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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 9
November 1, 2013 added Quiz4you – Mundo dos Dinossauros

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The Age of Dinosaurs
Ben Crenshaw; Bent Castle Workshops-2011; 2-4; 30

Players begin with a group of ten dinosaurs which they try to expand even though it may be difficult at times even keeping them alive. The methods for doing so are (1) reproduction and (2) evolution to new species. Dice determine the locations of new plant growth, but predators hunt other dinosaurs. Each round players may add one improvement from four kinds. [Check Availability]

Martin Schlegel; LudoArt/Heidelberger-2009; 3-5; 9+

Game of auctioning precious bones and then putting them together as creatures. [Check Availability]

Antoine Messiou; Super-Ape Games-2006; 2-6; 9+

Players attempt to lay their path of six cards in proper evolutionary order (from bacteria to primates) and have their token arrive at the last stage to win. There appears to be quite a bit of luck as one of the chief mechanisms is to correctly predict the next card to be drawn from the deck, based solely on what has been seen before. There are also event cards in the form of volcanoes and thunderbolts and the chance to affect other players by inserting dangerous cards into their paths. The chief purpose here is education. [Check Availability]

Quiz4you – Mundo dos Dinossauros
(unknown); Science4You-2012; 1-6; 30

Trivia card game that includes over 200 questions on 52 cards. The asking player chooses the question to ask; a correct answer earns the card. [Check Availability]

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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