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Games For Children Aged 8 and up

Alex & Co
Martin Ebel & Niek Neuwahl; ESG; 3-6; 30-50; 8+
Memory-style game in which cards show famous game designers and their works. The number of cards per designer varies; the goal is to collect as many games from a given designer as possible. Named after Alex Randolph. [more]

Peer Sylvester; HiKu-Spiele; 2; 15-30; 8+
A player either places two pieces having different colors or switches the position of two adjacent pieces. The goal is to connect two opposite sides of the board. There are three colors and a connection may be made with any. [more]

Pietro Vozzolo; Huch! & friends; 2-4; 30; 8+
Pieces are plastic joinings of three hexagons in red, green, blue and yellow. Each player starts with 3-5 hidden scoring cards and two tiles. There is no board; one random tile is laid out and players add to this. On a turn, a player can either play two tiles or resolve a scoring card. Each of the latter is in the form "if the largest group of color A is larger than the largest group of color B then you score points equal to the largest group of color C". When all tiles are out, the game is played backwards, i.e. players receive more scoring cards and take turns either removing tiles or revealing scoring cards. Includes 32 tiles and 24 scoring cards. [more]

Discover India
Günter Cornett & Peer Sylvester; Queen; 2-5; 60
Travel around India visiting temples and animal parks and collecting symbols in order to build a pattern, trying to achieve the longest sequence. [more]

Andrea Guerrieri, Andrea Mambrini & Roberto Pancrazi; dV Giochi; 2-5; 20; 8+
This card game is about defusing a bomb by figuring out which wires to cut. The game ends in only two ways: someone decides to defuse the bomb or when the timer runs out and the bomb explodes. In the latter situation the player having the most agents no longer in the building wins. Key mechanisms are bluffing and memory. [more]

Krawall vorm Stall
Michael Feldkötter; Ravensburger; 2-4; 20-45; 8+
Roll-and-move affair in which each player enters two chickens in a race up a hill. Opponents will try to hinder the player and make him fall back via cards. Includes a 3D hill. [more]

Loch Ness
Ronald Wettering; Hans Im Glück/Rio Grande; 2-5; 30; 8+
Players try to prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster and take a photo to prove it. Three players choose hand cards valued 1-5 and they are all revealed simultaneously to find the new position where Nessie has just been seen relative to the last one. Players hope that one of their three photographer pawns (valued 3, 4 and 7) are in position to get a shot, but it's not easy, especially since only two photographers can stand at any one location. Taking a photo is a matter of drafting one of the three face up cards which, because Nessie is so large, show only head, body or tail. Players get extra points for full sets. Subsequent rounds permit special actions, e.g. introduction of neutral photographers, looking at the cards in advance, etc. [more]

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