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Pirate Science Fiction Games
December 10, 2010

Asteroid Pirates
Michael S. Matheny; Yaquinto-1981; 2-4
Hex and counter war game of tactical space combat. Each player portrays either a pirate or a convoy. Players get to design their own ships including both physical and energy weapons plus tractor beams.

Christophe Boelinger; Huch & Friends-2009/Sirius-2009 (as Pirates de l'Espace); 2-4;
Space pirates try to take enough prizes to buy a space station. By the inventor of
Dungeon Twister. Includes 4 space pirate ship figures.

Time Pirates
Alan Moon & Aaron Weissblum; Piatnik-2000
Players represent time agents going back into history to collect and then sell artifacts for big profits.
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