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Swords and Sorcery
PBEM Sequence of Play for the SPI board game
28 September 2005

Sequence of Play

  1. Using the dice roller, roll for random events for the current turn. Any not obvious effects are announced (i.e. force reductions due to Flooding or Earthquake)
  2. Any Alliances are announced. Unlike the game, where you write down on paper, I'm thinking using e-mail to initiate Alliances will work well.
  3. Player order is announced using the dice roll server. Players announce where any replacements or reinforcements, if any, are being placed.
  4. For each Player in turn:
    1. Send out all movement orders and any movement spell casting followed by Spell Segment magic casting.
    2. Non-phasing players would send indication of any CounterSpells they wish to cast to the Phasing player ONLY. (that would simulate recording Counterspells in secret. I'm not going to worry about someone casting Dispell Magicks in response to a Morale in response to a Fear yet.) Phasing player announces all Counterspells to all player. Spells resolved.
    3. Phasing player announces his attacks for the Combat phase, one attack at a time. Involved Players in Combat send any Magic Point expenditures to a third party (Say next person in current turn order from Attacking player who is not involved in the Combat.) Third party announces MP expenditure. Combat for that attack is resolved. Repeat until all combats are resolved. The part about expending Magic points can be skipped of course for any combats not involving spell casters.
  5. Random movement is carried out. Diplomacy is carried out.
  6. Sync up time. Mana is regenerated, suns moved, a recapitulation of current board position and character status, current Victory point status.