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Republic of Carthage
Charts and Tables Version 1.7 of February 15, 2006
Copyright (C) 1994-2006 Richard M. Heli

3. Sequence of Play

  1. Mortality Phase
  2. Revenue Phase
    1. Each Faction Leader collects 3T, each Senator 1T.
    2. Each Committee member may make dr for corruption.
    3. State Treasurer, Supervisor of Public Buildings and Harbor Master receive extra income.
    4. State receives 100T.
    5. State pays 2T per fleet or legion.
    6. State pays 20T per Active War, 25T per Lost War.
    7. State pays 1T per every 5 trade fleets/caravans.
    8. Provinces.
    9. Contributions are made.
    10. Funds are re-distributed.
  3. Trade Phase
    1. All players collect trade goods for traders and trade concessions.
    2. Players may trade goods among themselves.
    3. Beginning with the HRAO, players sell goods in player order.
    4. Players pay taxes on trade revenue according to the current tax rate.
    5. Overseer of the Agora receives extra income.
    6. Unsold goods are warehoused.
    7. Trade income is distributed.
  4. Forum Phase
    Beginning with the HRAO, each player has an initiative in turn:
    1. Make a DR: 7=Random Event, otherwise, draw a card.
    2. May make one Persuasion Attempt.
    3. May attempt to attract a Trader.
    4. May appoint new Faction Leader.
    5. After each player has had an initiative, make sole bids for remaining initiatives up to 6. After all initiatives are complete, roll for ageing leaders and returning Senators and Trade Concessions. Return all sold trade goods to the Trade Destination Mat. Tally votes in Carthage.
  5. Senate Phase
    1. Elect two Suffetes. Suffetes assign Home and Marine Suffete.
    2. Committee Members whose terms have expired leave office. Fill vacant Committee Memberships.
    3. Conduct Prosecutions.
    4. Fill vacant Governorships.
    5. Conduct all other business including:
      • Recruit/Disband Forces.
      • Prosecute Wars.
      • Fund Explorations.
      • Sue for peace.
      • Raise or lower Tax Rate.
      • Recall governors.
      • Assign Trade Concessions.
    6. Adjourn Senate.
  6. Exploration and Combat Phase.
    1. Resolve active explorations.
    2. Resolve active wars and revolts.
    3. Adjust unprosecuted wars.
    4. Apply results of Peace Treaties.
  7. Revolution Phase
    1. Non-Victorious Generals check the Public Reaction Table.
    2. Play, trade or discard excess Intrigue Cards.
    3. Entering Statesmen must be played now.
    4. Governors and Victorious Commanders return forces or revolt.


Roll 3 dice:
TDREarly RepublicLate Republic
3 Mob Violence Internal Disorder
4 Natural Disaster*Barbarian Raids***
5 Ally Deserts Mob Violence
6 Refuge Natural Disaster*
7 Rats Internal Disorder
8 Epidemic Ally Deserts
9 Pharusian RaidersPharusian Raiders
10Evil Omens Evil Omens
11Sicilian EpidemicEpidemic
12Manpower Shortage**Manpower Shortage**
13Allied EnthusiasmSicilian Epidemic
14New Alliance New Alliance
15Bandits Bandits
16Enemy Ally DesertsRats
17Enemy Leader DiesEnemy Leader Dies
18Storm at Sea Storm at Sea
* Instead of destroying a concession, make a dr for each warehouse. On a result of 1-2, it is destroyed.
** Cost to purchase new units is doubled on the first occurrence of the event, tripled on the second, etc.
*** Tunisia, Sicily and Sardinia are the only provinces which are safe from Barbarian raids.


Roll DR for each non-victorious commander. Ignore final results greater than 3 if commander has not yet returned to Carthage.

Modify the roll as follows:

Roll 2 dice:
  1. Executed.
  2. Executed.
  3. Executed.
  4. Commits suicide.
  5. Executed in Carthage.
  6. Pay fine and lose popularity equal to DR.*
  7. Pay fine and lose popularity equal to DR.*
  8. Pay fine and lose popularity equal to dr.*
  9. Pay fine and lose popularity equal to dr.*
  10. Held blameless.
  11. Held blameless.
  12. Receives commendation. Receive dr talents from Bank.
Results lower than 1 are treated as 1; greater than 12 are treated as 12.

*Senator pays fine fine from personal treasury. If funds are insufficient, payment comes from the faction treasury. If the full amount is still unpaid, Senator loses Influence and Popularity equal to the amount of the shortfall.


CostType NumberWhen Available to Force Pool
10TCarthaginian 2 Start of game
10TBalearic Slingers 2 Start of game
8TCeltiberians 4 Start of game
9TCampanian Swordsmen 3 Start of game
9TFleet 25 Start of game
1TExploration Fleet --- Start of game
1TCaravan --- Start of game
9TLibyan Light Infantry4 Libya province exists
8TNumidian Cavalry 4 Numidia province exists
12TElephant2 both when any one of Libya, Numidia or Morocco provinces exist
9TSikels 2 for Sicilian, Roman Wars only
5TGallic Swordsmen 5 for 2nd, 3rd Roman Wars only



Roll 1 die:


Modifiers: Roll 3 dice:
  1. Raiders Attack. Lose all fleets/caravans.
  2. Raiders Attack. Lose all fleets/caravans.
  3. Raiders Attack. Lose all fleets/caravans.
  4. Raiders Attack. Lose TDR fleets/caravans.
  5. Raiders Attack. Lose DR + 2 fleets/caravans.
  6. Raiders Attack. Lose DR + 1 fleets/caravans.
  7. Raiders Attack. Lose DR fleets/caravans.
  8. Raiders Attack. Lose dr + 2 fleets/caravans.
  9. Raiders Attack. Lose dr + 1 fleets/caravans.
  10. Raiders Attack. Lose dr fleets/caravans.
  11. Lost. Lose dr + 2 fleets/caravans.
  12. Lost. Lose dr + 1 fleets/caravans.
  13. Lost. Lose dr fleets/caravans.
  14. Success. Lose DR fleets/caravans.
  15. Success. Lose dr + 2 fleets/caravans.
  16. Success. Lose dr + 1 fleets/caravans.
  17. Success. Lose dr fleets/caravans.
  18. Success. No losses.
Results lower than 1 are treated as 1; greater than 18 is treated as 18.

Draw a Mortality Chit vs. the Explorer for every 5 losses or fraction thereof.

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Rick Heli