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Pirate Games for Age 5
Thu Dec 10 02:30:35 UTC 2015 added AARRR!L'Isola del Tesoro

Przemek Dmytruszynski; Lupo Art Games-2014; 2; 15
Two captains duel in this card game. Each takes five cards at random, playingtwo cards per turn, trying to remove all four of the cannom the opponent's ship. Includes 68 cards in all.

Big Pirate
unknown; unknown-?; 2-4; 20; 5+
One player takes the role of the big pirate who tries to catch those representing sailors. The latter try to reach their ships carrying treasures, hiding behind trees along the way as necessary. Includes 7 plastic trees, dice and 13 cards.

Captain Hook
unknown; Tactic-2011; 2-6; 5+
Racing game in which players travel around the board by playing cards. Along the way they collect tokens which count as points or which can be re-used for movement. Play ends when someone reaches the peak, the winner though is the one with the most treasure.

Captain Hook's Treasure
Slawomir Czuba, Wiktor Fabianski, Grzegorz Traczykowski & Jacek Zdybel; Trefl-2012; 1-4; 15
Based on the Disney television program, the board for this cooperative affair features volcanoes, treasure chests and a spinner. Every player need to cross the finish line before Hook encircles the volcano. Doubloons can be used to pass the pirates.

Capt'n Sharky: Piraten-Poker
Kai Haferkamp; Die Spiegelburg-2008; 2-4
In this Rock-Scissors-Paper-style game cannonball beats sword, sword beats flag and flag beats bucket. (Bucket?) Includes 52 cards and 36 gold-colored coins.

Clue Jr.: Pirate Treasure Hunt
unknown; USApoly-2000; 2-4; 5+
There are five named pirates – Anne Bonny, Black Bart, Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Captain Kidd – in this version of
Clue. Players must determine which of them has hidden which treasure where.

Corsaro - Irrfahrt im Piratenmeer
Wolfgang Kramer; Herder Spiele-1991; 2-4; 5+
In "Stranded in Pirate Waters" work together to escape their deserted island via makeshift raft and hoping to avoid nearby pirates for being caught costs valuable time and supplies. Roll-and-move appears to be the main mechanism. Winner of the 1991 German Childrens Game of the Year Award.

Flying Pirates
Parker Brothers-1990; 2; 5+
Shoot at your opponent's ship and try to win by tipping it over.

L'Isola del Tesoro
Federico Dumas; Red Glove-2014; 2-6
Roll-and-move affair of racing to Treasure Island. After moving, reveal the tileyou landed on to see what happens. Monster tiles block progress until you can defeat them. Inlcudes six wooden ship pieces and forty-two tiles.

Kleiner Rabe als großer Pirat
Thilo Hutzler; Kosmos-2005; 2-4; 5+
Essentially the same as the
Memory game where the pictures are parts of a ship. Players need to build their ships in order with the correct pieces.

Die Logik-Piraten
Wolfgang Discherl; Ravensburger-2014; 1-4; 25; 5+
"Logic Pirates" combines pirates with pattern puzzles in which players figure out the missing item in a sequence. The player examines a sequence on a puzzle card, decides which object fits into the sequence and using the pirate ship, shoots marbles into trays, trying to get the one below the identified item. Success yields a draw of a treasure tile. The player can then push-their-luck by drawing more tiles, but if any match an already-drawn one, he loses all of that turn's gains. Includes two levels of difficulty and two sea monster figures which can be used to obstruct somewhat the cannonballs.

Die Mäuse-Piraten
Angelika & Jürgen Lange; Noris-2006; 2-4; 5+
Dice-rolling game of mouse pirates in which there are eight chests showing different numbers of dice pips. Players roll and then may steal a chest corresponding to the result.

Pirate Boom Treasure
unknown; Les jouets Boom-?; 2-10; 5+
Educational game teaching addition, subtraction and multiplication using cards and dice.

Mix-Max Piraten, Die
Helen Seeberg; Arena Verlag-2012
Teaches reading by having players roll dice, check a words card and match it up with a pirate picture card. Includes 40 cards in all.

Piet Piraat - Naar de Haaien
(unknown); Heidorns-?; 2; 15
Action game of rolling a marble (called a cannon ball) down a slope terminating in several spaces showing treasure chests. Some places permit stealing another player's treasure chest. Opponents may attempt to hinder this by placing shark obstacles in the way.

Piraten auf Schatzsuche
Heidorns-1992; 2-5; 5+
Otherwise nothing is known about this game.

Miriam Koser; HABA-2011; 2-4; 5+
A game of pirates and monkeys.

Pirate's Quest Game
unknown; Marks & Spencer; 2-4; 30; 5+
A "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie tie-in. Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Captain Barbossa sail to each collect the nine pieces of their puzzles. Roll-and-move around three rings, each ring holding three of a player's pieces.

Pirates' Blast
aka Der Schwarze Pirat: Das Duell
Guido Hoffmann; HABA-2007; 2; 5+
Included are two cardboard islands on which are placed two cannon pieces (wooden cylinders held horizontally on platforms). In the bay of each island is placed the owner's ship, a wooden platform with a cloth sail. Each player also has a rubber bellows which he blows behind the ship a number of times equal to the roll of a die. The goal is to reach the opponent's island, at which point a random treasure token is claimed. To prevent this, the opponent places a small cube at the end of his cannon and then uses the bellows to propel it out, aiming to hit the opponent's ship. Success in this sends the ship back to its starting point.

Spanish Gold
(unknown); Tri-ang-?; 2-8
Roll-and-move game of grabbing gold and bringing it back Each player controls several crew members, either "pirates" or "buccaneers".

Kirsten Hiese; HABA; 2-5; 15; 5+
"Treasure Island" is a game of pirates holding treasures on a raft so shaky that it can only hold two evenly balanced chests. If players can safely bring all the chests to safety before the pireate returns, they all win.

Susume Kaizoku-san
Susumu Kawasaki & Koji Malta; Sugorokuya; 2; 10; 5+
"Go Pirates!" is a racing game in which the board is made up from five cards and each player holds three cards, e.g. 1, 2, bomb. On a turn the player draws cards from opponent by one, moving his ship in that amount, but the bomb ends the turn and returns all cards drawn this turn, preventing any movement. There are also double-move treasure cards and windy spaces. Goal is to get one's ship fastest across the course.

Treasure Chase
Colin Leamon;
Harett-Gilmar-2008; 2-4; 5+
The game is a race to find the X square and then the lcoation of the hidden treasure. Find various items along the way which serve as forward clues. Includes cards and standup figures and as it has no board, is packaged in a sack.

Was ist Was Junior: Piraten
Kai Haferkamp; Kosmos-2011; 2-4; 5+
Players are trying to find particular objects hiding in the in a complicated illustration. The first to find each advances their ship closer to the finish line.

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