Lords of the Spanish Main - Quick Setup Rules

Wed Apr 25 16:08:02 MDT 2007

  1. Lay out the map and give each player a calendar.
  2. Shuffle all the character cards and deal out enough so that there is one fewer than the number of players. Then add the Marqués de Guadalcazar card to those dealt out. Shuffle these and deal one to each player. These cards are placed in the "1" section of their owners' calendars, except for that of the Marqués de Guadalcazar, who places his card in the "3" section.
  3. The player who received the Marqués de Guadalcazar card also takes the Casa de la Contratacíon mordida card and is called the treasure player.
  4. The 4 treasure location cards are given to the treasure player.
  5. The 6 pirate location cards are placed face down on the map where it reads "Pirate Deck". (No need to shuffle.)
  6. Each player takes the tents associated with his character and places the larger tent in the 16X0 space of the calendar.
  7. Each player receives 5 "silver" tokens which are placed in his coffers.
  8. The 99 cards having black spot icons in the lower right are shuffled and 10 are placed face down on each of the five decade slots above the map to form the decade decks. The remaining 49 cards will not be used, except ...
  9. If 6 or more are playing, extra cards are added to the decks as follows: 6-players: add 3 extra cards to each decade.
    7-players: add 5 extra cards to each decade.
    8-players: add 8 extra cards to each decade.

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