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Quick Rules Summary for the Avalon Hill board game
  1. Replacement Phase:
    • Replace 1 army or 1 fleet.
    • Must return in capital.
  2. Movement Phase:
    • Armies and personalities have 4 MP.
    • Armies must be stacked with leader to move.
    • If no leader, may move 1, but not outside country.
    • Units may be dropped off (ending movement unless leader).
    • Magicians may move at sea at 2 MP per area.
    • Land units must subtract MP already moved when at sea.
    • Costs 1 MP to board at port, 4 MP at any other coast.
    • Each fleet requires a personality to move.
    • Without a personality, fleet moves home.
    • Flying: Myrrhyn, Clackars - move 4, end on land or on fleet.
    • Magic Flight: lasts floor of 3 turns or 2 flights; to to any province.
    • Boiling Sea: must make heroic escape rolls (also Serpent's Teeth)
    • Mountains impassable
    • Flying units are subject to both Boiling Sea and Mountains.
    • Straits of Chaos, Wilderness: Undergo Random Attack
    • Until Imrryr falls, only Elric personalities can invade, then Melniboneans
    • Draw spell for Random Attack - Chaos always attacks. Law Attacks if group holds Chaos spells. Neutral, Special, Other have no effect. Eaters eat everything (heroes may make escape rolls). "Play Immed." take effect.
  3. Search Phase:
    • One per turn per province.
    • 5-6 needed first time, 4-6 thereafter.
  4. Magic Phase:
    • Spells are transferable.
    • Only 3 spells/player/battle and caster may not use own Strength (ST).
    • 1 magician/spell
    • Non-magicians may hold 1 spell each for mustering purposes.
    • ST in parens affects Balance only.
    • If "!", may draw a new spell, but must then use it.
    • If spell drawn has conflicting alignment (compare to spells held), it attacks (adds to opponent). Elric may draw with impunity.
    • Spells held by non-magicians do not matter for conflicting alignment purposes.
    • Magicians may not begin with "Play Immed." spells.
    • Magicians may only hold spells of 1 alignment.
    • All magicians of a stack must be of 1 alignment. When discarding spell(s) for alignment reasons, no replacements are drawn.
    • Casting spells affects alignment.
    • The Balance number augments the value of combat spells.
  5. Combat Phase:
    • Combat mandatory except in wilderness (leader required to attack)
    • Can withhold on either side.
    • Total ST on each side, apply eaters, apply other spells, each side rolls a die and adds to total, subtract.
    • Loser must retreat to 1 province not a mountain, sea or enemy-controlled.
    • Retreat to wilderness causes a random attack.
    • Personalities may try Heroic Escape, roll <= ST. Personalities with ST in parenthesis may not try Heroic Escape. Instead they escape if the strongest not parenthesized ST personality (not counting Elric) does not die.
    • Magicians may roll <= spells that they now cast.
    • Re-appear in nearest undisputed or friendly province.
    • Conquered cities must be garrisoned (may create replacements). Ungarrisoned cities revert to previous owner.
    • Overrun: leave at least 2x enemy force, rest may move on.
    • Need not retreat out of walled city.
    • In Ports, fleets may be added to armies.
    • Must initiate combat when you enter enemy-occupied province.
    • When attacking a neutral city or capital, the city musters to defend itself with the defense value printed on the board.
    • Capitals: 5 extra ST, control country, conquest of it allows muster and spell.
    • If neutral country, only gives the spell.
    • Only countries with a capital show by a star are capture-able.
    • Walled cities have 3 extra ST.
    • When attacking city, half rounded up of the defenders are lost if city total not exceeded.
    • Besieging armies always cause the defender to lose one half of his forces (rounded up) unless losses equal or exceed defending force + walls in which case the city falls.
    • Leaders may not perform Heroic Escape and retreat into a walled city. If the escape is successful, the leader is moved to another province.
    • For victory purposes, count all captured enemy capitals, not just the original owned capitals.
    • If a player is besieging Imrryr and loses Elric, he is allowed to continue until it falls or he is forced to retreat.
  6. Muster Phase:
    • Only one muster per turn per player.
    • Must have personality in nation to be mustered and personality must hold the muster chit.
    • May muster another player's country if in control of capital and hold the muster chit.
    • Mustered personalities appear where caster is.
    • Artifacts must be owned by the mustering personality. If the owner dies, the artifact is removed from the board.
    • Independent hordes must be mustered in specific locations: Flame Bringers: Weeping Wastes (must first find Mordaga's Castle)
      Kelmain Host: Wilderness of south (must first find Kaneloon)
      Olab: R'lin K'ren A'a
      Pio: anywhere
    • Hordes may not be mustered away.
    • If Theleb K'aarna has been mustered separately, will switch to Pan Tang when it is mustered.
    • Battle Barge only by Melniboean adjacent to Melnibone, appears with Colim.
    • May not muster things already on the board (so if mustering another's country one only receives the dead units?).
    • When player musters nation he already controls, each city regains an army and each port a fleet plus the lowest available leader in the capital.
    • Units that lose all personalities go neutral, units are removed except for besieged cities.

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