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Games For Children Aged 6 and up

Arme Ritter
Volker Cullmann; Logis Lernspiele; 2-6; 30; 6+
In the "Poor Knights" card game warriors compete in a tournament, not just jousting against knights, but also needing to defeat laughing dragons or outwit cunning princesses. Not only does it teach arithmetic (cards appear to have values from -3 for a witch to +13 for a dragon), but children also learn to recognize forms, symbols, colors and their relations, not to mention the rudiments of planning. [search]

Capt'n Sharky - Piraten-Rauferei
Reiner Knizia; Die Spiegelburg; 2-5; 25; 6+
"Pirate Brawl" is a card placement game of fighting the most evil pirate on the seas, but there's strength in numbers. A game of choosing the right time to retreat. [more]

Sascha Schauf; HiKu-Spiele; 2; 10-20; 6+
No further information was available about this German game. [search]

City Skyline
Reiner Knizia; Huch! & friends; 1; 10; 6+
More a puzzle than a game, 56 puzzles actually, organized into four levels of increasing difficulty. The player must arrange skyscrapers of different sizes in a 6x6 grid to create a neighborhood and complement the landscape, including some green areas, according to rules of visibility. You know in advance the number of buildings and their sizes, also that no two buildings of the same size may be on the same street. Then you're given a few views which must be matched. Only one correct solution is possible. [more]

cuboro kreativ denken
Matthias Etter; cuboroAG; 1; 6+
"Cuburo Creating Thinking" includes a marble track system in several pieces that can be constructed many different ways and marbles along with quite a few cards and a DVD giving instructions on exercises to complete. In German only at this time. Manufactured from Swiss beech wood (and you thought they grew only mountains). [more]

Die Englisch Detektive
Kai Haferkamp; Ravensburger; 1-4; 20-30; 6+
English detectives attempt to rein in Professor Mad. Teaches teamwork. Employs the tiptoiŽ digital audio learning system, an electronic stylus that when touched to various game contexts "reads out" a story, explains the context, asks questions, comments on the right answer, formulates tasks and inspires children to play on. [more]

Fette Beute
Klaus Kreowski; Die Spiegelburg; 2-4; 10; 6+
A card game of dinosaurs seeking food. Get as much food as you can, but don't be too greedy – there's a T-Rex lurking around. [more]

Flinke Stinker
Inon Kohn; Zoch Verlag; 2-5; 20; 6+
Skunk racing (with some impressive figures) via a Memory-style setup. Watch out for the puma which steals collected cards. There are also stinky boots, mud holes and old cheese to trip you up. [more]

Sjaak Griffioen; Gerhards Spiel und Design; 2-4; 20-30; 6+
A Mancala variant puts the pits in a circle rather than in two lines. [more]

Flucht vor dem T-Rex
Jörg Domberger; Die Spiegelburg; 2-4; 10; 6+
"Flee Before the T-Rex" is a cooperative card game. A T-Rex is hunting down a Dromaesaurus whom players wish to escape. Players can help by playing matching cards while the T-Rex moves by the roll of a special die showing values 0-2. All players win or lose together. Includes 12 cards for the T-Rex path, 40 escape cards and two playing pieces. [more]

Kampf der Saurier
Kai Haferkamp; Die Spiegelburg; 2; ?; 6+
"In Battle of the Dinosaurs" two triceratops meet at a narrow gorge and neither wants to give way. This is a dice game. [more]

Keine Panik! Junior
David Mair; Piatnik; 2-8; 20; 6+
A timed game in which an instruction card is read and then players scramble to find matching picture cards, e.g. "2 cards showing fish", [more]

Manfred Reindl; Team Beleduc; 2-4; 6+
Each player is given a wooden tile showing a tower built with relatively flat blocks. The player must then build the tower using these blocks. When all of these are complete, players take turns taking the first purple cone in line. They examine the illustration at the bottom of the cone and try to find the matching one in one of the towers by removing the top of any tower. [more]

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Anna De Martino, Dante Maiocchi, Salvatore Russo & Vincenzo Russo; Cranio Creations; 3-12; 20; 6+
A player mimes something and the rest try to guess it. But each success gives the player a penalty in the form of a bizarre position they must adopt for their next attempt, making it that much more difficult and humorous for the audience. [more]

Pig 10
Ayelet Pnueli; Zoch Verlag; 2-8; 15; 6+
A math game in players add piglet cards to the table trying to hit a total of 10 in which case all face up cards can be claimed. [more]

Elke & Sascha Schauf; HiKu-Spiele; 2; 10; 6+
The leather bag spreads out to form the board in this game of caterpillar racing. The goal is to be the first to have all seven caterpillars at the core of an apple. Movement is via roll of the dice, the 4 giving extra actions such as sending an opponent back to start. [more]

Raus die Maus!
Susanne Galonska; IQ-Spiele; 1-6; 6+
Pattern recognition; try to find a card that differs from another card by just one element. [more]

Ri-Ra (Räuberraben auf Beutezug)
Gebrüder Frei; Queen Games; 2-5; 6+
In "Robber Ravens on the Prowl" Frank the farmer has discovered that six ravens are sitting in the trees eating from his fruit trees. frank tries to catch the naughty ravens before they steal all his fruit. [more]

Robin Hund
Eugn Wyss; HABA; 2-5; 15; 6+
"Robin Dog" is a card game of putting together the best band of animal robbers who then sneak into the castle and steal the most gold. Depends on luck and having a good memory. [more]

Safari memory plus
Brad Ross; Ravensburger; 2-4; 15-30; 6+
Similar to Memory including 18 pairs of animals. Wooden jeeps can be used to block certain cards from being taken. Other cards have special properties that apply when the cards are revealed. [more]

Voll in Fahrt
Bob Lindner; AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH; 2-4; 45; 6+
"Full Speed" is a game of locomotive racing. The tricky part is that the tracks keep changing and when another loco pushes you, you might end up off the rails. Includes 16 colos, 3 switching tracks, 2 stations, a board and 2 dice. [more]

Ad Bruynzeel; Identity Games/Winning Moves Deutschland; 1-4; 30; 6+
Dice determine the number of action points. Each permits adding a plastic chip to a particular side of the tiltable plastic board (or subtracting one), the goal being to get the ping pong ball to roll into a particular hole. Goal is to eventually get the ball into all 4 holes. [more]

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