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Pirate Games for Age 3
December 6, 2015 added El Tesoro Pirata

Angle den Piratenschatz (i.d. Trommel)
Hermann Rossberg GmbH & Co KG-2000; 1-4; 3+
This premiered at Essen and sold for DM 24.

Captain Kidd
Angelika & Jürgen Lange; Beleduc-2012; 2-6; 3+
A Memory game in which thirty treasure chest tiles show jewels in one of six colors. Wooden pirate pieces are placed to obscure a tile of each color. A die roll tells the child which color tile must be found.

Chimp & Zee: Pesky Pirates
(unknown); Pressman-2009; 3-5; 3+
Spin-and-move game of collecting gold for one's treasure chest. Some spin results force an opponent to lose gold.

Het Piratenspel
Opsoelten Speelgoed/Vendetta; 2-4; 3+
Game of finding and stealing gold coins. Later republished as
Pirates III. P

imagine I Can ... Catch a Pirate!
Manhattan Toy-2012; 2-5; 3+
A wooden pirate figure is placed in the middle of the table and 27 pirate cards in 3 colors arranged around him. Players roll a color die and a pirate die and compete to pick up the matching cards, or the figure if indicated. Play to the first to achieve 5 cards.

Piet Piraat Schattenjacht
Studio 100-2003; 2-4; 3+
Roll-and-move game in which players collect items and then try to be the first to the treasure.

Pirate Race Game
unknown; The Boots Company, PLC; 2-4; 25; 3+
Roll-and-move game of picking up cards to form a complete picture of a pirate. Develops counting, cooperation, idea of winning and losing.

Pirates Ahoy
Ravensburger-2006; 2-6; 3+
Ships of six different colors are racing across the sea grid. Each roll of the special dice moves one or two of them. Can you guess which will finish first?

Pirati All'Arrembaggio!
2006; 2-4; 3+; 15
Dexterity game of putting plastic crew members into the right levels of the ship which are determined by a spinner whose colors match the levels. The ship is not stable so it's easy for figures to fall out.

Pop Up Pirate
Tomy; 2-4; 3+
Players try to slide swords into a barrel. But a wrong move makes the pirate fly out the top, much to everyone's shock and surprise.

El Tesoro Pirata
Bizak/Sanja Toys-2012; 2-4; 5-10
"Pirate's Bridge" is a dexterity game of trying to collect the most coins by pulling them out of a chest, which isn't alway so easy.

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