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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 5
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Dino Addition Bingo
(unknown); Educational Insights-1994; 2-6; 15

Generate an addition problem with the spinner and then place a dinosaur counter on the space that matches the answer.

Maureen Hiron; HABA-2012; 2-6; 15

Forty-nine cards display 7 species in 7 colors. In addition there are 7 T. Rex cards. Nine cards are placed in 3x3 grid and then turned face down. A player takes a card from the deck and tries to remember where a card that matches sin color or species lies in the grid in order to win the card. Success permits another attempt, up to three cards won. In case of success the search card replaces the found one. A player who gains three cards also gets the T. Rex token. If a T. Rex card appears, that player loses one card, the current player gaining the T. Rex cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Dino Bump
(unknown); LuvyDuvy-2009; 2-6; 5

Roll-and-move game. As only one piece can be on a space at a time, landing on another bumps them back to the start. Some spaces are safe First player to reach the end by exact roll of the die wins. Includes board, 6 dinosaur pieces, and a die.

Dino Dice
Ann & Monty Stambler; G2 Games-2001; 2-4; 5+

Roll dice to match one of the combinations on your personal board and then mark that completed with a dino footprint. First to get four in a row or all four corners wins. But beware the roll which makes you lose a print.

Dino Might!
Richard Clewer; Learning Resources-2007; 2; 5+

These are miniatures rules by which various dinosaurs can fight one another, or humans. target=_new>[Check Availability]

Dino the Dinosaur Game
unknown; Transogram-1961; 2-4

Spin-and-move game based on "The Flintstones" television program.

Den Dinos auf der Spur
Patrice le Quérré; HABA-2014; 2-4; 10

Memory game in which finding a match advances a player's dinosaur token along a track. Some tiles have special effects such as swapping tiles or turning over extra ones.

Dinosaur Dash
unknown; Green Board Game Co.-unknown; 2-4

Dice and trivia game in which players evolve their playing pieces by answering questions about dinosaurs, moving from the Triassic to the Cretaceous. Includes 49 question and event cards.

Dinosaur Math
(unknown); Learning Resources-?; 2-4

Roll-and-move race using either two or three dice.

Dinosaur War
unknown; Universal Games-2002; 2-7; 5+

Card game similar to War.

Dinosaur World
unknown; University Games-1993; 2-4; 8+

Educational game which includes puzzles, dinosaur sponge pieces, and question cards.
(unknown); Kärnan-2006; 2-4; 30

Roll-and-move game of rescuing a baby dino from the clutches of a cruel seamonster by collecting steps (randomly-seeded, face down tiles) needed to get out to an island. Players avoid the monster, but the pterodactyl takes them to the place of your choice. Players may also challenge one another.

Dinosaurs Extinct?
Vivienne Springer & George Schimpf; Briarpatch-2006; 2-4; 5+

Players roll to move, trying to travel from the Jurassic era to the 21st century, dealing with other ice ages, volcanoes, meteorites, earthquakes and other dinosaurs. Available dinosaurs are triceratops, stegosaurus, corythosaurus and brontosaurus. target=_new>[Check Availability]

Dinosaur's Journey to Wellness
unknown designer; Childswork/Childsplay-1999; 2-6

Trivia game to help children to explore their feelings about being sick and being different, to know about their illness, to take care of themselves and to be more assertive.

Pressman Toy Corp.-2008; 1-4; 5+

This is a trivia game based on the BBC-TV (and Discover) program "Walking with Dinosaurs". Cards include 1500 questions. There are also four dinosaur skeletons, each of which has another piece added with the correct answer of a question. Also included is a DVD featuring show footage.

Draw 4: Dig for Dinos
Charles Chevallier; Blue Orange Games-2015; 2-5; 30

Players are paleontologists trying to complete their bone collections. They take turns picking an Action or Dinosaur Tile, but collecting cards may be limited by their location or by another player's actions.

The Good Dinosaur: The Great River Adventure
Reiner Knizia & Paul Windle; Ravensburger-2016; 2-4; 20

Players are trying to help a child and young apatosaur return home after they have been swept away by a river. Each turn the pair move a step closer to home and flip the new river tile, which presents a challenge for the players. They may need to throw a piece at a bad guy to knock it over, compete to throw closest to a figure, roll the dice, etc. Only one player wins the challenge and collects the river tile as a point counting toward victory.

Jurassic Park Electronic Battling Raptors Game
(unknown); Parker-1996; 2; 10

Powered by 4 AA batteries, players control two battling raptors in a fight to the finish. Similar to the classic boxing game, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, but here the dinoaurs are knocked off their pedestals.

Charles Chevallier; Ilopeli-2011; 2-4; 15

Set collection card game of looking for dinosaur bones. The 32 dinosaur cards and 15 action cards are laid out in a grid and players take turns revealing a card adjacent to an already revealed card. The two types of cards have different backs; some action cards permit stealing bones, but a set of four is complete and safe. Collecting a set creates a complete dinosaur skeleton.

Jurassik Mini-expansion
Charles Chevallier; Ilopeli-2011; 2-5; 15

Adds eight cards, support for a fifth player, Macroplata, two eggs and two recovery actions.

Mein cooles Dino-Spiel
Christian Fiore & Knut Happel; moses. Verlag GmbH-2017: 2-4; 10

Game of feeling for dinosaur bones in a bag, finding the right one and fitting it into one's dino skeleton. Winner is the first to assemble a complete skeleton.

Mitt dinosaurieäventyr
(unknown); Alga-?; 2-4; 20

Roll-and-move game of heroes trying to run past dinosaurs with the most equipment; if you roll badly you get scared and lose equipment.

(unknown); Trefl-?; 2-4

Players roll dice to move a dinosaur trying to land on a number that matches the sum of the values on their cards.

Prehistoric Game
(unknown); Bonaparte-?; 2-4; 45

Dinosaur-themed variant of Ludo (Pachisi). Two players have herbivorous dinosaurs who circle the board to collect food tokens while the others run carnivorous ones who collect food by landing on another dinosaur.

Rettet die Dinos
W&L-2001; 2-4; 5+

Includes 1 board, 12 small eggs, 6 large eggs, 4 pawns, a colored die, a number die and a wooden ring. The board shows a circular path with 18 colored fields. In the center is the ring. In the course of play eggs are stacked within the ring to form a small nest. There are four versions of the game. The first is suitable for younger children. The active player rolls the dice and moves the pawn clockwise to the next space of that same color and puts two small or one large dinosaur eggs into the nest without letting them slip out, otherwise having to move backward or lose a turn. In another version the number die is used and anyone's pawn may be moved. This player must resolve the specified action. A third version uses only two pawns, the blue which represents a slowly approaching meteor. The other is used for all of the players who are working together to ensure that no eggs are lost before the meteor arrives. In the final version, each player has his own pawn and rolls both dice. The player decides which one he prefers to use and then moves. The components are quite attractive and the diagrams clear in their meanings. Title means "Save the Dinos". target=_new>[Check Availability]

Super Tooth
Neil J. Opitz; Farm Fresh Games-2012; 2-4; 15
Card game of collecting herbivore dinosaurs and avoiding the carnivores and volcanoes. A number of promotional extra cards have also been cretaed to expand play, including Super Tooth: Dino Bones Promo Card, Super Tooth: End of Days Expansion, Super Tooth: Euoplocephalus Promo Card, Super Tooth: Herbivorous Heroes Expansion, Super Tooth: Kickstarter Backer Inspired Cards, Super Tooth: Kickstarter Exclusive Cards, Super Tooth: Roaming Daspletosaurus Expansion, Super Tooth: Sunny Days Expansion, Super Tooth: Time Travelers Expansion, Super Tooth: Titanic Tree Eaters Expansion.

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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