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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 6
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Predrag Lazovic; Beoplast-2004; 2-4; 20

Roll-and-move game. Players pick up markers, each of which is worth a point, while being the first to finish is worth 6, second 4 and third 2.

Dino Booom
Dominique Ehrhard & Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe; Goldsieber-2004; 2-6; 6+

Children's action game of using plastic lengths to spear the dinosaur cards that appear on the day's menu. [Check Availability]

Dino Dig Challenge
unknown; Uncle Milton-2009; 2; 6+

Similar to
Battleship, but the dinosaur bones are not linear. [Check Availability]

Dino Hunt Dice
Steve Jackson; Steve Jackson Games-2012; 2-8; 10

Players are capturing dinosaurs for their zoos by rolling a dice that matches the dinosaur. There are also leaf results which mean the dinosaur is hding and footprints which mean the player gets stomped. Get stomped three times and you lose your current collection in this push-your-luck affair.
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Dino Race
Roberto Grasso; Ares Games/Heidelberger Spieleverlag/Intrafin Games-(forthcoming)2014; 2-4

Each player controls a dinosaur couple who race though four types of terrain, with an egg if possible, while avoiding the dirty tricks of the opponents. [Check Availability]

Dino 300
(unknown); Whitehall Games-?; 2-5

Set collection game includes 13 different buildable animals, which require three to five cards each.

Dino World
Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli & Marco Pranzo; HABA-2017; 2-4; 15

Dexterity game of Vlicking cards off the edge of the box onto the dinosaur cards on the table, trying to cover the most possible.

Dino Xcavator
Marvin Glass; Uncle Milton-2007; 1-6; 6+

For those who know the 1965 Milton Bradley game Operation, this is essentially the same thing, but the illustration shows a a T-Rex skeleton and the challenge is to carefully remove each bone from the dig site. Draw a card and answer correctly to earn a chance at removing a bone using the excavation tool.
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Dino Math Tracks
Learning Resources-2007; 2-4

Roll and move dinosaur pieces around the board, along thew ay reinforcing counting, addition, subtraction and place value skills. Includes game board, 16 dinosaurs, cards, a die and instructions for various levels of play.
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(unknown) (unknown)-2017; 2-6; 20

Create a creature – a Dinomal – by combining a dinosaur card with an animal card.

Damien Marquis, Henri Pym & Antoine Rabreau; Marco Pranzo; Ankama-2017; 2-6; 20

Dexterity game of players adopting dinosaurs and trying to save them from extinction by throwing dinosaur meeples into safe spaces on the boards like fields and caves, avoiding jungles and hte ocean. The board becomes more difficult as play continues.

Dinosauri da Record Francesco Berardi; Clementoni-2013; 1-6
Trivia card game that tests on dinosaurs names, heights, lengths and weights and years of discovery.
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Dinosaur Hunters
Edward Shaw; Action Puzzles-1993; 3-4; 90

Spin the spinner to find out how you will make progress on completing your dinosaur jigsaw puzzle. Possible actions are buy, trade, draw or draw an event card. Seems to take pretty long for the attention span of a six year old.
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Dinosaur Land
unknown; The Clever Factory-2008; 2-4; 6+

Spin the spinner and move your dinosaur along the rainbow path. Watch out for the hazards. [Check Availability]

unknown; Marks & Spencer; 2-8

Racing game in which players move their dinosaurs around the board trying to get back to their nest atop a volcano. On the way they must first collect one each of the Fire, Water, Earth and Wind cards. Pieces show Noasaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pterosaur and Stegosaurus. There are also fate cards and "touch and reveal" footprints which are rubbed to reveal either good or bad luck. [Check Availability]

Discovery Battling T-Rex Game
Discovery Games-2007; 2; 6+

This is the dinosaur version of Rock-em Sock-em Robots where players use controllers located in the tails of the battling tyrannosaurus rexes. [Check Availability]

Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur
Pressman Toy Corp.; 2-4; 6+

In this racing game for children, wind up the dinosaur and watch him stomp. If he knocks your piece over, it must return to start. [Check Availability]

Fette Beute
Klaus Kreowski; Die Spiegelburg-2010; 2-4; 6+

Push-your-luck game in which players guess where they may be able to find food. They turn up cards and as long as they are indeed food they are fine, but should they turn up a Tyrannosaurus Rex they lose all they have gained on that turn and the turn ends.
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Flucht vor dem T-Rex
Jorg Domberger; Die Spiegelburg-2010; 2-4; 6+

Cooperative game in which players work together to so that a dromaesaurus can escape a non-player controlled Tyrannosaurus Rex. Movement is via dice. The track over which the two run is formed by matching cards played.
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Fossil Island
Bonnie Hemstad; White Sand Games-2005; 2-4; 6+

Roll-and-move game your dinosaur along an eggshell path, but after you roll you need to solve an addition problem. [Check Availability]

Jurassic Dinosaurs
unknown; Legends-1993; 2-4; 30

Roll-and-move racing game with a twist. In the middle of the board is a T-Rex. After the player moves his piece, he moves the T-Rex the same number of spaces, either backward or forward; should it end on another player's piece that piece moves backwards twelve spaces.
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Jurassic Jeopardy
Ashley Kaye; unknown-1993; 2-6; 15

Similar to War, but each player has a deck of dinosaur cards, each having five different attributes. The current player draws a card and chooses an attribute. Values for this attribute are compared among the cards drawn by all players and the one having the highest value collects these cards at the bottom of his deck. Eventually only one player has cards and wins.
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Jurassic Jumble
unknown; Set Enterprises-2004; 3-9; 10

players try to collect all nine bone groups of one dinosaur. Similar to
Pit, they get them by trading cards, either all of the same dinosaur (the rank) or the same type of bone (the suit). Trades are face down and simultaneous. There are also special cards like the paleontogist which is a wild card and the fake bone which is a penalty. There are plastic bones, one fewer than the number of players being put out, which players get points for grabbing when the winner announces. [Check Availability]

Kampf der Saurier
Kai Haferkamp; Die Spiegelburg-2010; 2; 6+

Dice rolling game of two triceratops, each trying to move past the other.
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Revenge of the Dinosaurs
Crown & Andrews; 2-4; 6+

Roll a die to move your dinosaur, trying to avoid the tyrannosaurus rex. [Check Availability]

Run Dinosaur Run
Intromark Games; 2-6; 6+

Racing game for children – avoid the cavement, T-Rex and dangerous lava. [Check Availability]

Swiat Dinozaurów (Dinosaur World)
Marcin Tomczyk; unknown-2009; 2-4; 6+

Tile-placement game of getting dinosaurs to form a herd and also adequate access to water holes. Tyrannosaurus is a threat to any stragglers.
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King Zor: The Dinosaur Game
Marvin Glass; Ideal-1962; 2-4

Not much is known about this game which included four cavemen, sixteen dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, two decks of cards and a spinner, but it appears to work similar to
Candyland. [Check Availability]

Welcome to DinoWorld
James O'Connor; (web-published)-2017; 1-99; 30

Roll-and-write game of building and managing your own dinosaur park. Factors include adding dinos, adding buildings, drawing paths to connect attractions and preventing dinos from escaping.

Wild Cards: Dinosaurs
(unknown); Birdcage Press-(unknown); 2-6

Thirty-six cards show a variety of dinosaurs along with their scientific names, their meanings and sizes. With these Memory-style games may be played. Includes an informative companion book.
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Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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