Spielkarten-1996; 2-6; 8+
    "Treasure of the Pharaoh". Card game in which players use the ladder, torch, rope and shovel to race through six stages to reach the Pharaoh's treasure. Re-published in 2006 by Adlung under the title Im Bann der Pyramide. [more]

    Secrets of the Tombs
    Martin Wallace; Kosmos/Rio Grande Games-2003; 3-5; 8+
    Explorers search their way through a pyramid which takes a long time and sometimes, out of nowhere, they are eliminated.

    by Great American Trading Company 2; 8+
    Pure abstract in which players take turns placing marbles on a 5x5 board. When all are placed they capture the opponent's pieces by moving to sandwich them between their own. Draws are frequent.

    unknown; 3500 BC; 2; 6+
    This was actually played by ancient Egyptians and is similar to Backgammon. Differences are safe and trap spaces on the board.

    Invicta-1982; 2-3
    Pure abstract in which players try to get five pyramids in a row. Similar to Pyramid.

    Günter Baars; Ravensburger-1999; 2-4; 8+
    Players roll special dice to move, attempting to navigate a labyrinth, collect cards and discover the secret identities of three sphinxes.

    Tomb of the Mummies Patrick Stevens; Numbskull Games-(unknown year); 2-6; 30; 8+
    Players represent treasure hunters who follow the maze created by laying tiles. Employing their powers of deduction they locate relics that confer protection against mummies. Treasure must be carried out, of course, but slows the player down, enable capture by the mummies, which are controlled by other players. Treasure, relics, mummies and traps are hidden by the players.

    Totally Tut
    Learning Resources; 2-4; 6-9
    Using their arithmetic skills players can advance to the top of the pyramid.

    Treasure of the Pharaohs
    Palitoy-1974; 2-6
    Roll-and-move game set in a three-dimensional pyramid. The goal is to pass through all the hazards and reach the treasure hidden in the sarcophagus. Production in this game for children is rather attractive, even if play is not.

    Tut Tut
    British Museum Games-1996; 2-4; 8+
    Subtitled "The Game of Egyptian Hieroglyphs", this is actually four games in one. Tut is a quick identification and matching game. Dynasties is a word game. Ankhs is a trick-taking game. Duel is a trick-taking and word game for up to three.

    Tutan Loot'em
    unknown; Orchard Toys-2009; 2-4; 5+
    Card game of collecting ancient Egyptian artifacts. Be careful not to get "looted" by your opponent.

    unknown; Ideal-1983; 2
    Players act as treasure hunters explore Tut's tomb, which is represented as a square grid. Based on the video game of the same name.

    Tutankhamen's Revenge
    Stefanie Rohner & Christian Wolf; Jumbo-1990; 2-6; 8+
    This game of excavation begins with each player placing a card in the box without others being able to see its identity. Then they take turns trying to remove as many valuable cards as possible. Encountering a negative card costs points,, however, and forces you to give the next player a chance. You should have stopped earlier.

    Tutoom: Treasures of Pharaoh
    AllFair-1923; 2-4
    A roll-and-move game for children who play travelers riding horses.

    Valley of the Kings
    Tom Cleaver; Alderac Entertainmeng Group-2014; 2-4; 45
    Card game of ancient Egyptian nobles preparing their tombs, for which they collect food, canopic jars, statues, amulets and other treasures. Card purchase prices are based on their positions on a pyramid and decrease as lower cards are taken. Player must also transfer their cards from their decks to their tombs for them to count.

    Valley of the Pharaohs
    Steve Hart; Front Porch Classics
    -2006; 3-6
    Roll-and-move game set in 1926 has players trying to collect a legendary scepter. Obstacles include bandits, sand storms and obstacles laid by opponents. Rolling doubles gives control of the mummy.

    Voice of the Mummy
    Milton Bradley-1974; 2-4
    Roll-and-move game in which players gather gems in a pyramid. Notable for its battery-powered sarcophagus which contains a record player instructing players from time to time.

    Dee Pomerleau; Timbuk II-1996; 2-4
    Logical deduction game similar to Clue, but about the archaeological treasures of Egypt. Features a beautiful production, but really requires exactly four players and is difficult and long.

    Zerstreute Pharao, Der
    Günter Baars; Ravensburger-1997; 2-5
    "The Scatter-brained Pharaoh". A board is seeded with various treasures and covered by pyramids. Players must try to remember/guess where each is. Also known as Ramses II and Pyramido.

    Ancient Conquest
    R.J. Hlavnicka; Excalibre-1975; 4
    Wargame of the ancient world in which one player represents Egypt as well as several other nations. Hex-based with counters that contain combat and movement points. All of a player's nations are played together and can even combine in defense, thought not in attack. There is no economic mechanism, so no new pieces are received as a result of occupation, only scheduled reinforcements. times. Many of the point goals are for taking cities. There is no stacking except in cities. The only other way to score points is to destroy enemy combat factors. Later re-worked as Ancient Conquest II.

    Chariot Lords
    Charles Vasey; Clash of Arms-1999; 3-4
    Area-based wargame of the ancient world in which one player represents Egypt as well as several other nations. Order of nations within a turn is random. [more]

    Chariots of Fire
    Mark Herman & Richard Berg; GMT Games-2009; 1-4
    Wargame anthology recreating historical battles from the chariot era, some having Egyptian participation such as Megiddo.

    Francis Tresham; Hartland-Trefoil-1981; 2-7
    One of the players is Egypt is this game of man's earliest history. Later re-worked as Civilization and Advanced Civilization. [more]

    De Bellis Antiquitatis
    Phil Barker and Richard Bodley Scott; Wargames Research Group-1990; 2-6
    These war miniatures rules include specifications for ancient Egyptian armies.

    Het Huis Anubis: Het levenselixer (unknown); Jumbo-2009; 2-4
    Played on a 3D board, players collect ingredients for their elixirs by moving around the house and avoiding getting robbed.

    Het Huis Anubis: Uitbreiding (unknown); Jumbo-2010; 2-4
    Expansion for the above which adds extra rooms, characters and a blocking ghost.

    King of Kings
    William L. Banks; Good Industries-1990; 2-6
    One of the players is Egypt is the scenarios associated with the Roman wars. [more]

    if picture missing, probably out of print
    if picture missing, probably out of print
    Lost Cities
    Reiner Knizia; Kosmos/Rio Grande-1999; 2
    Card game in which players must play cards in ascending order. Not every card will arrive so players must decide when to play and give up future potentials. The cards played represent five different explorations, one of which bears a close resemblance to an Egyptian archaeological setting. Expanded by Lost Cities for Four which supports four players in partnership. [more] [Buy it at Amazon]

    Lost Cities: the board game
    Reiner Knizia; Rio Grande-2008; 2-4
    Board game version of the above, now permitting four players, each with distinct goals. [Buy it at Amazon]

    Mystery Party: Meurtre sur le Nil
    Guillaume Montiage; Cocktail Games-2012; 8
    Eight-player murder mystery party game set on a Nile cruise in April 1937, but having many ancient overtones. Probably inspired by the Agatha Christie novel.

    moses. Verlag GmbH-2013
    This German game is a Scrabble variant that adds abilities via three types of cards. Scoring is implemented using facsimile Egyptian coins.

    Playing Cards of Ancient Egypt
    The GameCrafter-2009
    Not really a new game, but Poker-sized playing cards with artwork based on that of Ancient Egypt.

    7 Wonders
    Antoine Bauza; Repos Production-2010/Asmodee-2010; 2-7; 30
    The Great Pyramid is one of the possible starting positions in this card passing game of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. [more] []

    Tower of Babel
    Reiner Knizia; Hans-im-Glück/Rio Grande-2005; 3-5
    Auction and placement game about the seven wonders of the world plus the famous aforementioned tower. Egypt has a place as the home of the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Lighthouse at Alexandria. [more]

    Vom Kap bis Kairo
    Günter Burkhardt for Adlung-2001; 2-4
    In this mostly auction game, players compete to build the first transcontinental railroad from the Cape of Good Hope across Africa to the Egyptian capital at Cairo. Egypt is very tangential here. [more]

    War Gods of Ægyptus
    Chris Fitzpatrick; Crocodile games-2002; 2
    Tabletop miniatures war game rules for a mythical kingdom which has clearly been closely modeled on ancient Egypt.

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