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Games For Children Aged 7 and up

unknown; Goliath; 2-6; 20-40; 7+
There is a round card holder which has a space to store the deck in its center. Each player has a hand of five cards and plays as many as he likes of the same type into the corresponding position around the lake. If more than three are played, these chase the weaker animal to the left (there is a power cycle similar to Franks Zoo which includes elephants, lions, zebras and mice) and so the player collects them for points. [more]

Reiner Knizia; Sirius/Hutter Trade; 2-4; 15-20; 7+
Hungry cats try to catch mice of different colors by rolling dice. Rolling the same color on two dice permit stealing them from an opponent. But in this push-your-luck affair you lose everything if unable to catch something after a roll. [more]

Orient Bazaar
Jesper C. Nielsen; LEGO; 2-4; 10-20; 7+
Collect as many items of a color to sell them at the highest price. Golden goblets are wild cards that can be used in any collection. The bazaar can close other shops, swap an item with another player or sell a collection. Dice rolling also plays a role. [more]

Tricky Safari
Corné van Moorsel; Cwali; 2-4; 25; 7+
Players take their turn as paparazzi, not in Hollywood, but at a safari park. Following animals around isn't easy though because the rules move them around and nobody will pay for a shot of a backside so you need to guess where they will be ahead of time and get there, which is made more difficult because you can only move in straight lines and not through water or trees. The winner is the first to photograph all 10 animals. [more]

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