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Holy Roman Empire
List of Regions by religion

RC/CV (5)Swiss Cantons may rent Swiss EI. 1 crown/unit/turn, max 4 on board
RC (10)Poland +HRE+Brandenburg-Sweden see notes
RC "8"Bavaria Hereditary=Bavaria
RC 5Venice -Spain-HRE+opponents of HRE or Spain
RC 5Netherlands Control=Spain
RC 4Savoy -HRE-Spain
RC 4Luxembourg Control=Spain
RC "3"Austria Hereditary=Aus
RC 2Munster
RC 2Milan Control=Spain
RC 2Lusatia Control=HRE +Bohemia
RC 2Hungary Control=HRE controlled by Transylvania if not garrisoned
RC 2Hesse-Darmstadt +HRE
RC 1Wurzburg
RC 1Val Telline +Catholic see notes
RC 1Tyrol Hereditary=Aus
RC 1Trier Influence=Aus ELECTOR
RC 1Styria Hereditary=Aus
RC 1Strassburg
RC 1Salzburg
RC 1Osnabruck
RC 1Metz
RC 1Mainz Influence=Aus ELECTOR
RC 1Lorraine
RC 1Franche-Comte Control=Spain
RC 1Cologne Influence=Aus ELECTOR
RC 1Carniola Hereditary=Aus
RC 1Carinthia Hereditary=Aus
RC 1Bamberg
RC 1Augsburg
RC 1Alsace Control=Spain
LU/RC 2Moravia Control=HRE +Bohemia
LU 8Denmark Influence=Palatine -HRE-Spain-Sweden+Protestant+France
LU 6Saxony Group consisting of:
LU 4Saxony Hereditary=Saxony ELECTOR
LU 2Saxon Duchy Control=Saxony
LU 4Hanseatic League +Sweden+Denmark =Lubeck, Bremen Straslund, Groppingen
LU 2Wurtemburg
LU 2Upper Palatine Hereditary=Palatine
LU 2Silesia Control=HRE +Bohemia
LU 2Magdeburg
LU 2Halberstadt -Catholic+Protestant Spain must garrison, no Catholic control
LU 2Brunswick-Wolfenberg
LU 2Brunswick-Luneberg
LU 2Baden-Durlach
LU 1Oldenburg
LU 1Nurnberg HRE Imperial City see notes
LU 1Bayreuth
LU 1Anspach
LU/CV 2Transylvania -HRE-Spain free lt. cav./turn, max 4, if -HRE-Spain
CV (12)United Provinces -HRE-Spain+Palatine see notes
CV "8"Bohemia -HRE-Spain Control=Palatine see notes
CV 7Brandenburg Group consisting of:
CV 3Brandenburg Hereditary=Brandenburg ELECTOR
CV 1Prussia Control=Brandenburg
CV 1Mark Control=Brandenburg
CV 1Berg Control=Brandenburg
LU 1Pomerania +Brandenburg Influence=Brandenburg
CV 2Lower Palatine Hereditary=Palatine ELECTOR
CV 2Hesse-Cassel +Sweden-Catholic
CV 1Nassau
CV 1Mecklenburg +Denmark
CV 1Cleves
CV 1Bremen
CV 1Anhalt
M (10)Porte +France+Protestant-HRE-Spain see notes

Mansfeld +Palatine
Saxe-Weimar +France
Wallenstein +HRE

RC 20+ France Reserve=France
LU 12+ Sweden Reserve=Swedish
RC 10+ Spain Reserve=Spain

Bohemia May not be bribed away from Palatine unless Palatine rule interrupted.
Val Telline Only controlling player may move through. Others (include Conquer/Influence) must stop when entering.
Nurnberg Free sanctuary. Any attacker pays double to influence German states until end of game.
Poland Aid=1/2 number on die (drop fractions). If roll "6" receive one free gendarme at Warsaw.
Porte Aid=Number on die. If die=6, no Polish aid; Spain and HRE can each -5 income that turn
United Provinces4 EI, 1C, 1L. Losses freely replaced in U. Provinces. Controller may move army only into SP. Netherlands and Provinces adjacent to United Provinces

Income Key
"5" Income halved unless controlled by original owner
5+ Card cannot be bid on, conquered or transferred, no VP awarded
(5) No income (unless aid specified), no VP awarded

RC: Catholic
LU: Lutheran
CV: Calvinist
M: Moslem
Mixed: Reponds to either religion shown

Alignment Key

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