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Pirate Games for Age 4
Sun Dec 27 00:50:31 UTC 2015 added La chasse aux pirates · Pop-Up Pirate! Treasure Island

Ahoy, Me Hearties
Duck Egg Blue; Clementoni-2006; 2-4; 4+
Teaches counting as players race around the board via dice trying to be the first to collect ten coins.

Auf der Jagd nach dem Piratenschatz
Bettina Göschl & Klaus-Peter Wolf; Ravensburger-2006; 2-4; 4+
A memory game in which the pirates flee the English fleet with stolen treasure. The player who best remembers the story wins; it also helps to be good at tying knots.

La chasse aux pirates
unknown; Ludik Québec-2011; 2-4; 15; 4+
In this memory game capture the pirates, find their treasure, and lock them away in a dungeon by match the pirates with the same treasure and finding the island where their treasure is buried before an opponent takes your pirates.

Galleon's Gold
unknown; unknown-?; 2-4; 15; 4+
In this game of learning arithmetic, players roll four dice as many times as desired to select combinations to match free spaces on their personal board, but failing to find any such combination forces giving up the dice. A variant permits use of subtraction, multiplication and division.

Isla Pirata
unknown; Step Two, S.A.-?; 1-99; 3
Dexterity game of moving a small ball around the board showing treasure islands using the levers and without letting it fall.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Auf Schatzjagd
Thilo Hutzler; Ravensburger-2013; 2-4; 10
Based on the Disney television program, this is a press-your-luck game of turning over tokens trying to get the pirate crew members you need without revealing Captain Hook. The goal is achieved cooperatively.

(unknown); Oberschwäbische Magnetspiele-?; 2-4
Each player captains their own pirate ship and tries to retrieve a golden orb without being robbed by the opponents. Movement is governed by a magnetic spinner which may indicate stormy weather.

Pirate Polo
Craig Blumer; Craig Blumer-2011; 2-4; 4+
Each player has five dice placed on a suspended cloth, in the center of which is a bowl. Players simultaneously use spoons to hit under the cloth, trying to propel their dice into the bowl.

Reiner Knizia; Schmidt-2003; 2-4; 4+
Pirate Chase for is a children's game made with the participation of playmobil. The pirate captain travels from island to island searching for a new crew. (If he needs a crew, what is he sailing with? If he already has a crew, what is he going to do with the old one when he has the new?) Players are trying to get all their crewmembers hired out. But unfortunately, new crewmembers keep coming to him. The captain is moved via the die. If he rests next to an occupied space, the player may put one of his pirates aboard. But other spaces can cause loss of a priate, in which case the player may risk rolling again. If the captain reaches a full space, the player has to take off all the pirates and add them to his crew. The winning player is the one who gets rid of all of his crew members.

Pirater på skattejakt
Damm/Egmont-2007; 2-4; 8+
This is a roll-and-move game in which players collect cards which are later used to collect treasures. Includes eighty coins and four cloth bags.

Pirates Gold
Alderman, Fairchild (All-Fair)-1926; 2-4; 8+
Not much is known about this pirate game from the golden age.

Pirates III
DinoToys-2007; 2-6; 4+
Pirates from the third of the recent Disney films must weather many obstacles to gain the most gold. Based on
Het Piratenspel. P

Pop-Up Pirate! Treasure Island
(unknown); Tomy-?; 2-4
Players roll a die and then search for the correct key, trying to remember where it was. First to six coins wins, but avoid the pirate.

Precious Rum Barrels
(unknown); Playmobil-2009; 2-6
Roll-and-move game in which rum barrels form the playing pieces. Try to be the first to reach the ghost pirate ship while carrying the sea snake.

Race for Pirate Gold
G.P. Hudders; Dynamic Strategy Games Co.-2009; 2-5; 4+
Roll-and-move game in which players try to gain the most gold while avoid storms, rocks, whirlpools and other pirates.

Schatzinsel Ahoi
Daan Kreek; Noris Spiele-2011; 2-4; 4+
A movement and memory game. A six by six grid is overlaid by face down tiles, each corresponding to a different board location. The player reveals one and if it fits a square adjacent to his pirate, they can move there. Unfortunately the tile is then turned face down. First to reach the gold coin placed somewhere on the board wins.

Tip the Ship
aka Piraten Ahoi
aka Le Bateau Pirate
Ravensburger/Toyster Brinquedos Ltd.-1994; 2-3; 4+
Includes 1 ship capable of holding 18 cardboard playing pieces, 7 chips and a die. Based on the die roll, players must place a figure on the ship wi without causing it to capsize and without knocking down other figures.

Treasure Island
unknown; Milton Bradley-?; 2-4; ?; 4+
A tie-in to the 1950 movie. Each player is a Jim Hawkins trying to find the most treasure via roll-and-move.

Walk the Plank
Orchard Toys-2002; 2-4; 4+
Children move ships by rolling as many colored dice as there are players. If any player's piece ends next to the plank the others shout "Walk the plank!" and the player must return to the start. The goal of this race is collecting four pieces of treasure.

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