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Pirate Board Games
Complete list of Board and card games on the topic of pirates, organized by category.
Sun Dec 27 01:07:57 UTC 2015

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The medieval knight. The lonesome cowboy. The hard-boiled detective. The dread pirate. Are there any more admired archetypes of mythical lore than these nomadic powerhouses who ranged far and wide over dangerous landscapes, real or metaphorical. But of all those who have captured the imagination of the ages, has any better answered the darker and more iconoclastic side of our collective nature than the pirate? Leaving the comforts of home for a life on the endless sea, these buccaneers of the Caribbean were fearless, ferocious and if truth-be-told, little better than rapacious killers and thieves. They walked on the wrong side of the law, of decency, of society and in many cases, got away with it. They engender our sympathetic interest, if only because they dared the many perils of the sea in mere wooden sailing ships, as well as the wrath and might of Imperial navies. On the other hand, buried treasures, fun lingo and funky attire probably never hurt either!

For more on the timeless allure of the pirate, see this June 2017 article from the BBC.

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