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Chart for the Avalon Hill board game

Summary of Musters in the Game
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MusterLawChaosNeutralSpecialTotalIn the Books
Argimiliar11103Largest and most important kingdom in the southern continent. Its king, Hozel, refused to make common cause with the eastern continent against Jagreen Lern and the forces of Chaos, thus hastening their demise.
Chaos Shield00112Valuable artifact of Chaos made to defend against the power of Chaos. Distinguishable by the emblem of Chaos on its boss, arrows in 8 directions. It was stolen from the former god, Mordaga, by Elric in Stormbringer.
Clackars01304Flying apemen. Ancestors of the Winged Men.
Cymoril10102Elric's love and sister to Yyrkoon. Killed by Stormbringer.
Dharijor02002Kingdom in the western continent allied to Pan Tang.
Dhoz-Kam12104Where Elric fought Yyrkoon.
Dyvim Slorm01102Dragon master, Elric's cousin and wielder of Mournblade. After the fall of Imrryr he became leader of a mercenary band of Imrryrians. He died in the last struggle against Chaos.
Dyvim Tvar11002Lord of the Dragon Caves. He is the father of Dyvim Slorm and the high commander of the armed forces of Melniboné.
Eshmir02204Home country of Moonglum, located east of the Weeping Waste.
Filkhar30205A peaceful nation of the young kingdoms.
Flamebringers11215Eastern warlord who captured Drinij Bara.
Free Fleet11103???
Ilmiora20103Kingdom in the eastern continent.
Jharkor03205Kingdom in the western continent ruled by Queen Yishana, sometime lover of Elric.
Jhary-a-conel00011An aspect of th Eternal Companion. It was to rescue him that the Champions formed the Three-Who-Are-One in The Vanishing Tower.
Kelmain Host11215Chaos creatures encountered by Corum.
Lamsar11103Not mentioned in the main Elric novels, but appears on page 39 of Quest for Tanelorn. Seems to be a character reminiscent of Orland Fank.
Lormyr20103A nation of the Young Kindoms. Once a powerful nation, Lormyr's champion, Aubec of Malador, led an unsuccesful revolt against Melniboné hundreds of years before Elric's time. Lormyr became a decadent nation, a shadow of its former self.
Moonglum00112An aspect of the Eternal Companion and one of Elric's truest friends. The last man on earth save Elric himself.
Mournblade00011The twin of Elric's Stormbringer sword. Obtained by Yyrkoon on another plane.
Myrrhyn00033Winged men who fought on behalf of Jharkor against Pan Tang.
Myshella11103Long time servant of Law and sometime consort of Elric.
Nadsokor03104A city near Vilmir. It is a ruined city that has been taken over by beggars. (The city of beggars)
Org22105A small forest country between Vilmir and Ilmiora. It is the location of the mystic Forest of Troos, a location known for its rare herbs.
Pan Tang03003Sorcerous island kingdom that rose up in service to Chaos to rival Melniboné. Its capital was at Hwamgaarl.
Pikarayd03104One of the Young Kingdoms.
Purple Towns20204An island nation known for its trade ports and it's unique buildings made of purple bricks.
Pyaray (Chaos Ship)01001Chaos in the form of Pyaray ruled the deep sea. Human sailors who drowned at sea were in some way reincarnated and added to this fleet. During the events of Stormbringer, the Cosmic Balance had tilted so far toward Chaos that the Fleet, which sailed not physically on water, but supernaturally, was able to appear on the surface of earth and sea. The force was allied with Jagreen Lern. Like other forces of Chaos, the fleet was apparently able to warp humans into twisted and ever changing shapes.
Rackhir01102Formerly a monk from Phum, Rackhir, known as the Red Archer, may have been an aspect of the Eternal Champion, at least on some worlds. He carried the arrows of Justice and was a defender of Tanelorn. He was killed by Stormbringer in the assault on Mordaga's Lair.
Saxif D'aan01001Once a mighty sorcerer of Melnibone, believed deceased. In reality he had exiled himself to another dimension via the Crimson Gate and survived until slain by Carolak in Sailor on the Seas of Fate.
Shazaar10102West continent kingdom famous for the Shazaarian steeds.
Silent Guard00022???
Theleb K'aarna11002Sorceror from Pan Tang bent on vengeance against Elric over Queen Yishana.
Vilmir20002Eastern continent kingdom known for its powerful fleet.
White Mage11013???
Yyrkoon01001Cousin of Elric and brother to Cymoril.

Summary of Spells in the Game

SpellPowerIn the books
Arkyn3The Lord of Law in the Corum books.
Arrows of Law4Used by Rackhir the Red Archer vs. Arioch (disguised as a demon on Urish's throne in The Vanishing Tower), also in Stormbringer vs. the warriors in Mordaga's Lair.
Aubec3A human hero from the past and once an Eternal Champion. A consort of Myshella. Early in his career, Elric carried Aubec's five-foot broadsword until it disappeared in the Pulsing Cavern. Also known as Earl Aubec of Malador.
Bronze Banners + Quartz Arrows4Obtained by Elric at the Vanishing Tower after the battle against Volodion Ghasnadiak. Used vs. Beastmen of Pio who had been summoned by Theleb K'aarna in Troos (in The Vanishing Tower
Charm of Justice2???
Chimera2Possibly same as the Oonai?
Donblas4Lord of Law who appeared to Elric at Nadsokor. Fought vs. Checkalakh, the Burning God. Fights Chardros, Lord of Chaos, in final chapter of Stormbringer. Also known as the Justic Maker and as the White Lord.
Goldar3Something to do with Purple Towns?
Jeweled Bird4Obtained from Myshella. Used by Elric three times: to cross the Boiling Sea, vs. Riders of Pio and against the demon at palace of Ashaneloon (The Vanishing Tower)
Noose of Flesh(3)Used by Myshella to slay the Kelmain Host (Vanishing Tower)
Runestaff5Used by Jhary-a-conel to prevent the Vanishing Tower from skipping from plane to plane. Important item in the Hawkmoon and Castle Brass series. In the latter it is revealed that the Runestaff is an aspect of Justice made to serve the Balance whereas the Black Sword (Stormbringer and Mournblade being but two instances) and the Black Jewel are aspects of Fear, made to serve Chaos. Eventually the Black Jewel, Black Sword, Cosmic Balance and Runestaff were all destroyed together in Tanelorn at the Conjunction of the Million Spheres through the efforts of Hawkmoon and Erekosë.
Shazaarian Steeds2The people of the country of Shazaar where famous for their horses. They grudingly lent two of them to Elric and Dyvim Slorm in Stormbringer. The Shazaarian Steeds were however inferior to the supernatural horses of Nihrain.
Sleep2Used by Yyrkoon on Cymoril and Theleb K'aarna. A sleeping spell also seems to have been used vs. Elric and the people of Karlaak in Stormbringer.
Arioch5Important Lord of Chaos and patron of Melniboné. Helped Elric and fought against him.
Balan3With Arioch and Mulak, one of the three primary Dukes of Hell in Elric's world. Fought with Arioch vs. Elric and Vulture Lions at Hwamgaarl (Pan Tang) in Stormbringer. Also summoned by Jagreen Lern.
Balo the Jester3Errant minion of Chaos, eaten by Arioch after Elric summons Arioch against him. He had the Singing Citadel.
Beetles of Kaleef 2???
Bellbane3Proper name of the Mist Giant in Weird of the White Wolf
Black Serpents of Dorel2???
Chaos Butterfly2Used by Theleb K'aarna to try to destroy Elric.
Chardros4Invoked by Duke Avan, one of the six greatest remaining Lords of Chaos, fights Lord Donblas in final chapter of Stormbringer. Also known as Chardros the Reaper. He was recognized by his large head and the scythe he carried.
Checkalakh4The Burning God who fought Elric, who with the help of Donblas, Lord of Law, defeated him at Nadsokor.
Darnizhaan3The greatest of the Dead Gods, tries to bargain with Elric for the Runeswords in Stormbringer: "Dead God's Homecoming". Elric and Dyvim Slorm "killed" him when Zarozina was kidnapped.
Dead God's Book0Reputedly a book of powerful spells and knowledge, it turned to dust when Elric touched it.
Dharzi2Long dead Sorcerers who appear in Weird of the White Wolf, and employ Hunting Dogs against Elric and Moonglum when the two first meet.
Eequor2A Lord of Chaos to whom Sorana was pledged.
Mabelrode3One of the six greatest Lord of Chaos by the time of the events of Stormbringer. Also known as Mabelrode the Faceless because his face was always in shadow no matter how one looked at it. In the Corum books, known as the King of Swords.
Oonai1Shapechanging creatures of chaos (pigs), sent by Myshella to acquire Elric and Moonglum (The Vanishing Tower)
Slortar the Old1Reputed eldest of the gods, one of the six greatest remaining Lords of Chaos. Fights Lord Donblas in final chapter of Stormbringer.
Vulture Lions2Ancient allies of Melniboné. After disappearing from the world for a long time, they were summoned back by Jagreen Lern for whom they fought until banished by Elric and then subsequently recalled to fight with Elric vs. Arioch and Balan at Hwamgaarl (Pan Tang) in Stormbringer.
Xiombarg4Lord of Chaos who appears as a slender, dark-haired woman carrying a battle-axe giving off a night-blue radiance. Elric employed Stormbringer and the Chaos Shield to banish Xiombarg from his world. In the Corum books, known as the Queen of Swords.
Boatmen of Xerlerenes(2)Summoned by the Grey Lords to successfully save Tanelorn.
Dispel Magic(3)???
Dispel Magic(3)???
Elenoin3Creatures from Chaos who have the shape of women, summoned by Theleb K'aarna and Urish to fight the warriors of Tanelorn (The Vanishing Tower)
Fileet2Goddess of Birds, sends aid to Elric vs. the Oonai in The Vanishing Tower
Gaaoll3Lord of the Wind Giants used vs. Kakatal (when Theleb K'aarna got his).
Grahluk3Used by Elric to defeat the Elenoin.
Grome3Lord of the Earth who opposed Elric's use of his Ship. Grome is said to be an Earth Elemental. The brother of King Straasha.
Haaashhaastaak3Lord of Lizards. Summoned by Elric with the aid of Yishana, devours Theleb K'aarna's Chaos Butterfly
h'Haarshanns(3)Creature of the Whirlwind???
Kakatal3Lord of Fire Elementals; fights Misha at the palace of Nikorn in Bakshaan in Bane of the Blacksword.
Meerclar2Lord of the Felines; summoned by Elric in Bane of the Blacksword to help drinij Bara recover his soul, which is imprisoned in the body of a cat.
Mirror of Memory(4)An enormous mirror artifact used by Yyrkoon vs. Elric's forces at Dhoz-Kam.
Misha3Lord of the Wind; used by Elric vs. ???
Nihrain Horses(2)A gift from Sepiriz, Elric used them to travel on several missions assigned him by Sepiriz, including one to Mordaga's Lair in his quest for the Chaos Shield in Stormbringer. The horses did not actually touch ground, but traveled through time and space supernaturally. They were able to thus traverse land and sea.
Nuuurrr'c'c2Lord of the Insects; Elric summons his aid to fight the Olab on his journey to R'lin K'ren A'a in Sailor on the Seas of Fate.
Roofdrak3Lord of the Dogs; not actually part of Moorcock's multiverse at all, but invented for TSR's Monster Manual for the game Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
Sepiriz and the Ten4Members of an ancient, immortal race who at Elric's time have slept in a volcano for 10,000 years. They awakened for the crucial end of the world events in Stormbringer to give Elric aid and advice. They claim to be servants of Fate without ever explaining this very clearly. Perhaps they are in reality servant of the Balance? They always appear in the colors black and gold which is reminiscent of the Warrior in Jet and Gold who appears in other series. It is not clear whether there is any relationship.
Ship of Land and Sea(3)Used by Elric to find and defeat Yyrkoon in Dhoz-Kam. Obtained from Straasha.
Silver Grimoire1One of the books in the library of Melniboné in which Elric read of King Straasha.
Straasha3Elemental Lord of the Sea and like all elementals, ancient ally of Melniboné; saved Elric's life when drowning. Elric sought his aid against the Pyaray and the Chaos Fleet in Stormbringer, but Chaos was too strong and Straasha was limited to saving the lives of Elric and his party when they were forced to abandon their flagship.
Elric NightmareStormbringer kills one of Elric's friends.
Elric NightmareStormbringer kills one of Elric's friends.
Elric NightmareStormbringer kills one of Elric's friends.
Four-Who-Are-OneElric, Corum, Erekose and Hawkmoon in the fight vs. Agak & Gagak.
Shade GatePortal created by Yyrkoon that allowed him to escape by teleportation out of Oin and into the realm which contained the runeswords.
Tower of Volodion GhasnadiakTower which for the protection of its residents was caused by the Lords of Law to teleport from plane to plane, staying in any one place anywhere from a few seconds to several hours. It was eventually inhabited by Volodion Ghasnadiak, apparently a sorcerer, who took to snaring visitors in the tower and killing them. When he kidnapped Jhary-a-Conel, companion to Corum, he made himself an enemy of the Three-Who-Are-One
InvulnerabilityA spell obtained in the Forest of Troos and used by Elric to render himself invulnerable to normal weapons.
DragonsTraditional, long-time allies of Melniboné. Used by Elric vs. Southern Raiders & vs. Theleb K'aarna.
Horn of FateAlso called Olifant or the Horn of Roland, a possible future incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Since it could only be created in a world dominated by Law, it is possible that the Horn was somehow related to the Runestaff. Stolen from its crypt by Elric who blew it three times, once to awaken the Dragons, once to summon the Lords of Law to the material plain and once to end his world.
Chaos ShieldUsed by Elric vs. Jagreen Lern et al. An item of immense power which can block any frontal assault from an agent of Chaos, acquired by Elric in Stormbringer at Mordaga's Lair.
Chaos FleetChaos in the form of Pyaray ruled the deep sea. Human sailors who drowned at sea were in some way reincarnated and added to this fleet. During the events of Stormbringer, the Cosmic Balance had tilted so far toward Chaos that the Fleet, which sailed not physically on water, but supernaturally, was able to appear on the surface of earth and sea. The force was allied with Jagreen Lern. Like other forces of Chaos, the fleet was apparently able to warp humans into twisted and ever changing shapes.
Free Fleet???
MournbladeThe twin of Elric's Stormbringer sword. Obtained by Yyrkoon on another plane.

If you are interested in more background information on the Elric "multiverse", see also The Eternal Champion Concordance website.

If you have yet to read the Elric adventure novels by British fantasy writer Michael Moorcock, they are
Elric of Melnibone The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
The Weird of the White Wolf
The Vanishing Tower Song of the Black Sword
Stormbringer Elric at the End of Time
The Revenge of the Rose The Dragon in the Sword The Fortress of the Pearl
The Stealer of Souls

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