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Holy Roman Empire
Set-up Summary

RC/CV (5) Swiss Cantons may rent Swiss EI. 1 crown/unit/turn, max 4 on board
RC 5 Venice -Spain-HRE+opponents of HRE or Spain
RC 4 Savoy -HRE-Spain
RC 2 Munster
RC 2 Hesse-Darmstadt +HRE
RC 1 Wurzburg
RC 1 Strassburg
RC 1 Salzburg
RC 1 Osnabruck
RC 1 Metz
RC 1 Lorraine
RC 1 Val Telline +Catholic see notes
RC 1 Bamberg
RC 1 Augsburg
M (10) Porte +France+Protestant-HRE-Spain see notes
LU/CV 2 Transylvania -HRE-Spain free lt. cav./turn, max 4, if -HRE-Spain
LU 6 Saxony Group consisting of:

LU 4 Saxony Hereditary=Saxony ELECTOR
LU 2 Saxon Duchy Control=Saxony
LU 4 Saxony Hereditary=Saxony ELECTOR
LU 2 Wurtemburg
LU 2 Magdeburg
LU 2 Brunswick-Luneberg
LU 2 Baden-Durlach
LU 1 Oldenburg
LU 1 Bayreuth
LU 1 Anspach
CV 7 Brandenburg Group consisting of: CV 3 Brandenburg Hereditary=Brandenburg ELECTOR
CV 1 Prussia Control=Brandenburg
CV 1 Mark Control=Brandenburg
CV 1 Berg Control=Brandenburg
LU 1 Pomerania +Brandenburg Influence=Brandenburg
CV 2 Hesse-Cassel +Sweden-Catholic
CV 1 Nassau
CV 1 Mecklenburg +Denmark
CV 1 Cleves
CV 1 Bremen

Mansfeld +Palatine
Saxe-Weimar +France
Wallenstein +HRE

RC 20+ France Reserve=France

RC 10+ Spain Reserve=Spain
RC 5 Netherlands Control=Spain
RC 4 Luxembourg Control=Spain
RC 2 Milan Control=Spain
RC 1 Alsace Control=Spain
RC 1 Franche-Comte Control=Spain

RC "8" Bavaria Hereditary=Bavaria

LU 12+ Sweden Reserve=Swedish

LU 4 Hanseatic League +Sweden+Denmark =Lubeck, Bremen Straslund, Hamburg

CV "8" Bohemia -HRE-Spain Control=Palatine see notes
CV 2 Lower Palatine Hereditary=Palatine ELECTOR
LU 2 Upper Palatine Hereditary=Palatine
LU 2 Brunswick-Wolfenberg
LU 2 Halberstadt -Catholic+Protestant Spain must garrison, no Catholic control
CV 1 Anhalt

LU 8 Denmark Influence=Palatine -HRE-Spain-Sweden+Protestant+France
CV (12) United Provinces -HRE-Spain+Palatine see notes

RC "3" Austria Hereditary=Aus
RC 2 Hungary Control=HRE controlled by Transylvania if not garrisoned
RC 2 Lusatia Control=HRE +Bohemia
LU 2 Silesia Control=HRE +Bohemia
LU/RC 2 Moravia Control=HRE +Bohemia
RC 1 Styria Hereditary=Aus
RC 1 Carinthia Hereditary=Aus
RC 1 Carniola Hereditary=Aus
RC 1 Tyrol Hereditary=Aus
LU 1 Nurnberg HRE Imperial City see notes
RC (10) Poland +HRE+Brandenburg-Sweden see notes
-- 1 Holy Roman Emperor

RC 1 Trier Influence=Aus ELECTOR
RC 1 Mainz Influence=Aus ELECTOR
RC 1 Cologne Influence=Aus ELECTOR

Bohemia May not be bribed away from Palatine unless Palatine rule interrupted.
Val Telline Only controlling player may move through. Others (include Conquer/Influence) must stop when entering.
Nurnberg Free sanctuary. Any attacker pays double to influence German states until end of game.
Poland Aid=1/2 number on die (drop fractions). If roll "6" receive one free gendarme at Warsaw.
Porte Aid=Number on die. If die=6, no Polish aid; Spain and HRE can each -5 income that turn
United Provinces 4 EI, 1C, 1L. Losses freely replaced in U. Provinces. Controller may move army only into SP. Netherlands and Provinces adjacent to United Provinces

Income Key
"5" Income halved unless controlled by original owner
5+ Card cannot be bid on, conquered or transferred, no VP awarded
(5) No income (unless aid specified), no VP awarded

RC: Catholic
LU: Lutheran
CV: Calvinist
M: Moslem
Mixed: Reponds to either religion shown

Alignment Key
+ Pro
- Anti

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