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Errata for the Avalon Hill board game
Tue Oct 7 11:36:29 PDT 2003

2.26: Melnibone counters are Red on White, not Red on Black (table is correct, example is not.)

8.222: The word "effects" should be "affects."

10: Nations/Personalities/Hordes/Artifacts that can be mustered are not printed in italics.

14.1: Description of "Bronze Banners + Quartz Arrows" should say "Tanelorn" rather than "Tanelor."

Spell Counters:

"Balo the Jester" appears on the Arioch counter. The appropriate "Balo the Jester" counter is blank where the name should be.

"Mabelrode" spell counter lacks a Magical Effect number. (see chart)

Questions Needing Answers
2.1: Is the province furthest east in Dorel directly connected to the most southerly province in Pikarayd?

2.26: What is the significance of the alignment listing for each nation?

3.5: Are Magnum Colim and the Battle Barge placed on Melnibone at the start of the game?

4.91: If a player satisfies condition A does he win immmediately or must he hold Imryrr at the end of the game? What if he satisfies condition B?

8.1: Do magicians from a player's starting country begin with spells? How many? Assuming they do, can they draw new ones to replace spells discarded (at the start of the game) due to conflicting alignment?

8.35: Does Elric count when checking magicians in the stack who have conflicting alignments?

9.83: When a personality makes a Heroic Escape when defending in a walled city, does he remain in the city?

9.93: When a neutral nation is attacked, who decides which of its units are placed on the map? Who decides which units take losses? Who makes this decision when Imryrr is attacked? Do the city defense strengths printed on the board include the 5 or 3 point for a walled capital or city? What if the forces of a nation total less than the printed number?

10.1: When a player musters a neutral nation, must he be in control of the capital, i.e. have attacked and defeated the neutral nation's forces?

10.31: When Mordaga's Castle is found, do the Flame Bringers receive the spell that is initially placed in that area?

10.32: When Kaneloon is found, do the Kelmain Host receive the spell that is initially placed in that area?

13.1: How many game turns does the Solitaire Game last? The scenario says that the combat strength of Dragons is doubled in this scenario, but this makes no sense as the Dragons are Army/Fleet Eaters and have no strength. In fact the entire scenario is unplayable as the Dragons are not a combat force in the game, only a spell.

Spell Counters: If a magician begins the game with Quaolnargn, does it attack him?

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