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Games For Children Aged 4 and up

Abenteuer Tierwelt
Wolfgang Kramer; HABA; 1-4; 20; 4+
"Animal Adventure World" includes four different trivia games on 50 different animals and their attributes.
Game 1: Answer questions such as which animals swim, which eat leaves, which have more than four legs, which are from Africa and which lay eggs?
Game 2: Answer questions such as which animal made the sound you just heard?
Game 3: Answer questions such as is this the track of a bear or an elephant?
Game 4: Answer questions such as which is faster, a giraffe or a lion? Employs the tiptoiŽ digital audio learning system, an electronic stylus that when touched to various game contexts "reads out" a story, explains the context, asks questions, comments on the right answer, formulates tasks and inspires children to play on. [more]

Ball der Prinzessin
Christine Basler & Alix-Kis Bouguerra; HABA; 2-6; 20; 4+
The six princesses of the castle Bellami are in an uproar! The magical Prince Blueblood is looking for a wife. They quickly arrange a ball in his honor, the Prince is looking for a certain princess, but with their cloaks on all six of the beauties look the same. As the dance floor turns, one can see in the mirror of the floor revealing glimpses of different gowns. Be very careful, because the princesses are constantly changing their places! Can you help Blue Blood Prince, to find the right bride among the six princesses? The board shows the prince standing at one corner and six princesses have their places in the circle. In the center is a mirror when they can be placed in the hopes of seeing whic color is beneath. Also includes a special die and several cardboard chips. [more]

Gib Gummi!
Wolfgang Dirscherl; HABA; 2-5; 15; 4+
"Burn Rubber!" is an auto racing game featuring hidden mission cards. Each shows two colors; these the owner tries to have finish first and second. It's not easy though since each player can move all six cars. Includes three special dice that show the six colors and largish wooden car pieces that travel on a straight track. [more]

Kackel Dackel
aka Takkie Kakkie

unknown; Goliath; 2-4; 20; 4+
This is the "pooping dog" game you may have heard about. There is a large dog figure loaded with something like play doh. Players roll the die and follow its instructions, the main one being to squeeze the dog leash which causes air to push the play doh through the dog. When it drops out the back the player gets his little shovel ready and catches it. When a player has three catchings on his shovel he wins, but beware the instruction which permits swapping shovels. [more]

Liesbeth Bos; Amigo; 2-4; 15; 4+
In "Pillow Battle" there are four poles with platforms atop put in the corners of the box. Each player gets a catapult, four fluffy pillows and three cardboard figures. A player puts loads the catapult and tries to launch it into the box. If successful, he puts a figure on a platform. If one of these is shot down, he takes both it and a pillow back. Goal is to get all four pillows into the box. [more]

Team Beleduc; Beleduc; 1+; 4+
A series of heavy cardboard illustrations have cutouts into which the child must fit square and triangular wooden pieces. A number in the top left corner indicates the how many pieces are needed. [more]

Loch Ness
Walter Obert; Red Glove; 2-5; 20; 4+
Roll-and-move game of the mythical dinosaur. Two to three tourist pawns per player go on spaces around the loch and then, because they want to be in the best position to take a photo, they try to drive Nessie toward them by rolling a 12-sided die and applying its effects. Includes advanced rules that are more challenging. Nessie is made up of three different pieces: head, back and tail. Includes 32 picture cards. [more]

Nuschel doch mal!
Susanne Galonska; IQ-Spiele; 1-8; 15; 4+
"Mumble that again" includes 34 cards showing various articles, e.g. brooms, trousers, donkeys, etc. The cards are shuffled and placed face down. The player rolls the special die and must pronounce the picture in a special way, e.g. speak as slooooooowly as possible, speak as quickly as possible, or play with it by sticking out the tongue or similar. The idea is that children learn more about language and words. [more]

Reise durch die Jahreszeiten
Marco Teubner & Heinrich Glumpler; Ravensburger; 1-4; 20-30; 4-8
"Journey Through the Seasons". Players try to spot objects faster than others. The game needs something called a Tiptoi pen (sold separately) that produces sounds that indicate which object is to be found. Employs the tiptoiŽ digital audio learning system, an electronic stylus that when touched to various game contexts "reads out" a story, explains the context, asks questions, comments on the right answer, formulates tasks and inspires children to play on. [more]

Design Position & Markus Beese; Team Beleduc; 2-4; 4+
Similar to Dominoes, there are four cloth bags and a number of colorful cardboard tiles which don't differentiate themselves by dots, but rather by various different cutouts on the edges to be matched. Players need to find in their bags an edge that can match an available one. The two edges will also have the same color which helps to confirm that the choice was correct. [more]

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