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Pirate Games for Age 6
Tue Dec 15 01:22:46 UTC 2015 added Boarding! (Like a Pirate)Bountiful BootyTinker Bell and the Pirate FairyTreasure Island

Boarding! (Like a Pirate)
Esteban Fernandez; (web-published)-2015; 2-8; 15-35
A microgame of boarding the enemy ship and defending one's own. Played in teams of two, each round players choose one of Fire, Charge, Defend or Hide. The resolution mechanism is akin to Rock Paper Scissors, but each card pairing has a different reward/risk relation.

Bountiful Booty
Ryan Tharp; (web-published)-2015; 2; 15-30
Push-your-luck, network-building game uses island tiles to build up the board. Players begin with ten ships and three dice. Pirates play cards to add corresponding islands to their networks, which yields treasure, via die roll. Rolling a skull loses a die. Don't lose all of your ships or dice else you will have to remove all sihps and lose all treasure.

Dave Steward; Canopus Consultancies-2000; 2-8; 6+
Game of making money at sea. Initially everyone is an honest merchant, but they may draw a card giving the option to become a pirate, or, another which permits them to be warships who hunt pirates. Identities are kept secret, however, until necessity forces them to be revealed. The board is a square grid representation of an abstract world.

Capitanes de Mar y Tierra
unknown; Distribuciones Angelito-2007; 2-4; 6+
In "Captains of Land and Sea" players receive six actions per turn during which they may move, build, land, etc. The goal is to take over islands, either vacant ones or those of opponents. It's also possible to fight at sea. It is possible to eliminate other players.

Capt'n Sharky - Piraten-Rauferei
aka Capt'n Sharky - Pirate Scrap
Reiner Knizia; Die Spiegelburg-2010; 2-5; 25; 6+
"Pirate Brawl" is a card placement game of fighting the most evil pirate on the seas, but there's strength in numbers. A game of choosing the right time to retreat.

Caribbean Pirates Dice Game
Matthew Meadows; MM Board Games-2013; 2-5; 10
Print-and-play game in which players decide to roll either the treasure or the plunder die. Doing the former either gains or loses a gold coin while performing the latter you must resolve a conflict with another player. When all the gold runs out, the player with the most wins. target=m>P

Casino Pirate
Djeco; 3-5; 6+
Players bid using hidden treasure cards, trying to reach as close to 7.5 as possible without going over.

aka Treasure Falls
Gunter Baars; Ravensburger-2004; 2-4; 10; 6+
Reminiscent of
Niagara, a river is composed of a series of plastic disks poised to go over the falls. On some of them are wooden cubes representing treasures crates. On a turn a player rolls a die to see how many chips to add to the back of the river which are then pushed in, something the player does carefully since any crates that fall go to the stash of the player to the left.

Jolly Pirates
Windsor-1930; 2-4; 6+
Shoot down stand up cardboard pirates with a toy gun using a cork for a bullet.

Kapt'n und Pirat
aka Käpt'n und Pirat
aka Long Cours
Parker Brothers-1959
The world map has six areas with four harbors each. Players sail about buying and selling. A die roll indicates what can be sold. Storm cards can make others lose their loads. Meeting other ships can result in a fight. Eventually someone becomes a pirate and tries to eliminate the rest by landing on them. The pirate is faster than the other ships so players need to use their cards that allow for long sails or send a storm after the pirate. But if the pirate dies another player becomes pirate until eventually there is only one player left. It is an elimination game and some will be waiting for it to end with nothing to do.

Folklore-forthcoming; 6-18; 15; 6+
Reminiscent of
Bang!, cards divide players into 3 groups: traitors, loyal crew and the captain. Traitors try to eliminate everyone else, who try to defend themselves and the captain. The technique is to poison one another's meals, implemented by having players trade meal cards with one another. Includes player elimination.

Paradise Island
Greenbrier International, Inc.; 2-4; 6+
Players take turns drawing pirate cards and following the instructions.

IDEAlogists LLC-1999; 2-5; 6+
Each player tries to get the treasure cards shown on his particular treasure card. Each turn he either draws from either the deck or the discard pile.

unknown; Bizak; 6+
Under direction of a spinner, players attempt to balance pirates and barrels on a wobbly ship.

Pirate and Traders of the West Indies, The
unknown; William Spooner-1847; 4; 10+
The board shows a map of the Caribbean. Trader players begin there and attempt to exit the sea for Europe before being intercepted by the pirate, who begins close to New Orleans.

The Pirate Deck
Jared Bond; Jared Bond-2014; 2-4; 10; 6+
Five starting cards are placed out to form the starting pirate ship, along with 25 treasure coins. Each player has three cards. They take turns playing cards to board the ship and steal treasure by matching card icons. Cards can add to the ship, replace pirates or remove cards. Most usefully, they can be used to acquire coins, as the player with the most coins when they run out wins.

Pirate Ship
Samuel Lowe-1940; 6+
This is one of the titles of four games in a heavy board page book. A cut out in the cover has a dial to spin when playing the games. Each of the four games comprises a two-page layout, the other games being Peter Rabbit, Air Base and Safety First.

unknown; HABA-2004; 2-4; 6+
Card placement and movement game with a risk management element. Comes in a plastic bottle which also contains a working compass and a small sailing ship.

aka Pete the Pirate
Wolfgang Kramer; HABA-Habermaaß-2000; 2-4; 6+
Roll-and-move game to grab treasures, but with a further phase in which the treasure is stored in one side or the other of the player's private treasure chest. As the game progresses, the chest's position gets altered by opponents and the player must aleways remember which part has the treasure. Winner of the 2000 German Children's Game of the Year award.

unknown; Milton Bradley-1975; 2-4; 6+
Dexterity game of divers trying to retrieve undersea treasures (plastic pieces) from a sunken ship using tweezers and without disturbing the octopus. Very similar to the surgery game, Operation.

Jürgen P. Grunau; Unser Lieblingsspiel-1989; 2-5; 6+
Oh, Hell style game where the cards and board have a nautical theme. Taking tricks advances the ship on the board, which has some hazards and safe spots.

Pirates' Gold
Golden/Western Publishing/Mattel-1990; 2-4; 6+
Includes 3-dimensional board, 4 ships, 20 treasure chests, 1 sea monster, 2 dice. Players must collect a preset number of gold coins to win. Roll the die to move the ship that number of spaces or less. Moving over a treasure lets the player attract it to the ship via magnetism. However, sailing over a reef causes the treasure to be lost. The sea monster is awakened by certain dice results and permit the player to move it. This makes the monster's lair safe to pass through, but also means that the monster can sink an opponent's ship. The storm result blows a ship off course. The pirate result permits stealing another player's treasure.

Pirate's Island
Corey Games-1942; 2-4; 6+
In this roll-and-move game players try to avoid the pirates.

Ravensburger Spiele Minis: Piraten-schatz
(unknown); Ravensburger-2011; 2-4; 15; 6+
"Pirate Treasure" is a small package game in which the board is created using the 21 treasure cards. Movement is via die roll. The player is required to realize that a treasure card value must be less than the die roll to be taken. There is a conch shell piece that can be used to cover a treasure instead and allow a second roll.

Rechen-Piraten: Das Kartenspiel
Wolfgang Dirscherl; HABA-2009; 2-4; 15; 6+
An arithmetic game in which each card displays four problems, but only one goes with the operators on the dice. The first player to provide the correct solution receives the card.

Space Pirate
unknown; Kyx-1984; 2; 6+
Pure abstract in which players take turns placing gears in chains. An opponent's chain can be blocked by placing a pirate gear at the end of it. Overall goal is to make the opponent's gear turn.

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy
(unknown); Redan Publishing-2014; 2-4
Roll-and-move game from an issue of Sparkle World magazine. Each player starts in a separate corner of a shared path Anchors force losing a turn. A pirate flag sends the player back a space. Swords move players forward two spaces. First to finish wins.

Treasure Island
Harett-Gilmar-1950; 2-4; 6+
As in the famous novel, travel on land from the inn to the harbor at Bristol. There they board a ship to the island, seeking the treasure. Two small compasses are included.

Treasure Island
(unknown); Kingfisher-1995; 2-5
Roll-and-move game published in The Great Pirate Activity Book. There are four starting ship positions and players most cope with various effects from the spaces they land on. The player to return to the starting ship win.

Wickie und die starken Männer: Wickie und der Piratenschatz
unknown; Studio 100-2010; 2-5; 6+; 30
Includes board, two dice, five meeples, five boats, 60 gold coins, four dolphins, four sharks. Players move via the dice, either vertically or horizontally on the grid. Sharks are speed bumps while landing on your own dolphin gives an extra move. Reaching an island gives one of the goal coins. A non-player called Sven tries to catch the players and send them back to their starting positions, minus a coin each time. Play until all coins are taken.

Word Pirates: Quick Play Edition
unknown; Haywire Group-2009; 2-4; 6+; 15
Roll special letter dice and use them to form a word and thus advance through shark-infested waters. If the word has at least four letters, earn the eyepatch. Win by reaching the treasure while in possession of the eyepatch.

Zieh Leine, Flynn!
(unknown); moses. Verlag GmbH-2013; 2-5; 15;
Flynn is a pirate owl who like a magpie has hidden away all the things the crew value most. In this game of memory, players roll a die that directs what they must find and then they look, making sure though that they don't topple Flynn out of his delicate perch on the crow's nest.

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