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Pirate Games for Age 7
Fri Sep 19 12:41:55 MDT 2014 added Divvy: The Pirate Loot GamePiña Pirata

Buccaneers, The: A Sea-Faring Game of Adventure
Transogram-1957; 2-6; 7+
Television tie-in game. Players roll dice to move, hoping to land on spaces containing a treasure chest, each of which varies in value. Landing on another's ship is an attack, three of which sink a ship.

Divvy: The Pirate Loot Game
Eric Bryan Seuthe II; Monkey Finger Games-2014; 3-6; 40; 7+
Pirates choose missions, attempt to complete them and then divide up the loot, trying to be the first one to earn enough gold to retire.

Ghostly Galleon
aka Jolly Roger
aka Geisterschiff
aka Spookschip
Malcolm Goldsmith & Michael Kindred; Waddingtons-1991; 2-4; 7+
Roll dice to move, being able to go in any direction. Their goals are treasure chests. Blackbeard's ghost may also be moved to hinder the other players. You also could get the chance to walk the plank or fire the cannon.

Piña Pirata
Donald X. Vaccarino; IELLO-2014; 2-6; 30
This is Crazy Eights re-themed to a pirate setting with the addition of variations and an end game. Before the start two of forty adventure tiles are revealed to change the rules. After each hand the winner receives a part of the map that leads to the Golden Pineapple and adds another new rule tile. The player who gains all four map parts wins the game.

Piratas do Caribe: No Fim do Mundo
unknown; Grow Jogos e Brinquedos-2002; 2; 30; 7+
A Spanish language "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie tie-in. Davy Jones hides an ark, dragons, squids, pirate ships and two islands while Jack Sparrow, moving one square at a time, must find and collect the ark and keys without succumbing to the monsters. Combats are resolved via dice. Davy Jones wins if Jack is unable to achieve his goal before he loses too many combats or takes too long.

unknown; unknown; 2-4; 40; 7+
Players are pirates trying to find all three parts of a treasure. The board is a 10x7 grid. Each row and column is marked by a skull in a player or neutral color. Players need to get to the two places that both the row and the column are of their color. Once thre it's possible to check the treasure cards. Random events happen on neutral rows/columns; you might find keys, another turn, a lost turn or a skull (four of which ends the game). When a player knows where the treasure is hidden it's necessary to go there and place markers.

Alain Rivollet; Djeco-2011; 2-4; 20
A more or less pure abstract in which players lay pieces on the board one at a time trying to create a row of the pieces showing on one of their own treasure maps. The player having at the end the most precious stones wins. Includes 36 cards, ten palm trees, ten houses, ten mountains, ten seashells and 55 gold nuggets.

Pirates' Gold
(unknown); Carson-Dellosa Publishing-2008; 2-4; 30
Players move from area to area, each trying to reach their own islands. There they collect tokens that turn out to be trash or treasure. A random pirate occasionally attacks, causing treasures to change hands.

Pirates of the Gold Cove
Shaun Cranford; MYNDzei Games, LLC.; 2-7; 20
Trick-taking card game. Some cards are desireable to take, e.g. coins, treasures, maps and the duchess, while the magistrate must be avoided. Includes plastic gold and silver coins.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Ladislav Mares; DinoToys; 2-4; 7+
Travel around picking up some of the 81 treasure cards, but watch out for the ones that are not treasure, but dangers.

Les Pirates sur un plateau magnétique
(unknown); Nathan-2008; 1-4; 20
A book game that actually includes four mini-games with magnetic pirates. Meant to be educational, topics include the part of a ship, geography and daily life on a ship. A spinner is used to control movement. Intended for use during travel.

Pirate's Bay
Veronique Debroise and Victor Lucas; Sentosphere-2010; 2; 20
Players have individual decks of 18 cards from which they draw and play, trying to gain a majority in rows and columns of treasure cards, four of which are face down. Sounds similar to Knizia's
Auf Heller und Pfennig. P

Pirate's Treasure
Mark Schildberg; Ravensburger-2001; 2-4; 7+
Players set out with a blank treasure map, on the way encountering quicksand and other pirates. Each player operates on his own board – set up by an opponent – as a solo game. Memory is an important element.

Rollin' Bones - Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides) Dice Game
unknown; Jakks Pacific-2011; 2-4; 7+; 10
Push-your-luck dice game using fourteen dice in the shape of bones. Each bone has four possible results: bone (lets you draw another bone and roll them all), sword (steals a bone from another player), shovel (lets you bury (secure) a bone) or skull (makes you lose all unburied bones).
Amazon P

Terry and the Pirates
unknown; Ideal-1972; 2-4; 20; 7+
Roll-and-move through a maze, picking up treasures. Based on a comic strip.

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