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Variant scenario for the Avalon Hill board game

3 Player Game

Player 1: Grey Lords - Flamebringers, Kelmain Host, The Olab, People of Pio
Player 2: Lords of Law - Vilmir
Player 3: Lords of Chaos - Jharkor

Chaos player may only use or hold Chaos spells. Law player may only use or hold Law spells. Spells held by non-magicians to be used as musters do not count. Elric may still use any type of spell, regardless of who controls him.

Players may only muster nations of their own alignment except for the Grey Lords player.

The Grey Lords player begins with the following spells (held as musters):

Sepriz and the Ten
Escape (White Mage)
Ship of Land and Sea

Victory Conditions C & D take precedence over A. If none of C, D, or A occur, the Grey Lords player wins (E is voided).

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