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Pirate Games for Age 9
Wed Sep 18 22:28:44 MDT 2013 added Malacca · Privateer

Il Gioco dei Pirati
unknown; Amico Giò-1991; 3-5; 9+
Racing card game. First players resolve a trick-taking card game, then each advances a ship the number of tricks won.

Jan Danek, Jirí Danek, Jan Drevikovsky, Jirí Dvorák, Ondrej Kares & Krystof Kozak; Loris Games-2013; 2-8; 20
As trade vessels sail through the Straits of Malacca players represent ship captains who via cards secretly decide whether to attack, trade or defend as well as making a public wager, which tends to tip off the player's intention. If no one attacks, traders benefit greatly. If anyone attacks, they gain the wagers of the traders.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas Strategy Game
Forrest-Pruzan Creative; Jakks Pacific-2011; 2-4; 9+; 60

Each player takes a named captain from the Disney movies, sailing around six islands placed around the main one. Each player tries to find three specific treasures to win. Moviement is via dice and a special caliper. They may also add crew members and add prizes and gold via cards. It is permitted to attack other players and steal their prizes. An event deck can cause monsters such as the Kraken to appear, or give rich rewards.
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Pirates' Gold
unknown; Pepys (Castell Brothers)-1953; 2-6; 9+
Roll-and-move racing game. The board is a square grid showing the sea between Sal Point Bay and Treasure Bay. A die is rolled to determine the wind and therefore the direction of movement for the round. Each player then rolls the die to move. It is permitted to tack by moving directly against the wind, but much more slowly. There are also rocks and seaweed to be avoided.

Rick Barnes; Ensignia Games-2013; 3-6; 45
Game of buying, selling and stealing cargo while increase abilities and infamy. The board shows a square grid roughly positioned between Cuba and Puerto Rico on the north and the South American continent on the south. Other features include different prices around the map and the wind direction. Also includes 160 cards, 60 coins, 6 coin bags and 6 ships.

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