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Sports Games

Bar-Bolz-Bande Kartenspiel
Pascal Pieschke & Marco Leopizzi; Amigo; 2-6; 20
Soccer via defense, midfield, attack and action cards. A midfield starts the action and dictates what colors may be played next. If the non-possessing player cannot exceed the strength of any attack card, a goal is suffered and all of the cards from the current stack are eaten. Action cards reverse player order, pass the attack to the next player, etc. [more]

Goal! Game
Jirí Mikoláš; Jira's Games; 2-8; 30
Collectible-card game on soccer; so far the available teams are Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and England. Well-known players are included, not by their exact names of course. The level of abstraction is the match. Uses dice to achieve Poker-like combinations which are compared with those of the opponent to see who wins the ball. [more]

Golden Goal
Robert Chiavini; TCS Games; 1-2; 45
Statistical soccer replay at the tournament level featuring all tourneys, male and female, from the early Olympics on. Teams are rated for attack and defense; compare factors and roll a die to see how many goals each team scored. Extra randomness is introduced by a third die. [more]

Adam Kaluza;; 1-5; 60
Climbing on the world's second highest mountain, each player guiding a team of two using an identical deck of cards in this hand management effort. Besides climbing progress, players need to worry about bad weather and oxygen levels. There are cards for tents and the like. The board is double sided, one featuring a difficult path for experts, and both summer and winter tiles are included. [more]

NBA All Star
Alfredo Genovese & Ari Emdin; Ghenos Games; 2-10; 45
Simulating the NBA All-Star game with three turns representing the duration of the 24-second shot clock. Miniatures move about the board via the dice, one die for the ball handler, the other for the rest of the team. Each piece has its own ratings for speed, passing, shooting and 3-point shooting, being resolved by a "to hit" roll on a 12-sided die. Being guarded lowers one's chances. Also modelled are blocks, dunks, steals, illegal picks, screening, free throws and fouls. [more]

UEFA Champions League
Alfredo Genovese & Ari Emdin; Ghenos Games; 2-4; 45
Simulates the UEFA Champions League final. Each turn the team having the ball rolls a die to move, though this is diminished depending on the number of guarding opponents, and then the defense can move figures two spaces in response and can try to steal. Short passes go within 4 spaces; longer ones require a two dice roll. The goalkeeper tries to save by rolling against the shot. Special cards add more possibilities. [more]

Wicked Wickets
Richard Holgate; Boadicea´s Backyard; 2-6; 90+
Simulates a cricket match and is priced at 500+. The bowler rolls one die and the batsman another. Their sum determines the ball's distance. If the latter is higher, the ball is in the air; otherwise it is on the ground. Cards indicate individual player abilities. Decisionmaking includes deciding the players and lineup. [more]

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