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Dinosaur Board Games for Age 7
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Cardline Dinosaures
Frédéric Henry; Bombyx-2014; 2-8; 15

This card game includes around 100 double-sided cards. One side show a named dinosaur and where it was found. The reverse shows its average length and weight. Players decide whether to play the length or weight attribute before the game begins. They then take turns attempting to play one card at a time, fitting it in to a sequence of cards that are in order by length or weight. If their guess is correct, they get rid of the card. Otherwise they must draw a new one. First player to get rid of his cards wins. [Check Availability]

Cazadores de Fosiles
Joel & Rafael Escalante; Leko Games-2011; 2-5; 60

Players travel the world to collect fossils that complete dinosaur skeletons and other missions. Possible actions are to move boats, dig, buy fossils, load/unload boats, complete a mission or take a new mission. Sounds a bit involved for age 7. [Check Availability]

Dino Business
Kevin Kim; Playoff Games; 2009; 2-4;

Players represent investors in a dinosaur theme park. To create attractions they must acquire DNA that permits bringing a particular type of dinosaur back to life. Points are scored each time this is done, and for having one's own types grouped together. Thirty types of dinosaurs are available. [Check Availability]

Dino Twist
Bertrand Arpino; Bankiiiz Editions-2015; 2-6; 20

Players each have a hand of dinosaur cards and each turn each chooses one and simultaneously reveals it. Depending on the interrelationships of the cards, one or more players can take out another's card and keep it for points.

Michael Schacht; Kosmos-2011; 2-4; 15

Four dinosaur cards are placed on the table for each player to secretly bid on. If more than one player bids on the same one, dice decide. The player with the most valuable collection at the end wins.
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Dinosaur Island
unknown; Parker Brothers-1980; 2-4;

Roll-and-move game in which players travel to an island still inhabited by dinosaurs. [Check Availability]

Dinosaurier Quiz
Lisa Maurer; Tessloff-2009; 2

Trivia game with 120 questions about dinosaurs. The first to answer scores the points. [Check Availability]

Dinosaurs Adventure Board Game
unknown; Daiso-unknown; 2-4;

Korean roll-and-move game similar to
Monopoly in which dinosaurs move around the outside of the board and collect money and cards and try to avoid the spaces already claimed by others. [Check Availability]

Dinosaurs the Game
(unknown); (unknown)-(unknown); 2-6

Roll-and-move racing game of avoiding hazards such as fights, earthquake, marsh, etc. Each player has his own grid to move on.
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Go Diego Go
Éditions Gladius International Inc.-2006; 2;

A Chutes & Ladders variant in which players try to rescue a baby dinosaur. [Check Availability]

Jurassic Park Game, The
Milton Bradley-1992; 2-8;

Includes board, stand-up visitor center, pawns and dinosaur figures (T-Rex, velociraptors, etc.). Play cards to race for the safety of the center, trying to hide in the maintenance sheds on the way and get more cards. Dinosaurs move via roll of the dice. Being caught delays final escape. [Check Availability]

Professor Noggin's Prehistoric Mammals
Outset Media-2005; 2-8;

Trivia game on the early dinosaurs and mammals. [Check Availability]

B.S. Randle; Jumbo-2010; 2-4;

Roll-and-move game in which each player controls 4 dinos which move via a pair of white dice while the T-Rex, moved by every player, move by the black die. Dinosaurs caught by the T-Rex must re-start. When a dinosaur encounters another they each roll dice and the loser goes into the river, a sort of penalty box.
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T-Rex Greift An!
Inka and Marku Brand; Kosmos-2006; 2-4; 30

In "Dinosaurs Attack!" players are dinosaurs hunting for food and other player dinosaurs, including their eggs. There are also lava flows to worry about. Includes board, plastic volcano, 5 dinosaur figures, 26 lava stones, 4 player boards, 24 eggs, 36 food items, 4 nests, number die, battle die, action die and an informative booklet in German.
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Tyrannasaurus rex
Sylvie Barc, Jean Charles Rodriguez, and Michel Lalet; Sélecta (Bénélux)-1993/Schmidt France-1993/ as Auf der Flucht vor Tyrannosaurus for Klee-1993; 2-4;
Each player manages a different dinosaur, one of: Triceratops, Pteranodon, Diplodocus, Stegausorus. Each has different capabilities and attempt to fill-up their larders with trees. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is played by all the players. Action cards and simultaneous movement are the chief mechanisms. [Check Availability]

Predrag Lazovic; Graphic Studio Forsage/Ponte Roso-2005; 2-5; 45
Each player takes an herbivorous dinosaur figure, and rolling dice, moves about a hex grid trying to collect the most counters (representing eating and drinking). They receive more points at the end if the food is of more diverse types. After a move a player moves the tyrannosaurus figure, attempting to land on another player, eliminating them from the game.

Valley of the Dinosaurs
Arrow Games, Ltd.-1977; 2-4;

Based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the same name, the goal is to help the Butler family make it safely across the valley to the caves. The mechanism is to spin and move. Uses cardboard cutout pawns. [Check Availability]

Walking with Dinosaurs
Green Board Game Co.; 2-4;

Race around the board attempting to evade the T-Rex and other evolutionary threats in order to evolve and survive the Late Cretaceous period. [Check Availability]

Walking with Dinosaurs Card Game
Gary Wyatt; Green Board Game Co.; 2-4;

A trivia game based on the BBC series of the same name. Includes 70 large cards. [Check Availability]

Other Ages: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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