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Games For Children Aged 3 and up

Achtung, Frosch!
Hasbro Deutschland; 2-4; 15; 3+
"Attention Frog!" has an orange frog figure sitting on a water lily which itself is mounted on a wheel showing various animal pictures. On the edge of the wheel is a butterfly Spin the wheel and the butterfly flies around until stopping on the animal must be found next. Cards matching these pictures are hidden around the frog. Players race to find the needed one and the first to do so hits the pump which makes the frog fly up into the air. The player who catches him gets to keep the card. [more]

Basti Bär hilft seinen Freunden
Kristin Mückel; HABA; 2-4; 10; 3-8
Help Basti the bear to find the missing parents of the various barnyard animals – a memory game. [more]

Ratz-Fatz Ich und Du
Hajo Bücken; HABA; 2-6; 15; 3-12
In "Me and You" there are four standup figures and quite a few thick cards showing various types of people or objects. Eleven stories are based on them, promoting self-consciousness, language development and responsiveness. Sarah likes her red dress the best and Lukas football. Who am I? Who are you? What do you like? What do you not like? [more]

Ratz-Fatz in Bewegung
Hajo Bücken; HABA; 2-6; 15; 3-12
In "Ratz-Fatz in Motion" there are quie a number of large round disks, each showing a different illustration, e.g. ball, cow, apple, car, bed, etc. Little more information is available, but the box cover shows children each jumping on one of these disks. Perhaps they are choosing the one each turn that they like best. [more]

Schlaf gut, kleiner Mondbär!
Reiner Knizia; Die Spiegelburg; 2-4; 10; 3+
In "Sleep well, little moon bear" the moon bear can't sleep because his friend the moon is so lonely in the sky. So the bear and his friends decided to light up the sky with stars. Includes 5 wooden figures (bear, rabbit, frog, duck, bee), wooden cubes and 30 stars. Stars are distributed evenly and each player chooses a character. On a turn you roll the die. If it shows an animal you take it. If it shows a star, then for each animal you have you get to put a star in the the bottom of the box. The first to be told to place stars and no longer have any wins. Suggested by the publisher as a nightly ritual for preparing for bed and encourages and understanding of giving and receiving. [more]

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