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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 3
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Dino Egg Hunt!
(unknown); innovativeKIDS-2005; 2-4; 5+

Spin-and-move game to teach color recognition included in the book Get Ready for Kindergarten! Playing pieces are dinosaurs and pictures of dinosaurs or eggs are placed on the board face down. Players keep any pieces they find that match their dinosaur's color.

Dino Hunt Game
(unknown); Priddy Books-2006; 2-4; 10

Roll-and move game in the book Smart Kids Dino IQ.

(unknown); The Children's Place-?; 2-99; 10

Both a game and a T-shirt, players must provide a die and player markers for this roll-and-move game. target=_new>[Check Availability]

Dino Daze
(unknown); Little Big Games-2011; 2-4; 30

Players capture dinosaur cards by turning over a card in the battle card deck. The battle card must be equal to or of a greater value of the dinosaur card to succeed. Whoever captures the most dinosaurs wins. target=_new>[Check Availability]

Dinosaur Race
(unknown); Orchard Toys-2011; 1-4; 15

Spin-and-move game in which on every spin players move whichever of their dinosaurs match the result. The winner collects a shiny medal. target=_new>[Check Availability]

Dodge the Dino
(unknown); Paul Lamond Games-?; 2-6; 30

Educational game of collecting dinosaur eggs yet trying to avoid a a revolving dinosaur tail that causes loss of eggs. Learning tasks include learning colors, matching, shapes and coordination.

Dotty Dinosaurs
Orchard Toys-2007; 2-6; 3+

Players roll dice to match shapes or colors on their boards which permits placing dots on their dinosaurs. target=_new>[Check Availability]

National Geographic - Dinosaur! Card Games
unknown; Warren Industries-2001; 2; 3+
Includes three card games. One is similar to Go Fish, one to Memory and one in which dinosaurs compete one against the other.

Pop-Up Dinosaur 1,2,3
unknown; Dorling Kindersley-2007/Dynamo Limited-2007; 2-4; 3+

Two games, one similar to
Snakes & Ladders, the other a trivia game. When the board is unfolded dinosaurs cutouts pop up.

Tyranno Race
Garrett J. Donner & Michael S. Steer; Fundex-1992; 2-4; 3+

Roll-and-move game in which the first player to reach the food source becomes the Tyrannosaurus and chases the other plastic figures around the vinyl game mat. Caught players are eliminated before the game ends.

Kristin Mückel; HABA-2011; 1-4

"Counting Dino" teaches children how to count and relate quantities of objects to numerals.

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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