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Pre-Gunpowder Maharaja

Mon Sep 24 16:26:20 PDT 2001

Questions for Players:

  1. How strenuously should the Aryans-2 attack the Harappans on Turn 1?
  2. Can Blue earn enough points to have a chance to win?
  3. Does Yellow have enough to do throughout the game? How long do the Scythians and Malwa last?
  4. Can you send me your turn-by-turn VP totals?
  5. What regions do the Muslims hold at the start of turn 24?


Recent Changes to These Pages

August 22, 1998
Change the turn order slightly, reversing the two Gupta successor kingdoms.
Modify slightly the Mauryan kingdom breakup rules.
Insert the full kingdom breakup rules into the appropriate player cards.
September 23, 1998
Delete incorrect 4 Muslims on turn 14.
Explain the change in turn length.
September 29, 1998
Note rules which are now invalid.
Modify Rajput and Chola submission rules.
Modify Sinhalese submission rules.
Add Delhi to turn 22 Mughal objectives.
Modify VPs for Kushans.
Re-name "Guptas of Malwa" to "Malwa".
Clarify the Overpopulation rule.
October 3, 1998
Start Kanishka a turn earlier.
Add Tibetans.
October 7, 1998
Add to Mauryan Victory Conditions.
Modify Ephthalite Victory Conditions.
Add Persian reinforcements to turns 9 (Parthians) and 12 (Sassanians).
Modify Kushan Victory Conditions.
October 12, 1998
Modify VPs for colonial powers.
October 30, 1998
More points to Aryans for Ganges areas.
Lower Purple point awards.
Bolster Blue point awards.
Re-allocate colors of Mauryan successors.
Assign Ephthalites to Blue.
Mughals to move after the Muslims.
Distribute last 6 turns over 8 turns.
Add 2 Muslims on first appearance.
Remove Muslim growth limit.
Disallow Aryan submission at 3 areas.
Add Ashoms.
October 31, 1998
Eliminate Sinhalese & Pandya submission.
Revise Malwa VP awards.
Add that Aryans and Mauryans submit to Guptas.
Change countermix for Ahoms and Malwa.
(Game Turn Track & Order of Play Chart)
Modify Mauryan breakup slightly.
Make proviso for overstacking on Ganges income.
November 1, 1998
Revise Muslim VP awards.
(Blue Player Cards)
November 3, 1998
Modify Ganges Income rule.
(Main Page)
Give Sinhalese a second chance.
(Turn Record Chart)
February 4, 1999
Improve the image quality.
January 23, 2001
Add pictures with which you can print your own counters. Thanks to Timo Sillgren!
March 4, 2001
Improv counters! Thanks again Timo!
(Aryans) (Bactrians and Scythians) (Mauryans)
September 24, 2001
Add a Sample Scores page.
Fix some areas where the cards were out of sync with the Turn Record Chart.
Add Ahoms to VP track.
(Sample Scores) (Yellow Player Cards) (Purple Player Cards) (Green Player Cards) (Victory Points Chart)